Is Trump Preparing For War With Iran?

Carlsbad, CA
March 10, 2017

by Rich Scheck

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump demonized Iran and said
the 5 + 1 nuke deal with them was horrible.

Now in office, he has embraced the Zionist party line by sucking up to Bibi and
making moves consistent with launching an attack on them:

Rather than abandon the efforts at Syrian regime change championed by Hillary
and Obama and working with the Russians as promised, Trump has ratcheted up
military action in the region including:

A deployment of 1,000 reserves to Kuwait also now seems likely and would be consistent
with positioning military forces for a war with Iran:

Furthermore, he is set to restore arm shipments to the Saudis so they can keep bombing
the hapless Houthis in Yemen:

With everyone distracted by the sensational Vault 7 leaks, it is easy to miss how Trump
is maneuvering to attack.

A compliant Congress is poised to increase the military budget, making Trump the latest version of a “peace” candidate coming into office ready to expand our foreign wars.

Whereas Bush talked of a “humble” foreign policy and Obama postured as the anti-
Iraq War choice, Trump boldly intimated he would risk being labeled an Isolationist
by putting America First and saying no to stupid wars for regime change that cost
the public trillions!

Those comments got him lambasted by the entire political establishment of both parties
along with an unending chorus of negativity from the Main Stream Press.

Clearly he has abandoned that approach if he ever held it in the first place. We’ve
had lots of clues since he came to office as to what he is really up to. His love-fest
with Bibi, the raid into Yemen a few days after taking office and most overtly, his use
of a dead hero’s widow during his recent address to Congress to ennoble America’s
war efforts are some of the events tipping off his true agenda.

With a cabinet filled with those who testified about the Iranian threat and with
increasing tensions in the Persian Gulf, push may soon give way to shove with
the posturing and threats turning into something far more lethal.

As outlined by Gordon Duff and others, Trump’s policy goal appears to be a new
Israeli/Saudi/GCC Alliance backed by the US to unite the Sunni countries against
the Shia Crescent led by Iran. That ambitious plan is fraught with danger and
incongruent with what he led his supporters to believe would be his approach to
foreign entanglements.

More war seems definitely on tap, perhaps triggered by a false flag event in the
near future, that will provide the new Commander In Chief a platform to change
the subject from any bad news his tumultuous beginning has created and rally
the nation behind a war-time president.

Stay tuned: more ugly news likely on the way!!

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