When a voter becomes accountable for the actions of the elected


We never hear it, but how very true it is. Who a voter votes for has consequences — all the way around. As in “what goes around, comes around.”

Do you get it?

The first time you voted for Barack Obama in 2008 he was a completely unknown commodity with virtually no legislative achievement. His voting record was one of the most liberal in the entire Congress; that is, when he chose to ‘exercise’ his obligation to vote for his constituents in either the IL statehouse or the US Senate. In all instances he presented the appearance of being a populist, progressive, liberal, left-leaning Democrat.

Now that he’s been president for going on four years, it is clear that he is anything but what he presented himself to be. By looking closely at all of his political appointees and cabinet appointments, his coddling of Wall Street and the Military-Industrial Complex, his constant and transparent war posture, it’s now clear that he grossly misrepresented himself. How do we make this categorical and indisputable statement?

Real Democrats don’t kill American citizens who have been not been tried and found guilty of capital crimes. Actually, even when such a verdict is legally handed down, real Democrats are quite reluctant to mete out capital punishment since it is often administered in a manner which is construed as cruel and inhumane punishment.

Families Sue Over U.S. Deaths In Yemen Drone Strikes

Real Democrats don’t murder woman and children and old men in cold blood, just because they happen to be in the way of bombs discharged by drones illegally flying over Pakistan or Afghanistan.
They just don’t do this kind of thing … … … EVER!  

Expanding CIA Drone Strikes Will Likely Mean More Dead Innocents

How Many Civilians Are Killed by U.S. Drones?

How much evidence do you need Mr. or Mrs Voter that your President is a cold-blooded murderer? The public record is now full of volumes of factual, cross-referenced information, much of it provided by highly credible sources and authoritative experts, which point directly to acts of cold-blooded murder in foreign lands approved and overseen by President Obama. As Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Services, Barack Obama has personally signed off on these regular drone-conducted murders.

Osama Bin Laden Killed by the US – Announced by President Obama Last Night

The preceding video announces the unlawful murder of a man who was NEVER indicted, tried, convicted or sentenced by any court in the world. And yet President Obama is somehow empowered by YOU, the American voter, to act as judge, jury and executioner in an extrajudicial case concocted by the Bush Administration and carried out by the Obama Administration. And then Obama and the highest officials in the White House watch the live assassination of Osama bin Laden by video as though they are proud of what is perhaps the lowest moment in these past four years.

Is that the message we want to send to our children — that it is okay to kill people anywhere, anytime on the basis of false information systematically rumored by the press after being planted by the Military-Industrial Complex?

The extrajudicial killing of Osama bin Laden being viewed on live video: Obama’s “historic moment”

So, there you have it. You — Mr. or Mrs. Democrat Voter — have now been put on notice, since you are reading this article. You can easily verify the various capital crimes committed by this sitting President, and therefore you can no longer claim ignorance of the President’s criminal actions. As a matter of fact, you know that the statement made in the beginning of this article is quite true, now that you have gotten this far.

If you have a conscience, surely you know that by voting for Barack Obama a second time you are now voting for a murderer. You are voting for an individual who thinks nothing of killing innocent men, women and children in foreign lands. Just as George W. Bush did during his two terms, and other Presidents have done during their terms in office.

With this understanding, you ought to be aware that when you vote for a murderer, you are supporting and condoning his policies. In so doing, you become an accomplice … you become a party to the crimes of murder and maiming innocent people — people who just happen(ed) to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Now this is where it gets very tricky: As one who has enabled such criminal behavior (that’s YOU the voter), you will also receive the karmic consequences of such cruel and atrocious actions. Be aware (and Beware) that there is no escaping the laws of karma in this regard. By casting your vote for a murderer, you will incur the corresponding karma associated with electing a known murderer. Be assured that this karma will follow you into future lifetimes.

Question: Is this what you really want? To be tainted with the murder of innocents? Do you really want the blood of purely innocent bystanders on your hands? Why would anyone ever want to sanction or bless or passively approve such egregious and inhumane behavior? Why? To help a candidate without a conscience win an election?

Please, do not try to justify your vote as a lesser of the two evils. This exposition is not in any way meant to encourage you to vote for his opponent.
It is only meant to impress upon you that your vote is charged with your own personal energy and intention. As you have now read twice, by voting for Obama you have knowingly and willingly chosen a murderer this second time in the presidential voting booth.
Therefore, by voting for a murderer you are empowering him to continue his killing spree. You are encouraging a serial murderer to continue his government-sponsored rampage of death. You are validating a policy which springs from an immoral, ‘democratic’ process. This deliberately engineered process rubber stamps a “We, The People” imprimatur (due to your vote) on a President-approved policy which routinely takes the lives of totally innocent bystanders in foreign lands.
Can we make the point any clearer?

Is this what you really want to happen, which will continue if you cast a vote for Barack Obama in November. Honestly, IS THIS WHAT YOU REALLY INTEND FOR — the murdering of innocents?!

If not, you had better do some quick thinking and re-consider exactly how you do intend to vote this November … that is, if you even want to vote at all.

Afghanistan: Officials claim NATO air strike kills women, kids at wedding party

Afghan villagers sit on the back of a vehicle carrying dead bodies of children who were killed by a NATO airstrike.

State of the Nation 2012
August 15, 2012

Author’s Note:
This piece is meant to be completely non-partisan in both content and tone. State of the Nation 2012 is an apolitical, unaligned group of free thinkers having no political affiliations whatsoever. Quite frankly, this commentary would have been written about any President who had perpetrated the same crimes as Barack Obama.
It is by no means a political advertisement for Mitt Romney. The Republican agenda has always been about war and the perpetual enrichment of the Military-Industrial Complex. One need only look at both Bushes, Reagan, Nixon et al.
However, to date, Republican Mitt Romney has not signed any unlawful and morally-bereft death warrants.
Nor has he been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of innocents around the globe who have been killed by American drones, CIA revolutionary activity, or illegal, undeclared US wars of aggression.
Barack Obama is guilty of all of these as the Commander-in-Chief and President of the United States of America. And because of his actions, many innocent people around the world have died horrible deaths.

Lastly, we just wonder — we really wonder — how you, dear reader, would feel if some foreign country started sending their lethal drones into the skies of the USA, picking off patriots as they saw fit.
Really, how would you feel?!
And what would you do about it?

© 2012 State of the Nation 2012
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