Richard Dolan For President!

San Marcos, CA
November 15, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Few people in public life have more intelligence, integrity and vision than
Richard Dolan.

For those who think Donald Trump tells it like it is, I invite you to spend
the next 13 minutes listening to this articulate, grounded and highly aware
political historian as he discusses the role of the US in today’s world with
special emphasis on the secrecy surrounding UFO’s.

Please scroll down and listen carefully. It is rare to hear someone who
speaks truth to power with such clarity, authority and lack of anger or
arrogance as this young man.

I first heard Richard address a UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada
about 14 years ago and was immediately impressed. I saw him as a
person with great potential and he has grown far more in stature than
I could have dreamed of in the intervening years.

Whether or not there are ET’s visiting our earth and whether or not
there is a secret space program funded by an immense black budget
that is kept hidden from the public and their representatives, we do
know that most of what passes for legitimate politics in today’s world
is nothing less than a charade, UN-reality TV with actors who dance
and spin to distract us from deeper truths and agendas that benefit
only a few.

What just transpired last week reinforces what I just said in spades.
Unless and until someone with the character, courage and knowledge
of a Rich Dolan, a Tulsi Gabbard or some other individual with similar
attributes, the future of our country is one of increasing tyranny and
the rapid loss of our freedoms.

Please listen to the video and please start organizing to install new
leaders who represent we the people in manner I describe below:

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