Are the United States and Russia Cooperating in Syria?


La Costa, CA
March 12, 2017

by Rich Scheck

There is some reason to believe that the US and Russia are cooperating
in Syria.

The situation is very complicated…….and very fluid. But recent reports
suggest that, despite outward appearances, the two super powers are
working together to fight ISIS/Daesh.
(see last 3 paragraphs)

More than deconflicting the dangerous situation there, these reports imply
that President Trump has instructed his top military leaders to actively
work with their Russian counterparts.

Trump is forced to act quietly and in an understated way because of
the many accusations that he is a “Putin puppet” who is beholden to
the Russian leader for his help in defeating Hillary Clinton during the
2016 election.

That claim never had substantial evidence backing it and is now
under even greater risk of being rejected because the Vault 7 revelations
from WikiLeaks show the CIA had the ability to disguise hacking to make
it look like it came from another country or source.

Turkey has added to the confusion following its invasion of Syrian territory
last year because of its shifting alliances with its NATO partners and Putin. Now
Erdogan has stepped up and accused the West of arming ISIS in another move
that muddies the waters even more:

It is difficult to follow these rapidly changing developments. Perhaps greater clarity
will be achieved following the upcoming meeting in Washington of the 68 member
anti-ISIS coalition even though Russia and Iran have not been invited.

What is clear is that the region continues to roil with more reliance on military
activity in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere.

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