Roger Stone, Donald Trump and 9/11 Truth

Burlington, WA
September 11, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Roger Stone is one fascinating fellow!

We started on opposite ends of the political spectrum and
ended up in the same place.

I’m an old leftie (Nader Raider, civil liberties lawyer, anti-Viet
Nam warrior) who is now beyond Libertarian. He was a
die-hard Republican who now gets how there is really only
one war party with two wings.

I have been promoting the creation of a new political party for

Stone seems to be saying exactly the same thing on his new weekly
radio show.

Yesterday he stated that Trump should build on what he said about
9/11 during the primaries to dispatch Bush and the other losers and
promise to open a new investigation of the attack. (Listen for yourself
starting at around the 55 minute mark).

As you can see from what I wrote earlier today, Trump seems to
have moved away from a position of highest integrity to one that is
politically most expedient.

I am sending this missive to Stone urging him to have Trump call for
a fully funded and transparently honest investigation of 9/11………..
whether or not he wins the election.

Doing so may turn out to be Trump’s greatest contribution to America’s
future. It would hopefully end the cycle of endless wars that cost
so much of our national treasure in lives, money and good will as
well as allow space for addressing our many other problems.

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