The C.I.A. is all over this Kavanaugh-Ford operation and no one in the mainstream is talking about it

Confirmation Indeed!

Vancouver WA
September 28, 2018

by Rich Scheck

Yesterday’s Senate Confirmation hearing into the suitability of Brett Kavanaugh to sit on the Supreme Court confirmed my opinion that our government is totally broken.

Everything done in Washington is now based on lies with both parties scrambling to avoid accountability and blame the other side while perpetuating a system of massive corruption.

The hearing devolved into a he-said/she-said soap opera about a high school groping incident disguised as a long needed discussion of sexual abuse.

The Judicial Committee once again demonstrated the sad truth that our government is incapable of addressing the Deep State aspects that control the dynamics of what our country does to its citizens and the world.

Not one serious question was raised about how Judge Kavanaugh is a co-opted “CIA Kid” who was recruited decades ago to be part of the Deep State. This was done in anticipation of him filling a major position to cover-up the machinations and criminal activities of our CIA penetrated branches of government. (Can you say Vince Foster?)

Not one serious question was raised as to the true motivations of Blasey Ford or her links to the CIA along with those of her father, grandfather and brother.

This was all pure political theater with no interest in exposing the truth or dipping below the soap opera theatrics provided for public consumption in classic divide and conquer fashion.

Many independent researchers are presenting the case supporting these conspiracy allegations against the Deep State.

George Webb provides a daily summary with massive detailed support to explain this process:  The Problem Isn’t Rape 36 Years Ago, It’s Rape Culture At CIA (Video)

Other groups and individuals are doing the same and have made a powerful case indicating that Blasey Ford did a major mind-fuck on Congress and the public with her brilliant performance yesterday during the hearings.

Robert David Steele has added his expertise supporting my suspicions:

All of this confirms my strong belief that Washington is unwilling and incapable of investigating 9/11, JFK, and countless other Deep State events in recent decades. The official narratives presented defy rational explanation and together represent the triumph of the Military Industrial Complex.

This crisis underscores the urgent need for decent folks to walk away from BOTH major parties and immediately take action to form a new one that reaches across the political divide based on a limited shared agenda such as this:

The constitutional crisis that has been simmering for decades took a major step towards societal breakdown yesterday. Calmer heads need to prevail if chaos, unrest and martial law are to be avoided.

If that fails to happen, it is likely future events will confirm my grim analysis of the danger facing us all.

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