Satan kicked humans out of Paradise November 2018!

By: Shoshoni~

The following is a message from a Paradise survivor and much more information to help the other survivors of the California Fires of 2018!

Anonymous 11/13/18 (Tue) 20-38-12~ Message to Q ~ The Camp Fire was a pre-planned event! I saw activity in the community of Paradise that gave me the sinking feeling that something was going to occur I even told my Daughter the week previous that something was going to happen. Capstone company needs to be completely investigated I was told that they were contracted by PG&E and working in the area a couple of weeks previous to the event. I saw strange thing during the fire being done by this company. Certain houses surrounded by fire trucks as up the street people burned alive in their cars. On top pf that the town of Paradise turned their water off which prevented firemen from doing their jobs. The third day Cal fire called and demanded that the water be turned back on. Many years ago we discovered that approximately 75% of the hydrants in our town are blank. They are not connected to any water source at all. Many people lost their lives trying to escape. I lost everything that I own to this fire. Most of the town did. I have lived in this town since 84 and have seen some of the worst fire seasons on record. This was not a regular fire. The wind was NOT blowing like they claim except in the vicinity of the fire itself. There are roads with every house burnt to the ground but garbage cans standing perfectly untouched in the street between the burnt houses. In the weeks before the fire many of the retirement and convalescent homes had evacuation drills and made sure that each person had a bag packed with three days’ worth of clothes and meds which stayed packed and ready after the drill.  There is so much more to share but there is no one here trustworthy to talk to. My thoughts as to why….. Most of the communities burned this year are for the most part “Republicans”! Between the Camp Fire and the “Car r” fire there are now thousands of displaced and homeless voters.  And the gold….  The Town of Paradise is literally on a mountain of unmined gold!  People have avoided selling their property for generations to pass it down to family and not have the town destroyed. I will bet the last dollar in my pocket that there will be a few contractors come through to purchase as much property as possible at this point. I need help and I am absolutely willing to dox myself to the fucking world. I drove through fire to save my Grandchildren’s lives and I will go to whatever length I have to find the answers to who and why they did this to my community.

The following is my message to the survivors of the California Election fraud fires of November 2018. The Paradise properties sit on a mountain of gold. Many of the residents of Paradise have been saving the land and the mineral rights for their children and grandchildren.  The State will likely be doing some dirty dealing with you because they are after the land and the gold underneath.

Therefore time is of the essence. The easiest way for anyone to get word to all of the surviving Paradise residents and the dead ones’ children or lineal descendants is to have a local trusted Realtor order what is called a farm package of the entire Paradise subdivision from a title company. This will give the name and possibly the phone number for each owner of record and a lot of relevant info for each real property parcel. All California fire survivors must be informed that you can “sever the mineral rights from your land” and put those rights in an irrevocable trust for your children or your heirs.     

Survivors of the Paradise fires and all of these recent California fires should research the mineral rights which run with their land. They should do so immediately so that whoever comes in there offering to buy or steal or confiscate your properties can’t get to those mineral rights .Moreover if you have severed them from the land, you will get a much better price for them if you have to sell. Otherwise you will be pressured into selling your land and your legacy for pennies on the dollar.    

The professionals who you will need to help you do this are a Realtor who can get you to an escrow officer which will have a notary public and Title Company that they use. Moreover California fire survivors can do this without paying a lawyer an arm and a leg. Furthermore, most lawyers are not to be trusted! A good local Broker and an escrow service which will have a title company and notary public is all you should need.

The following comments relate to this information which was disseminated on a Nov. 29th 2018 You Tube “head’s up to the Survivors of the Paradise fire about keeping your mineral rights” by the Fullerton Informer!

Comment 1 The district attorney of Butte county and law enforcement agencies up here are so corrupt people will not stand a chance a protecting their land it is already been stolen by the district attorney by law enforcement and Governor Jerry Brown people who stand up to Jerry Brown law enforcement in the district attorney end up disappearing or falsely criminally charged Please be aware of this people do not stand a chance against such evil corruption in Butte county and Governor Brown.”

Please tell these people not to use a lawyer. They are not to be trusted. I passed the Bar “British Accredited Registry” or the Temple Bar, but refuse to swear an oath to the Queen of England. That is their dirty little secret. The comment above is why I said not to go through an attorney because the Judges of California are all bribed from the same government funds. Why do you think the 9th district is so corrupt? The minuet you get a lawyer involved the courts will use an excuse to thwart any landowner’s claim. The first thing a lawyer will do it try to join all of these Paradise survivors as plaintiffs which makes it easier for the State to knock them off in one fell swoop. Thousands of leaks will keep the rats scurrying around trying to plug them instead.

Once the mineral rights are severed and put in the right kind of trust they cannot be gotten to. In fact, if the trust is written right the beneficiaries and their identities can be shielded. Moreover once the minerals or oil are harvested from the land, the beneficiary’s will get a monthly check from the companies exploiting those resources.

I would tell all California homeowners to sever their mineral rights before the State legislature secretly passes a law that restricts those rights even though they legally cannot since a deed cannot be arbitrarily changed unless it was originally written that way. Land ownership and private property rights used to be major issues that the Supreme Court protected as their rulings have proven.

Comment 2 “Yes, there is gold in them thar hills. One of my contacts in that area told me when the dam nearly broke, and they had to tear up the spill way, there was a lot of gold found under the old spill way which was washed up by the flooding. He could see it from his property. The state closed off the area immediately from the public.” Note: This is about the Orville Dam.    “ORE” VILLE!

California sits on a mountain of Gold, Minerals, the North American Continent’s largest fresh water aquifer, gas and oil. Moreover my guess is also monatomic and rare earth minerals like Monatomic Gold. Please look at the” Rim of the Valley” map of the L.A. basin and the Agenda 21 “Wildlands Map” of North America. These are actually maps of sub surface resources that HAARP technology has discovered underground. Jerry Brown and his Globalist minions like Feinstein and Schiff have sponsored the Rim of the Valley conservatorship for the L.A. Basin in two different attempted acts of Congress.

Look at the latest fire maps. How convenient and that’s why Malibu. The California Democrats who are Globalists are using climate change and habitat conservation as an excuse to cover up genocide in pursuit of the theft of all of the resources of North America. The Bundy Ranch Stand Off and the Harry Reid Nevada Conflict are about the Democrats selling the American people’s resources to the Chinese and the Russians. Think Uranium 1. All of this is interrelated.

Comment 3 I know in Nevada, you NEVER get the mineral rights when you buy your home as they have already been severed from the deed.”

I know from studying California Trust and Real property Law, and from owning and selling Real Estate in California that mineral rights, oil and gas, and many times “water rights” run with the land. Therefore they can be severed.

Jerry Brown and the U.N. claim to want to save the environment when what they are actually after is exploitation and theft of resources from the people of North America and the destruction of the planet for greed and money. California is a prime example of how well Jerry Brown and his agenda of “sustainable development” have protected the environment. See the attached maps and Newspaper article about Adam Schiff and Dianne Feinstein’s push for control of the L.A. basin.

The following is evidence of motives and means for the November 2018 fires in California, by the use of microwave lasers or directed energy weapons “DEW”, and possibly “depleted uranium” to start the Woolsey and Camp Fires and to burn the community of Paradise with over forty-five thousand people, along with their homes, their cars and their pets in to cinders.

Moreover, many other communities in and around Butte County and the L.A basin, including Malibu were similarly devastated. It was also reported that a potentially poisonous, thick, black cloud of nuclear waste infused smoke inundated the L.A. Basin, as a rainstorm over Thanksgiving added insult to misery for the survivors. Many are now living in FEMA Camps and the local Walmart parking lot.

That’s why the local news was reporting evidence that the Rocket Dyne nuclear remediation site near Simi Valley was burned and or the Camp Fire was started there. The other clue is that it is being reported that local FEMA Camps are the sites of outbreaks of a novo virus.  The symptoms are like radiation sickness. They are also telling the residents from earlier fires in Santa Rosa and other places in Northern California that they can’t rebuild because the ground water is poisoned with radiation. They want to make sure that these people are dead and not coming back to find out what they are up to!

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