Amazing Grace, Trump and the NFL!


Santa Rosa, CA
September 24, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Those millionaire athletes in the NFL have every right to protest for what they
believe in. I support them but am deeply concerned they have missed the key
point in the discussion.

Professional sports in its current form is an important aspect of Empire. These
modern-day gladiators do not fight to the death as their Roman predecessors did.
Just the opposite: they have become among the most pampered and privileged
members of the 1% who dominate our society.

Yes, a high percentage of them are black and yes, racial injustice remains a
serious problem in our society. BUT, the real problem is a capitalist system
that thrives on war, symbols of war (like sports) and the public financing of
arenas and stadia that deflect countless billions away from the needy who
might otherwise benefit if the Treasury spent our tax money wisely.

Even though Trump appears insensitive to their message and an icon of
White Supremacy, he, too, is correct to point out that these guys seem
almost ridiculous in their protestations. I am enthusiastic about his plea
for the public to boycott their sports idols to protest the high prices and
pampered status of these young men.

It would be glorious and a much-needed example of Amazing Grace if
everyone finally got the message of the thirty year old movie that featured
NBA star Alex English as a basketball player moved to action by the
example of a young Montana Little Leaguer who is concerned about
nuclear testing.

How exciting it would be to see these powerful athletes standing in unison
to protest the spending of up to ONE TRILLION DOLLARS on nuclear
modernization that Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama and the
Congress said yes to.

Just as wonderful would be the sight of these fine physical specimens
saying the United States should stop funding terrorists and stop bombing
children in places like Yemen, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

What is so sad in all of this is that Trump is both tone death to their right
to protest as well as being the Emperor who lied his way into office by promising
to stop foreign wars while at the same time, the NFL pros appear ignorant of
their role in distracting the American people from our nation’s imperial excesses.

Even Steve Bannon understood the potential for good from spending our
precious resources to build schools, roads and a strong economy instead
of on nukes, space weapons and sports palaces:

America’s priorities have been distorted for a very long time. The triumph
of the national security state built on secrecy and corruption that emerged
after the Cold War has morphed into a decadent, leaderless culture of
narcissism and privilege.

Sadly, both the president and the kneeling pros lack the depth of character
and moral courage needed to transform our culture and Make America
really Great………..for the first time!

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