POPEGATE: The Pope Crashes And Burns

Pope Francis Is Finished!

State of the Nation

There’s no question that Pope Francis fits in perfectly with the cowardly leaders of our times.

He walked nicely in lockstep with Obama, Trudeau, Peña Nieto, Merkel, May, Macron, Renzi, as well as a host of other lesser known globalists.

Each of these globalist pawns was shoehorned into their position by the New World Order cabal.  And their profoundly compromised leadership and official misconduct reflect that reality quite poignantly.

The only obvious difference is that Francis was much older than these younger and quite juvenile politicians.

But even that’s no wonder since the mission Pope Francis was handed by his globalist masters was to turn the planet into a socialist paradise where a totalitarian One World Government rules every square inch on Earth.  That required a seasoned, avuncular persona by which to cunningly convince so many of the Catholic faithful.

Clearly, Pope Francis was installed into the Roman Papacy in order to accelerate the process of engineering a tyrannical communist superstate.  This is why he was cut so much slack to both avoid (where appropriate) and continue (when useful) the unspeakable worldwide Catholic child abuse scandal.

There is no better illustration of the Pope’s MO than the following exposé on the cover-up of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, a confidante of Francis.  This incredible papal episode is just one example of how Pope Francis really runs his shop, which is further delineated in the “back story” that follows.

MUST READ: Ex-Nuncio Accuses Pope Francis of Failing to Act on McCarrick’s Abuse

The Pope Francis Back Story

Here’s what really happened, but first be sure to read the link above.  That article lays bare — with authoritative firsthand evidence — exactly how this Pope operates.  Rarely does the public ever get a look into the inner workings of the Papacy.  Every papal investigator is now privy to extremely privileged information where it concerns the thinking of Pope Francis via those radioactive revelations from the courageous Apostolic Nuncio to the United States—Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò.

First of all, it’s imperative to understand that Pope Francis is way out of his depth.  He was the first prelate from the Western Hemisphere to be selected pope, as well as the first from South America—the land of Jesuit-directed Liberation Theology.  By comparison, the political intrigue that envelops the Vatican every moment for centuries makes Buenos Aires look like a walk in the park.

Being an ultra-liberal archbishop from Argentina, Francis was on the far left of the political spectrum compared to many of those cardinals and bishops who populate the Vatican.  Hence, the very day he sat on the Throne of Saint Peter he was surrounded by a coterie of long-term arch-conservatives who were just waiting for the right time to depose him.

KEY POINTS: Both Brexit and the Trump Revolution threw a HUGE wrench into the NWO machinery.  The globalists really thought Hillary was going to win.  Because of this major miscalculation, their plan to have such a nakedly liberal Pontiff pitchman sell their Global Warming hoax, Immigration scheme, Multiculturalism ruse, etc. has backfired majorly.  Francis, as it turns out, has become the most polarizing Pope in history.  His papacy has brought out the long knives of the conservative clergy and emboldened the liberal clerics to claw back their Sodom and Gomorrah.  However, because of this new and tempestuous political climate, instead of bringing everyone under one tent, Pope Francis has succeeded in blowing up AND burning down the whole jamboree.  Once his handlers pushed him into becoming an improperly political Pontiff, he lost everything right then and there.  Surely, the installation of this Pope will go down in history as the most catastrophic personnel misplacement in human history.  Clearly, Pope Francis is now so totally out of his depth that the entire Catholic institution will suffer awesome consequences, as it should.

Because of this unavoidable predicament, Pope Francis developed a siege mentality that only got stronger by the day.  The central organizing principle of his papacy inevitably became papal self-preservation.  The political warfare taking place inside the Vatican is like no other in the world and he was wholly unprepared for the daily battles.

As a result, Pope Francis evolved the following self-defense mechanism: no matter what the sexual crime committed by the prelate, if they were an ally, they were given a pass.  If they were an avid fan of Francis, they would be promoted and rewarded in other ways.  The past five and a half years of re-staffing the Roman Curia, reorganizing the College of Cardinals and re-structuring the Vatican hierarchy stands as a testament to this extremely disciplined yet highly misguided game plan.

As a consequence, Pope Francis refined his decision process about hiring and firing not around expeditiously addressing the Catholic pederasty scandal; rather, he chose those who would assist him in implementing his agenda—the New World Order agenda.  Toward that end, he ended up recruiting some of the worst serial sex offenders ever to become cardinals and bishops.

At the same time, the Pope was always operating with the mindset of siege mentality and, therefore, he was never able to meet the formidable challenges associated with the worldwide sex scandal.  Given his advanced age, his early-onset dementia, his medications, and his hardened liberal philosophy, Pope Francis simply did not have the capacity to deal with so many battles, especially those dealing with the child sex scandal.  Many of those who he relied upon to do so were actually a big part of that problem.

The bottom line here is that there was no one who could decisively confront the high-level sex offenders, and especially not an extreme lefty from the South America like Francis.  He not only knows well the ultra-liberal Jesuit mentality, he was a charter member over his entire career.  How could a progressive-at-heart and died-in-the-wool socialist like Pope Francis ever call out his own ilk for sex crimes that they consider perfectly normal behavior.

The other vital point is that the character of this Pope is not confrontational.  He is not the kind of change agent that was absolutely required to clean house at the Vatican.  How, pray tell, could a political marshmallow and neophyte like Francis take to task the notorious Gay Mafia that works behind the scenes 24/7 inside those walls.  And this is precisely why he was selected the Bishop of Rome—to maintain the status quo even in the face of massive upheaval throughout the Holy See and outpouring of angst among the faithful.

Pope Francis Is finished

In light of his actions since he took the highest Holy Office in the land, Pope Francis has shown his true colors.  No disrespect to wolves, but it’s now apparent that he really is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Not in modern history has a Roman Pontiff betrayed his congregation the way that Francis has.  His stubborn refusal to emphatically terminate the rampant child sexual scandal has no excuse whatsoever AFTER 5.5 YEARS AS POPE.  He continued the institutionalized policy of protecting priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals in any way he could, regardless of their odious crimes.

The back story of this Pope’s scheming is far too complex and convoluted to wrap one’s mind around.  Therefore, we leave it to The Millennium Report to sort it all out… which they have done here: PAPAL PEDOGATE: An Epic Scandal Consumes the Vatican and Incriminates Pope Francis

In the end, it will become known as Popegate—the truly epic and overwhelming scandal that brought down a Pope…perhaps the very last pope to reign in Rome.

State of the Nation
August 31, 2018

Special Note

All Pope Francis had to do was stop it, and stop it now.  The horrific child abuse scandal went on way too long as it was.  He promised to end the whole game once and for all, and he didn’t.  He even enabled and/or rewarded some of the highest ranking guilty prelates.  Let’s face it, the Pope really screwed up—BIG TIME!  And he will be removed ignominiously from the Chair of Saint Peter as he should be.

The reality here is that there was really no way to practically fix the Roman Catholic sex abuse problem with finality, but Francis did not even try.  It’s true the flawed Vatican leadership is so entrenched and there are so many pedophile priests that the Church would literally collapse were one to remove all the guilty parties. Yes, it’s really that bad, and much MUCH worse than anyone knows.


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