Russiagate: A Three Part Political Phenomena Presented by the Very Deep State

PROMIS Them Everything: The Clintons, Silicon Valley and the Very Deep State

Bellingham, WA
September 14, 2018

by Rich Scheck

Researchers digging deeper into the true story behind today’s headlines are hitting pay-dirt! As described in the references below, shortly after taking office in 1993, the Clinton White House began an effort to control “the internet of things!”

The ability to access all encrypted material through back door “Clipper Chips” like we saw
with the Inslaw Scandal and PROMIS software at the Department of Justice during the first Bush Administration is the root of the Russiagate spying scandal in full bloom today.

Hillary and Bill solidified their power during his Administration with focus on the emerging abilities of Silicon Valley and its internet of things, i. e. Google, Facebook, Yahoo, etc.

The expansion of the National Security State under all presidents after Oklahoma City, 9/11 and similar events allowed for massive increase in criminal activity by the federal government in part disguised as protective measures to ensure public safety.

The secrecy afforded to the military and intelligence agencies provided them with the cover they needed to systematize their illicit schemes turning the US government into a full-blown organized crime entity as anticipated by President Eisenhower in his 1961 Farewell Address.

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, western business and intelligence operatives exploited the situation to plunder what was left of the Russian economy and enrolled many of its top officials into cooperating with them in a modern version of Operation Paper Clip that followed WWII.

Many of these Russian Oligarchs also had ties to the Jewish community and Israel. Over the years, a large contingent found its way to New York where it invested in real estate including projects tied to Donald Trump.

Trump Towers became a venue for many of these shady characters to engage in legal and illegal activities. The FBI, CIA and other intelligence agencies penetrated these schemes and were able to turn some of the participants into informants and spies with Felix Sater being the best known example of this process.

Overseeing most of these activities were a small contingent of law enforcement and intelligence officials who participated in these operations while also acting to prosecute some of the players. Robert Mueller, James Comey and John Brennan played key roles in facilitating this takeover of the government and converting it to the benefit of the Clintons through their Foundation, political campaigns and other activities.

These men along with John Podesta and other DC high-rollers did for the Clintons what Cheney and Rumsfeld did for the Bush Crime family when that clique took over after the assassination attempt on Reagan in 1981.

A large component of the Silicon Valley role is the use of sophisticated computers and cell phones such as Blackberries. We saw this with the Awan Brothers scandals accessing the Democratic Party servers via Debbie Wasserman Schultz which George Webb has described in enormous detail. (see below)

Russiagate is a three-part phenomena: (1) an effort to exonerate Hillary Clinton from her e-mail, pay-to-play scandals; (2) an effort to prevent Trump from winning in 2016 and governing after his victory; (3) a full-court press led by Mueller with the help of the Main Stream Media to cover-up the massive corruption that has overtaken the federal government in the wake of the National Security State created by the Cold War.

The reliance on the technological advancements produced by their allies in Silicon Valley allowed the Clinton team to garner enormous financial benefit and almost succeeded in helping them recapture the White House in 2016.

The dramatic events that we see unfolding daily in the news represents the collision of these forces. Virtually all of the key figures are implicated by improper conduct connected to international relations and the attempts to dominate the global economy. (Even Judge Kavanaugh is embroiled in these plots by virtue of his role in covering-up the death of Vince Foster while working for Ken Starr.)

These forces benefit from the ongoing wars Ike foresaw when he spoke of the Military-Industrial Complex.  Both political parties in the United States rely on their manipulated base to attack their opponents while wrapping themselves in either the Flag or in the language of political correctness. Sadly they are both right in believing the other party is corrupt!

This amalgamation of intelligence officials, politicians, opportunists, corrupt businessmen and military hawks are the players we see on display as they participate in intrigues created by those constituting the Very Deep State. Their apparent goal is nothing short of global domination and a New World Order.

Never has it been clearer than right now that we need a new conversation to address this crisis so that decent folks from all sides of the political spectrum can unite to find a better way forward. Unless and until that happens, the chaos, incivility and increased militarization of our society that dominate our country today will continue apace.

References: (this is one example out of hundreds of videos by George Webb the last 2 years)

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