Serious 5G Impacts Exposed by State Senator (Video)

One Politician Exposes Health Risks and Dangers of 5G and wireless

Leverage the following testimonies to inform others

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As an aerospace engineer, Patrick Colbeck was responsible for the cabling design on the International Space Station for the quest airlock, and worked with the Department of Defense on training simulations designed to train the next generation of war fighters against different threats.

As a qualified spokesperson to assess the health risks of 5G and other wireless technology now it’s up to each of us to spread his words, followed by collective action to safeguard ourselves, children, families and home planet. Doreen

Sep 3, 2018

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Senator Patrick Colbeck warns about the dangers some new technologies pose

Mar 15, 2018

“Even the FCC has not fully studied all of the health effects of such widespread implementation of this new technology,” Colbeck said. “The telecom industry is indemnified against any liabilities for adverse health impacts if their emissions stay within FCC guidelines. We need to ensure that the FCC guidelines are defined at thresholds that protect against adverse health impacts. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that this is not currently the case.”

Colbeck testimony for true smart meter opt-out

Mar 9, 2017

Senator Patrick Colbeck, R-Canton, testified on March 7, 2017, before the House Energy and Technology Committee in support of House Bill 4220, legislation that would restore consumer protections regarding the type of meters that are installed upon their personal property.

Please give thanks for Patrick Colbeck and make good use of his testimonies. Supplement them with scientific evidence of harmful 5G and wireless technology documented at this and other Blogs.

Inform family, government, health care providers, utility company representatives, school boards, etc. They need to know and they need to know that we know. Thank you.

Doreen Ann Agostino 


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