Tulsi Gabbard For President (Part 2)

La Costa, CA
December 9, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Why did President-elect Donald Trump invite Democratic Congresswoman Tulsi
Gabbard to meet with him in New York two weeks ago?

Is it just a coincidence that Gabbard subsequently introduced legislation that
opposes continued US backing for Syrian rebels?

Could it be that Trump has made a brilliant political move in support of his bold
assertions that the US will no longer be in the business of regime change and
intervention into the internal affairs of foreign governments?

These are important questions to reflect on during this interim period while the
Obama Administration finishes its term and facilitates the transition of a new team
under the leadership of Mr. Trump.

As Paul Craig Roberts has indicated, we have little choice at this point (unless
you are Jill Stein or Soros financed Social Justice Warriors) but to honor the
constitutional process that has resulted in victory for the New York tycoon.

I believe it is appropriate to grant him a honeymoon period as he attempts to form
an effective team that can implement his campaign promises and facilitate rapid
economic recovery for the nation during these tumultuous times.

Gabbard’s recent emergence as a strong voice for a sensible foreign policy in
contrast to the hawkish intonations of the Neocon infested Democratic Party led by
Hillary Clinton is a wonderful baby step in the right direction…….whether or not it
reflects an agreement with Trump to coordinate his America First policy of lowering
our global profile while working with the Russians and others in Syria.

One commentator thinks she would be a perfect fit as his Secretary of State:

The liberation of Aleppo in recent days that put a huge nail in the coffin of the Bush/Obama approach in the Middle East makes the timing of her proposed bill to stop CIA funding of terrorists quite helpful in support of Trump’s stated position.

All of this indicates that looking down the road, this brave Iraq War veteran and third term
House member is carving out a significant leadership position within her imploding party.

As I suggested months ago, her credentials make her an ideal candidate to head what
I previously labeled the American Peace Party and am now calling the American Populist
Party………the culmination of decades of disaffection and dramatic shifts in the body
politic……..that I predict will see a woman like her eventually make it to the Oval Office.
http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=57250 (http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=32281)

Not all commentators are comfortable with Tulsi’s current role:

Irrespective of that, I think it is fair to say we will likely see an effort to promote
“Tulsi Gabbard for President” in the not to distant future.

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