What Does Elizabeth Warren Have To Say About This?

Newbury Park, CA
March 22, 2016

by Rich Scheck

Folks supporting Bernie Sanders are passing around an e-mail
link from Elizabeth Warren that claims Donald Trump is a loser:

Besides the fact that Warren’s analysis is deeply flawed, her focus
on the potential horrors of a Trump presidency means she is blind
to the legacy of Hillary Clinton who has already done far more damage
to the country before reaching the White House than her potential
rival may ever do, if he wins the election.

Trump, a very successful businessman, may have a loser personality,
but is clearly a winner in conventional terms. Clinton, on the other
hand, has accomplished virtually nothing in her entire career accept
achieve celebrity status, mostly as a result of her husband.

For Warren to ignore this and waste her energy belittling Trump
shows not only her understandable partisanship but far worse, her
hypocrisy and complicity in the crimes of our national leaders.

The same is manifestly true for Bernie Sanders whose willingness to
criticize the messengers instead of the message regarding Hillary’s
e-mail scandal during the first debate demonstrated to all impartial
observers his unfitness to be Chief Executive of the United States.

For him to dismiss the legitimate concerns of journalists who want to
investigate the serious criminal implications of Hillary’s potential violations
of national security shows a comfort level with misconduct he might be
required to prosecute should he become president.

I am writing this following this morning’s explosions in Brussels, a
possible false flag event in Europe to justify further restrictions on
freedoms and another war on terror following the attack and “invasion”
of the continent by Arab refugees.

It is almost inevitable now that, in the wake of this latest tragedy and
the hysteria building everywhere, any open discussion of these
matters will soon end.

Trump teased those of us hoping for 9/11 Truth and a more sane
foreign policy at the start of his campaign. But his speech before
AIPAC yesterday and his response to today’s bombings makes clear
that he is “the same old, same old” type candidate, ready to go on the
offensive without being clear as to what really happened while assuming
it was “them” who are responsible, when it may be “us!”

Such is the reality of the present moment. A few have seen this pattern
unfolding for a long time and have articulated an alternative approach that
rejects the Clintons and Sanders, Bushes and Trumps for a hopefully more
enlightened road to the future………only to be ignored.

Shame on Elizabeth Warren for promoting non-sense instead of a
deeper level of responsibility.  Shame on those circulating such trivia
when the real culprits like Bush, Clinton and Obama go unmentioned.

And shame on all of us for failing to be eternally vigilant, allowing
such monsters to take over our once great nation and to do their evil
in our name!

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