How the Lavender Mafia and the Pope colluded to continue Papal Pedogate

Not only is the Pope in really BIG trouble, so is the entire Vatican!

Lavender Mafia ‘Exposes Itself’ Like Never Before

The Roman Catholic institution cannot survive this once-in-a millennium cataclysm

The Millennium Report

Everything points to Pope Francis being deposed with all deliberate speed. What else could be expected with the Lavender Mafia running the Vatican.

Clearly the Pope’s actions did not match his words.

Not only that, what actions Pope Francis did take with regard to the Roman Catholic Church’s worldwide pedo-crime scandal ran counter to his repeated promises and periodic proclamations. At worst, he continued to coordinate the most extensive and sophisticated cover-up in Church history.

PAPAL PEDOGATE: Pope Francis Caught in the Act of Prelate VIP Pedophilia Cover-up (Video)

That Pope Francis is truly in serious trouble is undeniable. What he himself has done (and not done) in the administration of the Roman Catholic Church with respect to the multi-decade priestly pattern of pederasty and bishop-sanctioned pedophilia has profoundly incriminated him. There are specific reasons for this. See: POPEGATE: The Pope Crashes And Burns

The most serious mistake the Pope made was to play politics with pederasty prelates. In other words, if the cardinal, the bishop, the archbishop or the monsignor was a fellow ultra-liberal, he gave them a pass, or worse, a promotion in the Vatican. In several cases, Francis even placed some of the VIP prelates quite high up in the Vatican hierarchy. This was a disastrous error in judgment as it presented hard evidence of an organized cover-up that he himself ran like a papal racket.

On the other hand, if the accused prelate was an arch-conservative, they were not treated so well. Sometimes they were turned over to local law enforcement to face prosecution as they should have been. Other times they have been defrocked as they ought to be. In other cases, the guilty parties have been pulled from their dioceses and exiled to places that are considered the waterless region by The Roman Curia.

PAPAL PEDOGATE: An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican and Incriminates Pope Francis

Now known as Papal Pedogate, this never-ending child sex scandal just got worse when you thought things had already hit rock bottom. Pope Francis, himself, is the primary reason for this extremely unfortunate outcome. Rather than fixing the problem, the Pope merely gave the many proposed mediocre solutions lip service, perhaps hoping it would be forgotten about. The real problem with that defective approach is that there is simply so much pedo-crime yet to be brought to light. Only now, for instance, did a diocese in Nebraska permit proper investigations. See: Nebraska Catholic diocese rocked by old abuse allegations

Lavender Mafia

If there is one explanation as to why this Pope — or any Pope — is incapable of successfully tackling the churchwide pedophilia scandal, it’s the Lavender Mafia. First of all, it’s of paramount importance to understand that this Vatican-domiciled gay mafia has been around practically forever. They’re much like the eunuchs in the Far East kingdoms who ran the palace for the Chinese emperors and Korean kings. They have always been there, and always will be. Except that the feared Lavender Mafia has a strong penchant for pedophilia and especially pederasty.

The real problem in the Vatican, however, is that this exceedingly powerful faction of high-ranking prelates has the whole place wired. Nothing happens behind those high walls without the Lavender Mafia knowing about it—EVER! Because information, especially extremely sensitive and privileged intelligence is essentially power, the gay mafia has used it quite adroitly in maintaining their clandestine power structure.

How the Lavender Mafia prevented the Catholic Church from fixing their global pedophilia scandal

How could anyone, particularly a political milquetoast like Jorge Mario Bergoglio, weather the inevitable storms conjured up by the Lavender Mafia. Because the ultra-liberal Francis already sided with this extreme left-wing LGBT-promoting faction in the Vatican, it was certain that he would not take any meaningful action on the multi-decade Church Pedogate. He would be going against a major core constituency of his power base if he did. See: Pope Francis says about 8,000 pedophiles are members of Catholic clergy, including bishops and cardinals

Geopolitical environment changed unexpectedly

Another major reason why things have ended up so very grim for this Pope is that the nationalist revolution led by Donald Trump also took root in Europe in the form of Brexit. This was followed by the Catalonia secession protests as well as several other newly elected nationalist governments throughout the EU that have been elected by patriots to the dismay of the globalists.

The Pope was supposed to be supported by the likes of Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, Enrique Peña Nieto, Theresa May, Angele Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Matteo Renzi, and other dyed-in-wool globalists. Instead, each of these leaders had been weakened significantly; some of them have been since dumped by their respective electorates.

The critical point here is that Francis is facing an increasingly hostile environment worldwide. As a matter of conspiratorial fact, he was only installed by his Jesuit masters to put a smiley face on the child sex scandal. Perhaps never having any intention to remedy the profound systemic problems within the Church that gave rise to Prelate Pedogate, the Vatican globalists put Francis in the papacy only to bring comfort and instill hope and promise change (sound familiar)…but to NEVER address the root cause of this ever-unfolding and now burgeoning child sex scandal. See link below.

301 ‘Predator Priests’ Named In Pa. Grand Jury Sex Abuse Report: ‘They Were Raping Little Boys & Girls’

Pope Francis also made the egregious mistake of getting deeply involved in a U.S. presidential election. This has NEVER happened before. Popes simply don’t make such a conspicuous spectacle of themselves. Not only did Francis get involved, he made common cause with the worst candidate for POTUS in American history. This was the Pope’s fatal mistake, and one that was perhaps foisted on him by the Lavender Mafia. They knew that Hillary Clinton was given the rainbow torch lit by Obama on behalf of the worldwide LGBT movement. With a pedo-criminal like Clinton in the White House, the Lavender Mafia felt as protected from the serious consequences of their horrendous child sex crimes as much as they could be.

Herein lies the current papal predicament: Pope Francis was really wedged between a rock and a hard place with not a whit of wiggle room by his true Jesuit masters. Clearly, the Trump victory threw a HUGE wrench into the Vatican machinery, which is why “Francis the politico” practically campaigned for the widely despised Hillary (How could a pope ever support such a criminal and corrupt candidate). The Pope’s handlers and Lavender Mafia pushed him out in front during the 2016 election cycle because they knew that their futures (and lives) greatly depended on a pedo-friendly U.S. administration.

Immigrant Revenue to Catholic Charities

There’s a not-so-well-known government-sponsored financial enrichment scheme that the Catholic Church has been running for decades. They have traditionally been the biggest recipient of tax dollars that have been appropriated by the US government to charities that provide services to illegal aliens, especially to children illegally smuggled into the USA.

This is why so many Catholic Churches nationwide are always quick to provide safe haven to illegals. The pastors of these sanctuary churches know that once the children arrive on the premises, they are somehow protected from the authorities. More importantly, the bishops of the dioceses that receive the greatest influx of these illegal immigrants have come to rely heavily on the governmental largesse. These revenue streams can be quite large, particularly in the sanctuary cities and state.

What’s crucial to understand about this dubious US government–Catholic Church business deal is that many of the children have been separated from their parents and families. These extremely vulnerable children were either sent across the border alone, or they were separated once in country. This perilous predicament makes them quite susceptible to being trafficked and/or sexually abused. Once they are placed in the pedophile pipeline, there’s no telling where they might end up. Whether sold for BIG dollars or rented out for sexual exploitation, these kidnapped kids can command a high price.

This is also why Pope Francis has been such a huge proponent of both illegal immigration and mass exodus from war-torn countries, The Church benefits in various ways from these humanitarian disasters. Rather than attempt to terminate the warmongering, this Pope spends his time hypocritically lecturing the targeted nations to permit open borders and ultra-liberal immigration policies. See the massive walls that cordon off the Vatican below.

One small section of the massive wall that surrounds the entire Vatican

“The great apostasy in the church” — 3rd Secret of Fatima

When the highly anticipated Third Secret of Fatima is about the multi-century pederasty scandal in the Roman Catholic Church, you know this Pope has HUGE problems. That’s mostly because he was purposefully set up to deal with (or not deal with) this intractable child sex crisis, once and for all. Either way, there was destined to be an enormous and unparalleled superstorm of R E V E L A T I O N blowing though the Vatican.

The Third Secret of Fatima and the Catholic Pederasty Scandal

While the Lavender Mafia would like to think they can maintain the status quo (aka their 3rd millennium Sodom and Gomorrah) into perpetuity, THEIR TIME HAS COME. This furtive group of pedophile prelates is soon to be exposed for all to see. The primary impetus for this is that the mothers are now very angry about the papal protection that the gay mafia has received all these years. The Vatican has been a safe harbor for many high-ranking prelates who should have been aggressively prosecuted for pedo-crimes committed against their precious children. See: PEDOGATE! 44K Catholic Women Confront Papal Fallibility

When a former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States levels such explosive accusations against the Pope, and then backs them up, clearly the writing is on the wall for the papacy. (Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse)  What’s most disconcerting, however, about these bombshell charges is the Pope’s shocking reaction to them. Instead of refuting the well-documented allegations,  Pope Francis Compared the Vatican Whistleblower to Satan.  WOW ! ! !

It’s now evident that this will not end well for Pope Francis. Nor will it end well for the institution; for the Roman Catholic Church has proven itself to be wholly incapable of policing itself. What fate awaits it, God only knows. Perhaps the prophecy of Saint Malachy offers a clue. An Irish saint’s eerie prophecy that Pope Francis will be the last Pontiff


Within the past year Pope Francis has been forced to respond to sex scandal after sex scandal around the world. One of the worst of these occurred in Chile. All 34 Bishops In Chile Suddenly Resign Over “Absolutely Deplorable” Pedophile Priest Scandal However, it was his exceedingly inappropriate reaction that threw fuel on the fire in Chile.

Francis also took a trip to Ireland to smooth things over in this regard but instead failed to address the matter in a way that satisfied the Irish faithful. In fact, the Pope did not even apologize to the countless victims of the Catholic Church in Ireland. Pope acknowledges Catholic abuse in Ireland but does not apologise to victims in keynote speech

Truly, the Pope is finished.

It’s also highly unlikely that the Church will survive this “once-in-a millennium cataclysm” intact.

With the unprecedented and unexplained resignation of Pope Benedict prior to the election of this first Jesuit pope, obviously the Church is in great turmoil. Perhaps this is what the long anticipated prophecy really refers to with the apocalyptic phrase “When a Pope flees Rome”.

The Millennium Report
September 12, 2018


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