Media Strangely Silent Over Senior Lawmakers Call to Meet with Russia


OpEd submitted by Rich Scheck

Sanders had a golden opportunity to raise issues of war and peace during his run for the
White House in 2016. Instead he pandered to the masses by pretending Uncle Sam was
Santa Claus and would give everyone free stuff.

Feinstein has been a major Democratic hawk. Russia is not the enemy! The enemy is the
MIC, the US government and the apologists for war within it!

We can continue to be vigilant and urge our leaders to demonstrate their sanity. But this
appears to be another example of too little, too late.

If only the Dems had supported Trump’s efforts to fulfill his campaign promise to work with the Russians in Syria and elsewhere, the world might be a better place today.

Look what happened to Tulsi Gabbard when she stood for the country’s best interests instead of giving in to the partisan screams of those like Howard Dean who called for her resignation after showing the temerity to visit with Assad. We have barely heard a word from her in over a year!

The Dems have acted like 2 year-olds throwing a tantrum because Hillary lost! They failed to clean their own house by holding the DNC and Debbie Wasserman accountable for their
egregious campaign misdeeds and attempted to blame the “Russians” for their loss.

As maddening as Trump can be at times, he has at least stirred the pot and got a few more folks to pay attention!

All of the above and so much more is why I support the creation of a new populist party to replace the two wings of the national security state calling themselves Democrats and Republicans.

Unless and until something like that happens, the worthy of efforts of decent people like the CCI, DWF and so many other groups will almost definitely come to naught!

Rich Scheck
Thousand Oaks, CA

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