Military Tribunal Preparations — New Q Posts Talk About the Evolving Plan

What follows is an interpretation of the latest Q posts on Military Tribunal Prep

by godsangell

Its kind of like “D-Day” when Eisenhower invaded Europe during WW2. No one knew the day or the hour, or even the location of that invasion…….but everyone KNEW it was coming.

The day of the EU invasion, FDR got on the radio told people what happened immediately after the first invasion, so people at home could pray.

Loose lips sink ships! Its on a Need To Know basis, and we the people don’t need to know until it is over with. The element of surprise is formidable weapon.

But we see signs: 2 prison barges headed to GITMO.

Tons of Military have been deployed OVER CHRISTMAS (so soldiers are missing Christmas at home), so that should tell you something of the timing……as in imminent. I don’t think Trump would force troops to miss Christmas at home unless it is absolutely necessary.

The Exec Order issued March 1, 2018 re: Military Tribunals goes into effect on Jan 1, 2019 at 3pm. I just re-read that E.O., and it says it only applies to people who are CHARGED AFTER this effective date. So you can do the math from there.

Beginning of December Trump deployed Military Police to GITMO. Everything is getting ready.

You should be ready too, in case left wing nuts go bonkers over this round up. Have enough food, water, cash, medications, etc at home, to not have to leave your home for at least 2 weeks, should be necessary. Keep your autos gas tanks filled.

If we lose power or the internet, don’t panic, just get out your supplies, and KNOW that Trump Team will have everything restored as soon as possible. They have taken every precaution and considered every possible revenge of the deep state scenario, so we are in good hands. Patriots are IN CONTROL!


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