UN ready to accuse Syria based on fabricated “circumstantial evidence”

The United Nations has been used by those who fund it to do their dirty work for decades.

Whoever pays the tab, tells the chef what to cook, yes?
In the current case of chemical weapons use in Syria, it’s quite obvious what the Western powers want the chef to prepare.
The entire investigative process has been hardwired from the get-go to deliver a conclusion that is consistent with the bogus and childish US narrative that Syria is guilty!

The Obama Administration knew this from the very start, which is why they have fought so darn hard for an indictment without even waiting for the evidence or UN Inspection Report.  They are perfectly aware of how the ‘evidence’ has been cooked from the very beginning.

Whoever pays the tab, tells the chef what to cook

Not only is the United Nations housed (and bugged) in New York City, the USA contributes a whopping 22% of total contributions.
And that’s out of 193 nations who are listed in the UN membership.
Actually, in 2013 the US only paid $618,481,182 (which represents 22% of $2,811,278,100 total UN contributions). That’s not really that much money for the amount of influence it buys.  Especially when you’re playing such a high stakes, geo-political game that basically carves up the globe like a monopoly board.

Isn’t this what the United Nations really does? Backs one group of nations and their corporate interests over another group or single nation.

Every single UN Security Council involvement since 1945 has been about supporting those who wield influence by way of financial contributions and military might. Were one to evaluate each military intervention which was backed by the UN over the past 65 plus years, one would only need to “follow the money”.

The Syrian false flag operation (sarin gas) is no different. It does require a lot of payola to pay off everyone who needs to be paid in order to keep the false narrative going. Nevertheless, in a war-torn country like Syria, takers are very easily found. Especially when it is a life or death decision depending on which side you choose to be on.

The UN has been a rubber stamp forever

It’s quite interesting to watch the various candidates be vetted for the position of UN Secretary-General. Whoever is supported by USA, UK, Germany, France and the other NATO nations is always a shoe-in. Whoever does not receive their backing simply has never made the cut.    

And so it is with the current Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. As the former foreign minister of South Korea, the USA guaranteed that he would be sympathetic to the interest of the Western powers. Truly, this choice was a slam dunk. And it has become manifest with each and every international incident that jumps off around the globe under his extremely weak leadership.

Ki-moon is perhaps the most transparent fix the USA et al. has ever pulled off for this critical position. Because of the number and intensity of serious international incidents that they were staking up, they (the USA et al.) could make no mistakes. After all, completely re-arranging the entire Middle East to control energy resources in this new millennium is no small task and could not suffer any failures.

The South Korean Ban Ki-moon fits the profile of the perfect sycophant, as South Korean politicians are virtually always the quintessential cheerleaders for all things American.  They know who butters their bread, and who protects them from an unstable and dangerous North Korea.  Enough said.

Just how many CIA-coordinated, color-coded revolutions have we witnessed in the Mideast since 9/11? The Arab Spring has literally become the Arab summer, fall and winter as well. It’s non-stop revolution and then counter-revolution when thing don’t go according to plan. Frankly, no one has ever seen anything like it, except back in WWII and before that with WWI.

World War III is happening right now …

They just don’t call it that. In a time when peace is war, and debt slavery is freedom, the global control matrix is extremely careful not to label anything as it truly is.

Which brings us back to the USA’s role in this Great Game, as it’s called. Since this nation is the military arm of the New World Order, it holds an extremely disproportionate amount of sway in world affairs.  So much sway that as a military juggernaut, it now runs on the philosophical fuel of ‘might makes right’.

This is exactly why Obama and company are able “to accuse Syria based on fabricated ‘circimstantial evidence'” and practically get away with it!

They have always gotten away with it in the past.  However, we live in interesting times which have seen a “turning of the tables”.  No matter how much John Kerry lies, he will never convince those who know the obvious truth of this matter.  Their problem now is that there are more of us than ever around the globe who do know the truth.

Putin calls Kerry a liar on Syria
— USA Today headline

John Kerry can't believe he just lold another WHOPPER!

John Kerry can’t believe he just lold another WHOPPER!

Michael Thomas
State of the Nation 2013
September 13, 2013

Primary reference for this article:
Exclusive: U.N. Report Will Point to Assad Regime in Massive Chemical Attack

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