THE SEPTEMBER STING: Did the GOP just outmaneuver the Deep State Democrats?

After the Rogue CIA Psyop Against Kavanaugh Was Exposed by Alt Media

What the heck really happened during the Senate Judiciary Committee vote on Friday afternoon?!

Exclusive submitted by The Armchair Political Analyst
State of the Nation

“The Kavanaugh character assassination is actually a purposefully designed plot to mobilize the Left into the voting booth.  The Democrats are also looking for any opportunity to infuriate the base so as to galvanize them into a nationwide movement demanding Trump’s impeachment.  There’s no better way to enrage liberals than to threaten their abortion rights.  This is why pro-life Kavanaugh was set up as the perfect boogeyman, especially for the LGBTQ crowd.  There’s so much more to this op than meets the eye.  The various objectives will become obvious between now and Election Day.  So will the true perps behind this seditious conspiracy “

— Intelligence Analyst and Former Military Officer

The September Sting

Anyone watching the afternoon Senate Judiciary Committee session on Friday, September 28, knew there was something very wrong when most of the seats remained empty well after the official 1:30 PM start time.

Sen. Jeff Flake was meeting in the anteroom with the committee Democrats who were attempting to coerce his vote against Brett Kavanaugh after he signaled his intention to approve his nomination.

Flake took advantage of the opportunity — either wittingly or unwittingly — to make a deal.  He would only vote to move the nomination out of committee with a gentlemen’s agreement to see an FBI investigation performed for the Christine Blasey Ford allegation.

The Republicans had been made fully aware via back channels that the Democrats had no intention of showing up for the vote.  And that the DEMs planned on using a very dramatic and unprecedented boycott of a SCOTUS nomination vote to launch a nationwide movement to impeach Kavanaugh as a sitting SCOTUS justice, were he to be approved by the full Senate.

The GOP certainly did not want such a 50-state protest spectacle unfolding just before the midterm elections.  So what did they do?

They sent in ‘super-stealthy’ Jeff Flake after he was accosted in the elevator by a fake sexually abused snowflake demanding that “he look at her” while she was haranguing him on camera.  Jeff could only look downward during the unparalleled encounter in a manner of extreme shame, so it appeared. See: Does Sen. Jeff Flake even know that he was intentionally bushwhacked by political bolsheviks? (Video)

What happened soon afterward was that Flake walked back into the Senate meeting room followed by his Democrat colleagues whereupon he rattled off his new demand if he was to vote for Kavanaugh. See: Did Flake just fake out the Democrats?

In the flurry of questions and answers that soon followed, Chairman Chuck Grassley took full advantage of the chaos and quickly called for a vote after the Democrats indicated their satisfaction with Flake’s proposal. See: The critical last 15 minutes of Friday’s Senate Judiciary Committee meeting (Video)

Grassley’s critical task was to get the vote done in Kavanaugh’s favor and terminate the meeting asap, which he did expeditiously.  Watch the following video to enjoy this GOP performance.  Grassley even invoked the little-known “2-hour rule” in the Senate in order to close the meeting with quick finality. See: What Is The 2-Hour Rule In The Senate? Here’s How It Works

The Democrats were both shell-shocked and exuberant at the prospect of getting their FBI investigation.  In view of the serious allegation made by Blasey Ford, an FBI review was necessary if Kavanaugh was to serve without prejudice on the high court; who didn’t know that?

The crucial point here is that the Republicans avoided a train wreck of a vote boycott, as well as advanced the nomination to the full Senate.  In so doing, they have set the stage for the next round of what will be the political fight of the century.

Deluded Democrats

KEY POINT: The Democrats really thought the additional time allocated to an FBI examination served the ultimate goal of their mission (really a Deep State-ordered fool’s errand).

Sen. Chuck Schumer stated emphatically the Democrat mission where it concerned the Kavanaugh nomination—stop it by any way possible.  Sen. Lindsay Graham repeated Schumer’s highly incriminating statement in what will go down in history as the “greatest senatorial excoriation of the millennium”.  As follows:

EPIC SLAM: Graham lambastes the Democrats during Kavanaugh hearing (Video)

The Democrats really do believe that time is on their side.  However, they are seriously mistaken.  The Kavanaugh nomination is not about the approval of a single justice.  It’s about the process…and especially the Senate process and procedure in the future being respected, not sabotaged.

The Democrats will use the coming week to do everything in their power to further destroy Kavanaugh.  More importantly, they will use every means to flip the votes of vulnerable Republicans.  Therefore, the nation can expect to see another week of despicable behavior from the leftist lawyers and liberal politicos.

Hence, Flake, Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Lisa Murkowski are now in the Left’s line of fire.  The progressive political bolsheviks have already deeply offended Collins in ways never seen in U.S. Congressional history.  Outright threats, flagrant coercion, promises of payback…you name it!

Sorry to say, but this political pandemonium is fundamentally good as it shows the extreme conduct and odious tactics that the liberal hitmen will use to win.  That’s an ongoing and key development that will drive even more voters away from the Democrat asylum.

In the Trump era, it’s all about the [IRREVERSIBLE] acquisition of power for the Democrats.  They don’t care how they accrue power going forward, only that they take the lead away from the GOP.

However, in the fog of their winning anything, they have completely lost sight of the long game.  Whereas the DEMs may torpedo the Kavanaugh nomination, they will have exposed themselves to the American people as never before.  Their moral depravity and criminal activity are being exposed by the day.

This is the real Catch-22 for the Democrats.  While they believe that they must sink Kavanaugh by every means necessary, in so doing they will not only reveal their repugnant MO to the body politic, the insane Left greatly risks alienating a HUGE segment of undecided and Independent voters in the middle.

This is how the GOP strategy has tricked the Democrats and wedged them between a rock and a hard place with not a whit of wiggle room.  No matter what the DEMs do, they will irreparably destroy their brand—a brand that has been severely damaged since the 2016 election cycle.

What this really means for the Democratic Party is their death knell.  Because the Democrat Deep State cannot resist taking full advantage of yet another opportunity to win, they will ultimately hang themselves with the additional rope.  The Democrats really are that predictable.

Not only that, but because of what is truly at stake with this SCOTUS nomination, their gross misconduct and repulsive corruption will be witnessed by the entire electorate.  Therefore, their outrageous behavior will enduringly repel voters for generations to come, as it ought to.

The rogue CIA psyop

What makes this whole Deep State charade so radioactive is that it has been proven to be a CIA-coordinated psyop.  There is now irrefutable evidence pointing to Blasey Ford as a longtime C.I.A. asset. See: Christine Blasey Ford and her Family’s Long and Deep Relationship with the C.I.A.

One would never have understood that crucial factoid by watching her extremely flawed performance in front of the Committee.  After all, she got caught in lie after lie.  Once she lied about her fear of flying (which she used to get out of flying to D.C. to be questioned by the Committee attorneys), everything she said became suspect.  Perhaps the accuser was justifiably concerned about the ultra-classified content of this exposé: Christine Blasey Ford, the CIA, Fusion GPS & George Soros

KEY POINT: Since when does a responsible person ever lodge such a serious accusation with such grave consequences when none of the most vital facts have even been established or proven?  Blasey Ford’s story is so full of holes that only the all-powerful C.I.A. could provide cover for the swiss cheese that it is. Christine Blasey Ford’s connections to the CIA are deep and irrefutable. You would never know it from her testimony.

That rogue elements within the C.I.A. have conducted this black operation from start to finish is now without a doubt.  However, the real problem here is that the American people have not yet been informed of this inconvenient fact.  This is where the Democrats have really shot themselves in the foot by aggressively calling for more investigation time.  In time the truth will come out, one way or another.

Just like the fake ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ story has boomeranged back on Deep State, so, too, will this attempt to blatantly subvert the Senate confirmation process.  This CIA-directed conspiracy to commit character assassination will now come to light as it should.  Just as The Company, as the C.I.A. is known within intelligence circles, oversaw the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, folks will soon realize that the agency commandeered this hit on Kavanaugh.

What is quite noteworthy is that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has completely avoided any mention of Blasey Ford’s intimate connections with the C.I.A.  That such a significant piece of Ford’s résumé is conspicuously absent from all MSM news reporting only shows, again, that the C.I.A. also exerts absolute control over their pervasive Mockingbird Media.  This essential data point also risks coming out into the open the longer this ill-fated black op goes on.


This is what happens when any political movement seeks to take power with guile and avarice.  The DEMs simply can no longer help themselves.  Anyone with a brain can see that the Democrats cannot hold the reins of power for the foreseeable future.  They now suffer form a collective madness that disqualifies them from leadership at any level.

The public lynching of Judge Kavanaugh was staged by the Left to have maximum effect.  Except that the cultural marxist perps neglected to anticipate the immense blowback.  As it turns out, that blowback was actually quite necessary into order to trigger a massive RED tsunami that will significantly overwhelm the little BLUE wave on November 6.  God often does write with crooked lines, yes?

State of the Nation
September 29, 2018


Anatomy of the GOP’s Sting Operation—word for word!


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