Gaslighting the POTUS!

Deep State uses the MSM, FBI, CIA, DEM,
and others to gaslight President Trump
in broad daylight

State of the Nation

The headlines have NEVER been so hysterical.

The mainstream media (MSM), also known as the CIA’s Mockingbird Media, has never been so over-the-top.

Since the very first announcement that President Trump was going to meet with President Putin in Helsinki, the headlines got crazier by the day.

This extremely reckless, transparently juvenile and unusually dangerous conduct is not only unprecedented in U.S. history, it has likely never occurred before anywhere or at anytime.

Deep State exposes itself

All that Trump and Putin want to do is open a dialogue between their nations.

Both leaders have expressed a strong interest toward ending — PERMANENTLY — the Cold War.

Establishing world peace really appears to be their primary objective.

Is there something wrong with that?

The bloviating talking heads throughout the entire MSM seem to thinks so.

So do many formers appointees and officials from both the Obama and Bush Administrations.

Because this monolithic bloc of naked warmongers has come out in unison, Deep State has essentially exposed itself like never before.

The Shadow Government really feels that it exerts such complete command and control over the planetary realm that it can come out of the shadows.

Here’s a recent interview where agents of Deep State literally call for the Shadow Government to come out in the open:

Will the Deep State Remove Donald Trump in the Next 72 Hours? (Video)

Gaslighting the POTUS

From the very moment that Donald Trump publicly expressed his intentions to run for POTUS, Deep State has been all over him.

No one has ever seen anything like it; nor will such a spectacle ever be permitted to take place again.

Gaslighting is a psyop technique that is usually done under the radar, the victim never knows it’s being perpetrated against them.

Slowly but surely they are convinced that they are a psychologically sick individual, incapable of even taking care of themselves.

In this way the person is eventually incapacitated with fear and neuroses that often develop into psychoses.

Let’s face it, when enough people are screaming at you every single day, or whispering crazy talk into your ear — every hour — it’s easy to start believing it.

This is how the many and diverse gaslighters have been working on Trump.  The Deep State agents seem to believe that with enough repetition, they will eventually drive him crazy.

11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

Gaslighting the West Wing

And, if they don’t drive Trump from office and into a state mental institution, they think they will drive his entire administration sufficiently mad that they will remove him from office using Section 3 and/or 4 of the 25th Amendment.

This is what the treasonous former officials of the U.S. Intelligence Community have been working hard for.

Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Morrell and many others ex-senior officials in the spook agencies have been calling Trump’s sanity into question.  They are implementing scheme after scheme to get to Trump’s inner circle.  Not only does this turn them against the POTUS, it turns them against them each other.  In the ensuing White House chaos, the perps hope to simply clean house via Section 4 of the 25th Amendment.

KEY POINT: These former intel directors know just how easy it is to spook a leader out of power in a Banana Republic.  All they do is start a whisper campaign against a sitting president or prime minister and it makes the coup d’état much easier to execute.  Sometimes they don’t even have to carry out a soft coup so effective is their gaslighting of the democratically elected leader.

In any event, what these co-conspirators have failed to realize is that the POTUS would have to be so psychologically unfit or mentally ill or emotionally unhinged that he was unable to discharge the duties of the office.  This decrepit psychological state actually describes those who are now attacking the Trump daily with unparalleled venom and vitriol…only for attempting to do a good job.

No, the 25th Amendment, Section 3 or 4, cannot be used to remove Trump from office!

Nonetheless, the brains behind this scheme are determined to have Trump removed from the Oval Office by his own people.  Because the perps know that they themselves are  traitors, the American people will see through their deceitful machination.  Hence, by having Trump basically frogmarched out of the White House by his cabinet members allows for the seditious Deep State to claim non-involvement.  They always ensure that they are cloaked with plausible deniability, don’t they?

This is precisely why the gaslighting has now reached a crescendo.  The gaslighters are trying to con the entire Trump administration into believing that Trump is in sorry state.  And, so bad is his condition that they too will suffer greatly if they don’t terminate his presidency for the good of the Republic.

Trump is really driving Deep State crazy.

The funny thing about this rapidly unfolding scenario is that Trump is literally responsible for a new DSM mental disorder known as Trump derangement syndrome.  The Left has become so deranged by his presidency that they have truly lost it, as they continue to lose it even more.  No one has ever seen such mass liberal mania in American history.

This phenomenon is showing the body politic that there are really many highly disturbed and profoundly imbalanced citizens in their midst.  It’s actually a little scary that so many have gone off the deep end so quickly…never to come back to normalcy.

Not to worry though, for the USA was due for a much-needed house-cleaning.  The House of Representatives especially, along with the Senate, will be the first places to undergo such a thorough house-cleaning.

In the meantime, however, the craziest of the crazies really do run the asylum so things are going to get a LOT worse before they get better.  The hourly headlines from the major MSM organs of propaganda shows just how bad things are today.  As an example, here’s what the former ‘unbiased’ FBI Director James B. Comey just tweeted.

Comey: Anyone Voting Republican This Fall Is Un-American

Like we said if you think things are crazy right now, watch what happens between now and the midterm elections.  Deep State knows that it’s facing serious existential threats.  Therefore, the institutional pillars of Deep State will do everything in its power to fix the elections nationwide in order to (i) swing the Senate back to the Democrats, (ii) give the Democrats a slim majority in the House (iii) win every election in every state that is vulnerable to a Democrat takeover.

During interesting times like 2018 and beyond, even the Shadow Government itself is wracked with dissension.  Within the secret societies there are differences of opinion just as Illuminati bloodlines disagree on various political issues.  The banksters themselves will vote Republican one year and Democrat the next; sometimes they split down the middle in the same election year.

What’s the critical point?

Planet Earth is now witnessing a rematch of the “War of Titans”.  Those entities that control this realm care not a whit about who wins between the communists and the fascists, or between the globalists and patriots, as long as the war exhausts everyone on the battlefield.  Their only goal is to create so much chaos and mayhem that We the People will never properly perceive the true enemy.  See: What we are witnessing is the FINAL WAR between…

Sheer desperation

Because the Democratic Party was completely taken over by the extreme left wing, the ultra-liberals have exposed their underbelly for all to see.  Needless to say, it’s quite ugly, and only the most craven characters on the center-left political spectrum are willing to admit even a previous affiliation with the DONKEY party.  “Progressive” is now synonymous with “retrogressive”… and in ways that are exceedingly detrimental to one’s health, hearth and home.

So while the DEMs are losing their base support like rats leaving a sinking ship, they are aggressively recruiting illegal aliens, MS-13 gang members, drug dealers, convicted criminals, and any other unlawful immigrants they can sneak across the border.  This is exactly why the immigration issue refuses to go away and only gets bigger by the year.  These new arrivals will form the Democrat’s base of the future.

When the Democrats adopted this strategy as dictated by bagman George Soros, they chose a path that would lead to sheer desperation.  That’s because the American people reject most of what the Democrats represent.  For theirs is a culture that is marked by such moral depravity and social degeneracy that Sodom and Gomorrah would look righteous.

Unfortunately for the nation, the end game of Cultural Marxism is always a violent revolution.  Where the Russian Revolution began with a Bolshevik Revolution, the Second American Revolution will end with one if the patriots don’t first take back the country from these extremists and terrorists and insurrectionists.  As long as they are wearing their balaclavas, they’re real tough guys and gals, aren’t they?  Once that mask is removed, they wilt like shrinking violets.

However, as the midterms approach, the purple revolutionaries will become more aggressive by the week.  As the “terrible twos” often do, the libtards in particular will act out in ways that are quite violent.  This is a measure of their desperation to overthrow Trump for their Deep State masters.  With Trump in office, their “Sodom and Gomorrah” will be dismantled.   With Hillary in office, the globalists will turn the USA into a gunless region owned and operated by the United Nations.


If ever there was a time to stay vigilant, that time is now.

These Deep State groupies are stark raving mad, nuttier than fruitcakes, crazier than mad hatters, and wackier than the biggest wackadoodles ever.  Yes, they are that bad and worse. See one of their most important Democrat Deep State operatives who is still employed by the FBI: Is Peter Strzok really an FBI agent? Candid video shows something very wrong with him!

The preceding video clearly indicates that these folks are cut from a different bolt of cloth.  And that they will stop at nothing to win the day.  There are no rules for them.  The so-called law enforcers among them like Peter Strzok act like there is no rule of law.  Consequently, there is going to have to be a showdown at the OK corral.

Exactly what that will look like only time will tell.  Unless Trump gets the cojones to arrest George Soros there will be no peace in America.  The other covert leaders of their Purple Revolution must also be apprehended as traitors to the American Republic.  The volume of indisputable evidence of their guilt is overwhelming.  To let them roam the streets as they are doing is a slap in the face to every law-abiding citizen.

Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

The Obamas, Clintons, Podestas, Bidens, etc. must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuch Schumer, etc. must also be removed from public service post-haste.  They are all dangerous to the extreme.  Of course, Horowitz, Rosenstein, Wray, Sessions, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr and many others must be terminated from the DOJ and FBI.  Lynch, Holder, Yates, Powers, Nuland, Rice and Rice, etc. must all be held responsible for crimes against the country.

With a cast of bad actors like the aforementioned, is it any wonder why they are relentlessly gaslighting the POTUS?

Bottom Line:

MILITARY TRIBUNALS: Why They Are Absolutely Necessary

State of the Nation
July 18, 2108


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