Republican Governors Control 7 Of 8 Swing States This November

And the 8th swing state is controlled by a very conservative Democrat.

Now that presents a very serious electoral challenge for Barack Obama, doesn’t it?

That Republican Governors control the electoral apparatus in the following seven swing states is very bad news indeed. Here are the seven states in order of the number of electoral votes at stake.

Florida – 27
Pennsylvania – 21
Ohio – 20
Michigan – 17
Virginia – 13
Wisconsin – 10
Iowa – 7

These seven states represent a total of 115 electoral votes. The governor of the eighth swing state — North Carolina — is currently a Democrat who is treading a very fine line in what is really a very Republican southern state at the moment.

In addition to this unfortunate fact of life for Obama, some of these states are in the midst of tightening up voter identification laws in preparation for November’s presidential election. Especially in those states where illegal aliens have demonstrated a history for casting fraudulent votes, are these legislative voting initiative moving full steam ahead. Again, not very good news considering the amount of ballot stuffing which would have been required for Obama to win any of these battleground states.

Why would anyone in an economically depressed state like Florida or Ohio or Michigan or Pennsylvania re-elect a president who plunged the nation into a deeper economic depression than the Bush years created? Why would unemployed voters vote against their own economic and financial interest?  

It is no accident that the eight primary swing states in 2012 each sit on the cusp of statewide fiscal crises. The four aforementioned states are particularly vulnerable to financial blight throughout some of their largest cities. Primarily because of Obama’s lack of any realistic response to the greatest recession since 1929 are many of these states in such bad shape. When this election cycle is over the news coming from each of them will be even worse; such is the spin from the mainstream media (MSM) which has suppressed much economic bad news over the term of this president. Likewise, the true financial conditions of many of the, heretofore, urban economic engines has also been significantly downplayed by the MSM arm of the Obama campaign.

Has anyone ever seen a US President so completely let off the hook for economic policy that was almost identical to Herbert Hoover’s? Both of these post stock market crash presidents made every wrong move possible, and the country suffered greatly because of it. In Hoover’s case, he was properly booted out by the electorate; in Obama’s case the establishment is doing everything possible to keep him in office. Go figure!

That’s just what we will do.

Here’s an article which very clearly breaks down the electoral calculus which will dictate the outcome in November.

Electoral Calculus Guarantees An Obama Defeat In November

Truly, with the exception of the Hispanic/Latino voters, there is very little wiggle room for the Obama campaign. Each one of the voting blocs discussed in this piece is angry — very angry at the current Obamanation, which includes Obamacare, Obamanomics, Obamawars, Obama’s relentless assault on social values and morality, Obama’s Fraudulent Birth Certificate, as well as the ongoing Obama deception concerning his entire past. Really, just how much smoke and mirrors can the American people really take.

Not very much more, given the discontent that is raging everywhere the economy shows no signs of turning around. After all, hasn’t that always been the operative catchphrase during every presidential election cycle — “It’s the economy, STUPID!”.

That’s not to say that the “economic state of the union” ought to always reign supreme in the decision process. Only that the electorate ought to never trust a leader who presided over the greatest redistribution of wealth from Main Street to Wall Street in US history. Why would anyone, save for a few fat cats on Wall Street, vote for a president who profoundly betrayed the citizenry? Especially when all the 2008 campaign promises have been flagrantly broken by this president must one sit back and contemplate the prospect of four more years of betrayal.
“Fool me once, shame on you… fool me twice, shame on me.”

The fact is that they won’t vote for this sitting president second time around. And it is up to those who can verify the exit polls that this presidential election is not stolen as W Bush stole his two presidential election victories.

Given that we are now approaching the home stretch of 2012, the stakes are simply too high to re-elect an individual who has completely flouted the rule of law, shredded the US Constitution, and served as the Commander-in-Chief for more wars of aggression and US state-sponsored terrorism than has occurred in any other 4 year term in recent presidential history.

State of the Nation 2012
August 15, 2012

[1] What follows is an unusually objective and sober analysis from the MSM regarding Obama’s actual prospects for re-election.
Swing States poll: Obama’s path to 2nd term an uphill climb

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