Democratic Leadership United With Deep State Support of Trump’s Illegal War In Syria

Barkeley Village, WA
September 10, 2018

by Rich Scheck

The total hypocrisy of the Democratic Party is once again on display when it comes to President Trump’s efforts to achieve regime change in Syria.

Whether you agree with that policy or oppose it, not a single prominent Democrat has come out against it!  Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Biden, Warren, Feinstein: all are silent when it comes to Trump’s actions in Syria.  How about erstwhile presidential contenders Sanders, Kerry, Booker and Harris? More silence!

When it comes to Syria, everyone is on board in support of the Deep State effort to impose our will on that country like we attempted to do in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and so many other places.

The failed NeoCon/NeoLiberal agenda for Pax Americana remains the dominant philosophy underlying US foreign policy. There is NO difference between the parties on this key issue. Whether it was Obama opposing “stupid wars” with his Hope and Change rhetoric or Trump promising to “Make America Great Again” by avoiding the mistakes of his predecessors, it was all just talk to lure voters.

The only differences are ones of style. Mr. Smooth talker Obama showed us again last week why he was such an attractive candidate with his speech that was all fluff and no substance. Shrill Hillary wanted to stand up to Putin whom she demonized by comparing him to the former leader of the Third Reich. And The Donald was brilliant in his ability to rally millions of disaffected voters tired of failed promises by established politicians with his shoot from the hip, blunt New York style.

But when all is said and done, all these top echelon leaders support the same agenda. Their actions are far more important than their words. The Democrats supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 and have done virtually nothing to stop the War On Terror that has been going on for 17 years.

Obama took office and soon thereafter surged more troops into Afghanistan. Clinton ran both times as a hawk.  No Democratic leader complained about Trump’s sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia last year or that country’s attacks on impoverished Yemen. Again, they support the president; there is no difference on these key issues.

The United States is in Syria illegally. Unlike, Russia or Iran or Hezbollah, Syria has not invited us to be there.  Just the opposite: Assad demands we leave!

The evidence is overwhelming that the West financed the rise of ISIS along with Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.  We continue to do so regarding the current campaign in Idlib province. Yet the America public remains in the dark as to what it’s government does in its name.

The bipartisan Washington Consensus focuses on fake news and hyped scandals to divert attention away from the massive criminality of the Deep State and our intelligence agencies who rely on the secrecy afforded by claims of national security to engage in the sales of weapons, drugs, uranium and other nefarious deeds.

The voices of sanity and dissent from these illegal acts are barely audible. Tulsi Gabbard appears to have been silenced by her Democratic colleagues. Rand Paul battles on as a lonely Republican dissident but few in Congress or the media are willing to speak out against the Military Industrial Complex.

I watch in dismay as the MSM wallow in glee at the excesses and mistakes of the Administration in a display of Trump Derangement Syndrome that staggers the imagination. They glom onto the smallest things to pillar him over dubious claims of Russian collusion that relies on prosecutorial excess and tainted evidence while saying
nothing about the corruption of Hillary.

The Liberal Media has no trouble sucking up to the Democratic leadership by joining in a conspiracy of silence regarding their hypocrisy over Syria and Yemen. We saw that starkly portrayed last week with everyone (but Trump) falling over themselves to praise the late, great war-monger supreme, John McCain.

It is all a sad spectacle that goes far to underscore the desperate need for a new political alliance that rejects the bipartisan support for war. The majority of citizens from both sides of the political spectrum oppose these foreign interventions. United, they could readily serve as the base for a populist/peace party that reflects these sentiments
which are shared by the likes of both the Occupy Wall Street Left (Bernie Sanders) and the Tea Party Right that backed Trump in 2016.

Now that the bombing has started in Syria based on what Russia and Assad state are false claims of prospective chemical weapons use in Idlib Province, we will see if any of the Democratic leaders condemn such action. Failure to do so along with their apologists in the media will make them all complicit in the exacerbation of turmoil and hardship
already existing in the region after decades of endless Deep State wars.


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