Barack Obama Orders Extrajudicial Assassinations With Impunity

Obama Orders More Illicit Executions Via Drones Than All Of His Predecessors Put Together

President Obama literally executes innocents by remote on battlefields around the globe.

Therefore, the Commander-in-Chief is guilty of premeditated murder in undeclared wars — a war crime by any standard.

The established and coordinated policy of the United States Federal Government, in its prosecution of its self-proclaimed global War on Terror, has been to execute individuals — both US citizens and foreign nationals alike — who have been deemed to be threats to American interests at home and abroad.

Stated another way, the President of the United States of America (USA) has unlawfully and unethically arrogated the power unto himself to (i) sign a death warrant of any person in the entire world who he labels a terrorist and (ii) kill that person upon receiving actionable intelligence of their whereabouts.

Barack Hussein Obama (BHO) has appointed himself prosecutor, judge and jury, and executioner of any resident of the planet who meets a certain level of ill-defined criteria which therefore labels that individual an enemy combatant of the USA, and especially its corporate interests abroad. No indictment, no trial, no legal representation for the targeted enemy combatant, no due process; not even a semblance of the most basic civilized law.

Simply put, these are the actions of a tyrant. A petty tyrant on whose whim state-sanctioned murder has become politically ‘legitimized’, on whose command entire families have been wiped out. When a US government official can have people killed anywhere around the globe by sending in a drone or dispatching a CIA black operation team, he and/or she has usurped the right to life. This fundamental and inalienable right is only ever taken away by a genuine despot. A dictator who takes the life of those he chooses becomes a menace to the civilization, as he does to his society.

How did the USA ever come to this point of profound moral turpitude and governmental depravity?  

How has the nation sunk to such a low level of ethical degeneration over the course of Obama’s term in office?

How was a newly elected president awarded a Nobel Peace Prize who then murders inhabitants of Planet Earth anytime, anywhere he sees fit to do so?  

Drone firing a missile in Afghanistan

Drones are no different than electric chairs

Through completely unlawful means, Barack Obama has acquired the patently illegal and morally bankrupt capacity to assassinate people across the globe. When others are killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, he or his minions express the US Military’s abhorrent policy and disingenuous regret about “collateral damage”.

To put this criminal behavior into more graphic context, when a man dies in the electric chair, his innocent family is safely in their home out of harm’s way. When Barack Obama decides to press the drone button, the ‘condemned’ along with their whole family may be wiped out in the flash of an explosion.

Does this conduct not rise to the level of a heinous war crime in the eyes of an American because the murdered family happens to live far enough way in Asia? Out of sight; out of mind. Also, so far from the USA that there appears to be no threat of similar tyrannical behavior to those living in the homeland?

The profound degree of governmental misconduct and criminal behavior in this particular regard ought to have every American citizen demanding impeachment. Subsequent to his ignominious removal from office, Obama should be handed over to the International Criminal Court for immediate prosecution of crimes against humanity, as well as an assortment of war crimes, by the International War Crimes Tribunal.

When a sitting president summarily and arbitrarily passes judgement on any individual in the nation, or outside of his legal jurisdiction, he has irrevocably broken the existing social contract and violated the public trust. In so doing, he has irreversibly relinquished his right to govern the citizenry. Likewise, he has abrogated his right to preside in the name of We, the People. So much damage has he perpetrated that, to continue to act on behalf of the nation, he betrays and misrepresents each citizen in whose name he acts. His murders become our murders, especially when he is encouraged by his supporters through a re-election effort.

A living ex-president of the USA has recently weighed in on this extremely grave and worsening predicament. Jimmy Carter knows that the US Government has been infected with exceedingly repulsive and decadent policy decision-making. It’s as if the executive branch has been taken over by a group of psychopathic criminals who know no bounds to what they can perpetrate against their own and the rest of the world.

Jimmy Carter slams U.S. policy on drones, targeted assassinations

In another similar article, Carter is quoted as saying: “Despite an arbitrary rule that any man killed by drones is declared an enemy terrorist, the death of nearby innocent women and children is accepted as inevitable. After more than 30 airstrikes on civilian homes this year in Afghanistan, President Hamid Karzai has demanded that such attacks end, but the practice continues in areas of Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen that are not in any war zone. We don’t know how many hundreds of innocent civilians have been killed in these attacks, each one approved by the highest authorities in Washington. This would have been unthinkable in previous times.”

Drone attack in Afghanistan

How would you respond to a drone attack near your home or business?

Think for a moment Mr. or Mrs American citizen. There is now a push for drone patrols in the skies of the USA. What the innocent families of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia now experience regularly in the form of death and destruction from the skies may be coming to a neighborhood near you.

In case you have not read, perfectly innocent people throughout these and other nations have been killed, paralyzed and disfigured for getting in the way of a drone missile strike. Pregnant women and babies, young children and sick elderly have been horribly murdered and maimed due to the explicit and unaccountable actions of the President of the United States of America.

If such a tyrant can act with such impunity abroad, what prevents him from bringing the same bogus war into his own backyard? All of history’s most murderous despots took the same path toward the inexorable accretion of unlawful and immoral power. They all started with the killing of enemies of the state. Eventually their policies of state-sponsored extermination morphed to include any citizen whose dissent would not be tolerated.

If we retrospectively consider the millions of murders which took place under the rule of the the many 20th century tyrants, we can see where this country may be heading. Particularly in Nazi Germany and Communist Russia do we see similar political circumstances, economic conditions, and social dynamics which created a very conducive environment for such a total usurpation of power to occur. The many hidden groups in the form of financial cabals and secret societies, whose clandestine activities are changing the landscape every single day, are very worrisome as their projection of military and police power seems to know no limits.

Now that Obama can execute American citizens on US soil – unilaterally and without review – we have seen the potential for a very serious degradation of the body politic. There is only one remedy for this slide down the slippery slope to a truly national catastrophe of epic proportions. Obama must be voted out of office, at the very least, and like George W. Bush before him, tried for war crimes.

They must be held accountable by world community if there is to be any hope of a restoration of law and order. The anarchy which Obama has bred and fomented across the world is unacceptable for any society, especially this nation which he had led into unprecedented moral chaos and social depravity.


When any nation so unthinkingly and systematically snuffs out the life of innocent men, women and children, the collective conscience inevitably becomes dulled and severely attenuated.

When a nation permits its leader to kill and main at will, the national moral fiber deteriorates to the point where there no longer remains a benchmark against which life-determining decisions can be properly made.

Especially when a presidential character is lauded by his various constituencies and allowed to prevail by those who know better, do we have a very serious problem. A problem that if not remedied post haste will seal the downfall of the nation.

“All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” ~ Edmund Burke

Particularly for those who enthusiastically support a president who murders without conscience and destroys without a second thought, there is a degree of karmic complicity. His actions, become your actions. He is acting in your name as he commits so much repugnant criminality at home and around the world. This sole truth ought to give many within the electorate reason to pause. A very DEEP and LONG pause, before you assist in the re-election of truly sociopathic, psychopathic killing machine.

Aftermath of a drone attack in Pakistan

Not a pretty picture, is it?

Is Obama really any different than the capo di tutti capi of Mafia infamy? The Godfather sits back in his overstuffed, leather chair puffin’ on a ‘gar and casually orders a hit on his competition. Which will then precipitate a revenge hit … and then another revenge hit … until the urban battlefield is strewn with one guy getting whacked after another. Isn’t this the story of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

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June 10, 2012

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