Bad Guys Banks Being Gutted….FINALLY!


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Banking news is NOT good. HSBC surprised the market yesterday with a huge loss (again) and news of another investigation.

HSBC Posts 4th-Quarter Loss and Comes Under S.E.C. Scrutiny

“For the three months that ended Dec. 31, HSBC, Britain’s largest by assets, posted a loss of $1.33 billion, compared with a profit of $511 million in the fourth quarter of 2014. In addition to reporting its earnings, HSBC said that it and ‘multiple financial institutions’ were facing an investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

And today, one of the most EVIL of the Bad Guy banks and a serious player in the rigging of the silver and gold prices in Asia, Standard Chartered Bank, also posted a huge loss and announced more investigations.

Standard Chartered Makes It’s First Annual Loss Since 1989

“Standard Chartered has plunged to its first full-year loss since 1989, axed its final dividend and endured another turbulent day on the stock market, with its shares falling by more than 10% at one stage. Along with its results, the emerging markets focused bank revealed it is still being investigated for potential failings in its defences against financial crime.”


Now think to yourself…how could it be that at the end of 2015 EVERYONE was saying things were as good as they get and the banks had never been stronger?

Fast forward less than 2 months and it’s as if the Financial World is the complete opposite…a COMPLETE MESS!!

And they are reporting 2015 results…meaning THEY LIED at the end of last year!

With the new head of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve, Neel Kashkari coming out today trying to explain why the big banks need to be split apart you may wonder just how bad it is behind the scenes.

Kashkari Wants to Break Up The Big Banks

Oh, you remember Kashkari don’t you? The lead behind the TARP Program which was supposed to help the banks survive after the 2008 crash…the same banks that he now claims need to be broken up!

But why Kashkari? Just dig a layer deeper and you will find his Goldman Sach’s roots…roots? Hmmm. Love that word as it relates to the ORIGINAL Road to Roota Articles about Alan Greenspan’s original computer programs he invented to rig the markets.

RootA = Computer programming command in ‘BASIC” Invented by Greenspan’s childhood friend John Kemeny.

What’s this got to do with Kashkari?

HE WAS AN EXPERT COMPUTER QUANT AT GOLDMAN!!! Kashkari worked for NASA as a computer expert before working for Hank Paulson in the COMPUTER RIGGING DIVISION at Goldman. Kaskari was behind Goldman’s computer market rigging that has morphed into the absolute MESS it is today.

My Friends – it all fits together in a tight little package. The PLANNED take down of the global financial system is upon us – you just have to connect the dots to see it clearly.

May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

Bix Weir

PS – I outline computer market rigging in my 2nd book Chapter III. Here’s the first part of the chapter..

Chapter 3: Market Rigging

Me: Hi God. I’d like to talk about market rigging.

God: Ok. What about it?

Me: It seems so pervasive these days. Will there ever be a time when there are truly “free markets.”

God: That is up to you but there has never been a time when there were truly “free markets.”

Me: What do you mean?

God: There will always be people looking to game any set of rules. Looking for ways to get what they want without giving up something that has value to them. The moment a law is made there are those who try to get around the law. It is part of the system. Nothing is perfect so there is always room to improve.

Me: I understand that but market rigging today seems much different than market rigging in the past.

God: It does to you because you had not known about it before but it has always been present.

Me: But the introduction of computers and computer trading programs must have tipped the scales onto the side of those wanting to execute market manipulation.

God: Yes. That power is now in the hands of a few, and it is more than just rigging prices to make money. There is market manipulation to control supplies, to control demand, to control political agendas, to control currencies and to control where power is centralized. There are as many reasons to rig and control markets as there are stars in the sky.

Me: But how do they get away with it so easily?

God: They control the exchanges, the regulators, the politicians and the legal system.

Me: That seems like a very large control infrastructure. How did they get so many people to buy into this control apparatus?


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