Finding A Way To Keep The Faith

Custer, WA
September 9, 2016

by Rich Scheck

I may be quiet these days but I haven’t gone away. I am carefully watching events unfold
here at home and around the world while doing my best to keep the faith.

Many of the latest articles I’ve read at SOTN continue to resonate powerfully with the truth.

The one about Hillary as a lying lawyer is particularly apt for me since I hated being an
attorney because the truth seemed so unwelcome.

Folks may want to spend a few minutes looking at what Jerry Zeifman had to say about
Ms. Rodham and her work during the Nixon impeachment if you can find his book, Without Honor. Zeifman was Hillary’s boss on the House Judiciary Committee during Watergate and he documents that her public lying began early in her career.

The Ron Paul piece reminds me of what I wrote last year:
Obviously I agree with his views and remain impressed with his honesty and courage.

The over-all situation remains quite bleak from my perspective. Trump is clearly better than the totally corrupt Hillary. But his commitment to increasing military spending and fighting  the phony war against “radical Islam” is not encouraging since he fails to mention how we created ISIS and are responsible for the false flags that lead to endless wars.

So as Dr. Paul indicates, for the immediate future, the Deep State remains ascendant and the election is all but meaningless as Cold War II heats up:

The good news is that not everyone has given up and that the vision for a better future remains alive. Folks like Gerald Celente with his Occupy Peace and David Swanson with his World Beyond War are two examples of those forging ahead despite the high likelihood of more wars.

After 40+ years of doing my best to keep my sense of humor despite the horror show that is modern America, I have little hope of seeing major change in my lifetime. Maybe I’m wrong and the good guys will somehow prevail.

For now, I see little reason to be optimistic. Once the election is finally over, it will be easier to refocus and decide how best to proceed………if the nation remains salvageable by avoiding economic collapse and descent into chaos.

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