Barack Hussein Obama: The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

Has anyone ever seen anything like it?! Is there any constitutional crisis even close to this unprecedented predicament in American history?

We have a sitting president who has posted a thoroughly fraudulent and forged birth certificate on an official White House website.

Do you get the picture yet?! REPEAT: We have a sitting President, of these United States Of America, who failed to submit the appropriate official records in support of his qualifications and fitness to occupy the highest office in the land the first time around. And now, as he runs for the same office again, he has submitted a fraudulent and forged birth certificate as evidence of being a natural born citizen of the USA.

This is a constitutional lawyer, who is surrounded by the ‘best’ legal advisers in the country, who has committed a series of quite serious felonies in pursuit of his political ambitions. Did you get that?

President Obama has access to the highest paid, most knowledgeable, experienced and powerful attorneys throughout the nation, and the best he can do is commit a number of high crimes and misdemeanors in the process of running for president not once, but two times a row.  

Scene of the Crime (of the Century)

That website is the actual scene of the crime.

This ‘official document’, which was finally “filed in the public domain” in response to a growing furor over the lack of transparency surrounding the legitimacy of his alleged long-form birth certificate, was posted in response to the Donald Trump affair. The formal announcement by President Obama about the release of this eagerly awaited birth certificate was posted at the The White House Blog on April 27, 2011.

Almost a year and a half later there is mounting, conclusive evidence and expert testimony pointing directly to the fact that a fraudulent birth certificate copy has been posted by the President at the official White House website.

Where is the National Press Corp?
Where is the WashPo, NYT, WSJ, and USA Today?
Based on black and white evidence published on a government website, a sitting president has given every appearance that federal laws have been broken, perhaps a number of felony crimes committed. In short, the public trust and social contract have been violated in quite profound and fundamental ways.
And, yet, the fourth estate (except the truly alternative media) is AWOL?
The mainstream media is out to lunch?
As for all the major networks like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and FOX – our national watchdogs – there’s simply nobody home?

Many courageous individuals proficient in those disciplines, which are required for an in-depth technical analysis of the concerned long-form birth certificate copy, have stepped forward with their evaluation reports. Most of these experts have decades of applicable experience, technical expertise and working knowledge which qualify them to make authoritative assessments. All of them have written that this alleged copy of the Long Form Birth Certificate (LFBC), which still appears today at The White House Blog, is either a forgery, a fake, an altered document, a manipulated form or a fraudulent birth certificate. All of them have stated, categorically, that this officially posted birth certificate cannot be a copy of the authentic Long Form Birth Certificate which would have been originally issued by the State of Hawaii in the year of Barack Hussein Obama’s birth.

Do you get the picture yet?! We have a sitting President, of these United States Of America, who failed to submit the appropriate official records in support of his qualifications and fitness to occupy the highest office in the land the first time around. And now, as he runs for the same office again, it appears that he has submitted a fraudulent birth certificate (LFBC) as evidence of being a natural born citizen of the USA. This is a constitutional lawyer, who either committed or had others commit, a grave felony (or multiple felonies) in pursuit of his political ambitions.

A Manchurian Candidate is always at the heart of the Operation

Where do we go from here? Has anyone considered the chaos and division that this looming constitutional crisis will give rise to as this state of affairs comes to light? And come to light it will if Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse has anything to say about it. This 501(c)(3) organization, formed under the auspices of Arizona’s Maricopa County Sheriff Department to investigate the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate, has been constituted as follows:

The “Cold Case Posse,” however, has been described as a “posse within the posse,” consisting of volunteers with professional experience in conducting investigations, including individuals chosen because of their professional backgrounds in law enforcement, as well as lawyers who have participated in criminal or civil cases and individuals with specialized skills in fields ranging from accounting to conducting criminal forensic examinations.

This past March the nation received preliminary results of the Cold Case Posse’s criminal investigation. The Maricopa County Sheriff made public a formal report which detailed the extraordinary amount of fraudulent and unlawful conduct on the part of numerous government officials, without naming them. Speculation is rife that high-ranking individuals within the US Federal Government, Democratic Party, State of Hawaii, Main Stream Media, among many other complicit parties will ultimately be implicated in this extremely well-planned, precisely coordinated and convoluted conspiracy to defraud the American people.

At the very least, these violations of law have been described by many legal experts as felonious, and therefore meet the level of high crimes and misdemeanors necessary for the formal impeachment of the President. However, the critical constitutional questions, which will surely emerge from such a scenario, are of much greater importance for the continued functioning of the US Government, as well as well as the nation-at-large. For instance, all of the government business conducted by an illegitimate executive branch would be considered legally null and void. Furthermore, such a predicament would force the immediate dissolution of the current Administration.

How did we get here? Only someone (read: some cabal) with extraordinary power, influence and money could have perpetrated the necessary crimes to pull off this caper. Especially given such obvious impunity, unparalleled audacity and impeccable execution with which this operation has been implemented. Anyone who can get away with such a highly complex, ongoing, multi-year crime spree right under the spotlight of the most intense media attention in presidential election cycle history must be very well-positioned indeed. Not too unlike the ‘same’ network that assassinated JFK, complete with a coverup which continues intact up to this very day.

What is most remarkable about this ongoing crime to mislead the American people is that it’s happening in broad daylight. Anyone can view the evidence at websites like this one, send the evidence to their trusted adobe photoshop and acrobat reader experts, and hear the same results that we have. The birth certificate is a complete and total fraud. It is also an extraordinarily amateur fraud. We’re talking about a forgery that was quite purposefully planted in the most conspicuous place in town (Washington DC, that is).

Now why do you suppose that such a crime was committed in plain sight?!

The only way to properly understand this fastidiously engineered scheme is to understand the nature, purpose and modus operandi of a Manchurian Candidate. It’s the only way … … … and the true intentions will be discussed in Part II linked below.

MO of the Manchurian Candidate Obama

State of the Nation
June 10, 2012

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