‘SNEAK ATTACK’: Hurricane Michael was a 9/11-style false flag attack on the Deep South

Superstorm Michael was basically a geoengineered hybrid Cat. 4 Hurricane
and F2 Tornado that was slammed into
the Florida Panhandle as a ‘ginormous
weather weapon’

The elevated house that the owners call the Sand Palace, on 36th Street in Mexico Beach, Fla., came through Hurricane Michael almost unscathed. Credit: Johnny Milano for The New York Times

“First and foremost, Hurricane Michael was a sneak attack.
This extraordinary superstorm was stealthily geoengineered
and deployed as a massive weather weapon.  The folks on
the ground didn’t have a chance.  The weather reports changed
several times over the day before it hit.  Not even the top brass
at Tyndall Air Force Base seemed to know what the real deal
was.  In this way, Michael was a naked sneak attack by the
globalists on the Right.”

— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer

State of the Nation

If ever there was a cautionary tale regarding the raw power and pervasive destruction of geoengineered superstorms it’s Hurricane Michael.

Here’s how Hurricane Michael looked as the storm hit Mexico Beach (Video)

Truly, the unparalleled devastation of this transparently manufactured event represents the “9/11 of the Deep South”.

New normal

What makes Michael so very significant and essential to understand is that the whole meteorological game has changed—BIG TIME ! ! !

How so?

Because going forward, every community in Hurricane Alley can no longer rely on the local weatherman or the national meteorologists to get the storm forecast right.

Why is that?

Because what we just saw in the Gulf on October 10th was a superstorm that was covertly created, craftily intensified and then steered right into an extremely vulnerable stretch of Panhandle coastline.

From now on, this could be any coastline in America.  A small storm can be amped up into a literal blockbuster, or city-buster in a matter of hours.  This is the new normal.  None of US can ever again rely on the weather forecasts to make decisions about evacuating the targeted area because the forecasters don’t consider the obvious geoengineering influences of these frankenstorms.  See: PROOF: Hurricane Michael was a geoengineered superstorm attack on Florida red counties (Video)

The profound ramifications of this “new normal” cannot be overstated.  We essentially live in an altered reality during all future hurricane seasons.  And everyone living on the Panhandle can attest to this unacceptable state of affairs.  One Alt Media commentator has even demanded answers from the Trump Administration. HURRICANE MICHAEL: WE WANT ANSWERS—NOW ! ! ! (Video)

KEY POINT: This new superstorm predicament is now applicable to every coastline in the South, not just Hurricane Alley.  Wherever hurricanes appear, the geoengineers can hijack the nascent storms and then turn them into massive weather weapons.  Hurricanes Michael, Florence, Irma, Maria Harvey, Katrina and Ivan all fit that weather warfare profile via geoengineering.

That the geoengineers, who are employed by the New World Order globalist cabal, would even attempt such a brazen full-scale attack reveals the absolute impunity with which they deploy their Weather Weapons of Mass Destruction.  In other words, they only did it because they knew they would get away with it.  The mainstream media (MSM) would not even question the absurd narrative that was disseminated by usual organs of government-issued weather propaganda.

PHOTO: Lavonia Fortner helps her father-in-law, John E. Fortner after Hurricane Michael

Sneak Attack

The salient point here is that Hurricane Michael was a sneak attack on a populace that rarely leaves the area during BIG storms.  They were tricked, as we were also tricked here in Tallahassee Florida.  Unless you were watching every move this superstorm made, it was very easy to underestimate it. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Geoengineered Superstorm Targeting Tallahassee and Florida Panhandle—Why!

As a consequence, hundreds of those (at the very least) in the strike zone paid with their lives.  Many others sustained serious life-threatening injuries.  A vast majority of folks in the direct path of Michael will suffer from some sort of storm-related PTSD for the rest of their lives, so great was the trauma.  It was a truly terrifying superstorm that caught so many unaware because it was planned that way by the globalist perps.

What made this hurricane-tornado so destructive is that it combined the worst aspects of a hurricane and tornado.  As follows:

KEY POINT: TPTB had their geoengineers manufacture what was essentially a “hurricane tornado” of the same technological type and raw power as Hurricane Andrew.  It’s common knowledge among superstorm researchers that thousands of people died during and after that cataclysmic hurricane that hit Homestead Florida in August of 1992.   The vast majority of those deaths, as well as the many serious injuries, were never recorded by the state nor reported by the mainstream media.  That’s the way it always is so that government doesn’t look bad. See: Hurricane Michael and the US Govt Coverup (Video)[1]

What realistic defense does any community ever have against a hurricane tornado?

That’s right: there is no defense for property, and the only sane alternative to protect one’s person would be to escape the wrath of wind and water by every means possible once it rears its ugly head too close to hearth and home.  In other words, you get the hell out of Dodge…before there is no ‘Dodge City’ left!

Who was attacked?

The Right was attacked. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: A Brazen, Purposeful and Catastrophic Attack on the Right!

There was no better way to prevent countless votes from being cast in the traditionally Republican RED strongholds of the Florida Panhandle.  In so doing, the globalists have almost guaranteed the Democrat victories of their most important Florida candidates—Andrew Gillum for governor and Bill Nelson for U.S. Senator.

But why the massive cover-up? See: Hurricane Michael and the US Govt Coverup (Video)

Why is the MSM ridiculously reporting just a few deaths when hundreds, if not thousands, were killed by this unprecedented manmade catastrophe?  Because government never wants to look bad with so many deaths on its watch.  Especially in an election year, a cataclysmic death toll does not inspire confidence in the current administration.

Even though Governor Rick Scott did an excellent job of prepping the counties and responding to the gruesome aftermath, the high number of deaths will never be publicized; it’s simply too shocking for many to bear after the storm’s “shock and awe”… and it’s very bad PR for the state’s profitable tourism industry.

Tyndall Air Force Base Mystery

It also appears that Tyndall Air Force Base experienced a direct attack by Michael.
See: Status of 22 Fighter Jets at Tyndall Air Force Base Remains in Doubt

It’s well known that this airbase is a major launchpad for numerous unmarked chemtrail-spraying military jets.  So why would they completely destroy a major Air Force base that was a hub for their global chemical geoengineering operations?  Surely those aerosol-disseminating planes were moved before the storm approached too closely.  Not since Pearl Harbor has an American military installation taken such a direct hit.  However, where the Japanese owned up to that sneak attack, the current case is clearly a false flag attack blamed on Mother Nature but really carried out by the NWO globalists on behalf of the Democrat Deep State.

Then there is the case of the missing F-22s from Tyndall.  Why are there over 20 F-22 Raptors unaccounted for at a cost of $339 million per aircraft?

Really, where the heck are they? Were over 20 F-22s sent to Israel before Hurricane Michael destroyed Tyndall Air Force Base?

Was this storm invasion really carried out so that the US government could secretly transfer a squadron of advanced jet fighters to Israel?  So that the Israeli Air Force could evade the S-400 missile system recently provided to Syria by Russia as the primary anti-aircraft weaponry against IDF fighter jets?  Wow!


Hurricane Michael had all the markings of a geoengineered superstorm.  There’s even hard evidence that proves conclusively that it was manmade from the point that it started to organized off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula. See: HURRICANE MICHAEL: EMF Signatures & Atmospheric Anomalies Caught on Video

Therefore, it’s critical that this superstorm be addressed as the outright attack that it was.  And, as an audacious act of weather terrorism that has now become commonplace in America, and beyond.

Most of all, it’s imperative for the Patriot Movement that:

Hurricane Michael Must Not Be Forgotten So Quickly

Only then can this intentional disaster of epic proportions be used as the rallying cry to take back the country from the globalists who have stolen it.

CAVEAT: Michael was bad people—REAL BAD!  We the People must respond to it… … … or else these apocalyptic acts of weather terrorism will only continue.

State of the Nation
October 15, 2018

Editor’s Note

SOTN really hates saying “we told you so” but this website featured an article which explicitly warned about the likes of Hurricane Michael.  Here it is: RED ALERT: Globalist Cabal Needs A Major False Flag Attack Between Now And Election Because of Red Tsunami  As a matter of fact, our first warning was issued back on August 12th under the title Something Wicked This Way Comes…Between Now And Election Day.  That article was followed by another prediction about the OCTOBER SURPRISE 2018: A Whole Month of “Shock and Awe”.  Now here we are just 3 weeks from Election Day and, again, we can’t exaggerate the necessity of galvanizing the Right to get out and vote.  The Democrat Deep State will use these remaining days to further suppress the patriots as well as incite the Left to vote on November 6th.


[1] “Looks like an atomic bomb had hit!”  — A Survivor


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