Former Navy Pilot Exposes Truth About MH-370 Disappearance

Letter to Russian Ambassador also addresses the downing of MH-17

Dear Ambassador Grigory Logvinov,

My name if Field McConnell. I have on 3 occasions sent critical information to Government of Russia regarding 3 aircraft incidents in last 6 years that were not accidents as represented by the media. Those 3 incidents were Sukhoi Superjet 9 May 2012, Metrojet A321 over Sinai on 10-31-15 and the Tu-154M that went down on 12-25-16 on departure from Sochi RF destined for Syria. Now, in May 2018, I note with great interest how several countries are demonstrating behaviour that indicates they are aware the Truth of MH370 is about to be shared on the world stage. I am releasing a video documentary “WHERE DID MH370 GO” at a conference yet this year 2018.

On the 8th of March 2014, MH370 was electronically commandeered over BITOD intersection and initially re-routed to a coordinate set in proximity to the Petronas Towers in Kaula Lumpur. A brief time later it was commandeered by a second entity and redirected west-north-west south of the Malayasian land mass, then on towards Maldives where it turned to the south for eventual safe landing at FJGD at 0651 local.

Boeing Honeywell Uninterruptible Autopilot

Attention DPA, As covered by 21st Century Wire: The Case of Malaysia’s Missing Airliner MH370 — Part Two.

On Saturday, 22 March 2018, I was called by a representative of Malaysia’s government who asked if I had created the YouTube above which illustrates the BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT that I exposed in December 2010 to FBI, FAA, U S Navy Intelligence, Northwest Airlines and most significantly ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association). This is 27 months AFTER I had filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) titled FIELD MCCONNELL v. AIR LINE PILOTS ASSOCIATION.

When I responded to the question from Malaysia I explained that the You Tube had been made by my associate but that I stood behind all the information. When asked if I would be willing to travel to Malaysia and talk to 19 persons regarding the remote commandeering of MH370 I accepted. I traveled to Kaula Lumpur between 15-21 April 2014 but before traveling I advised my contact that I would tell them exactly how their B777 was remotely attacked. I commented further, in writing on 29 March 2014, that I would advise Malaysian officials regarding the BHUAP and the ATI which were then, and are today, illegal modifications to all “glass cockpit, fly-by-wire, FADEC equipped airliners worldwide. To establish this fact with time stamp proof simply search: [29 March + MH370 + second explosive event + NLT 1900 17 July 2014 + FIELD MCCONNELL] . Whereas I put this warning in writing on 29 March the event I predicted actually occurred about 1735 local time near Donetsk UK on predicted date.

It is my informed opinion that the previous Malaysia administration (Najib Razak), Australia and the Netherlands will increase their distribution of false and confusing information to the public through the mainstream media as spring turns to summer. As they present two false culprits, Russia and Ukraine, they will be hoping the Truth of MH370 will not be shared with the world. Their wish will not come true. The DocuDrama “WHERE DID MH370 GO” will make the truth available to the world.

To demonstrate my 6 year long history of support for the truth of aviation “murders for hire” I submit this video message I sent to President Putin in September of 2013:

9-16-2013 Letter to Putin from Field McConnell, U.S. Marine

9-19-2013 Good Evening Pravda and Russia Today, Response to John McCain: 19.09.2013 Senator John McCain: Russian…

In summary, to establish which country(ies) were behind MH-17, one can simply follow the CHAIN OF CUSTODY of the airframe that was destroyed at Donetsk on 17 July, 2014. Follow the custody from Donetsk back to Amsterdam, and from Amsterdam back to [redacted].

Very Respectfully,

Field McConnell
USMC 0116513


Statement by the Ambassador of Russia to Australia Grigory Logvinov

WEEKEND AUSTRALIAN MAY 26-27, 2018 • Page 2


* * * * * * * * *


Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City, WI, 54761


IN THE STATE OF WISCONSIN,            )    Case No. 15 FA 178

Pierce County                           )    AFFIDAVIT OF TRUTH

Peg Feurhelm, Clerk of Circuit Court     )    Date: 28th Day of June, 2016

1. I, Field McConnell, having firsthand knowledge of the facts stated herein, and being competent in mind and body to testify, declare and affirm that the facts stated herein are true, correct, and complete in all material fact, not misrepresented and made under the penalties of perjury of the laws of The uNITED STATES and The State of Wisconsin.

“Notice to Agent is Notice to Principal, Notice to Principal is Notice to Agent”

1. It has not been my intention to communicate further regarding Pierce County Wisconsin Case No. 15FA178 however as a result of continuing aggression and assault against me and my property and in continuing an informed violation of the international Commercial Lien/writ of restraint/cease and desist order, SEC tracer #2640220, certain recent events must be documented.

2. I had previously been “summoned” under duress and threat of loss of property to a corporate court with which I have declined to contract and to whose proceedings I do not consent.

3. The date that the court for profit had identified unilaterally was a date where I had previous commitment in legal proceedings in both United Kingdom and Massachusetts relating to my work as Global Operations Director of Abel Danger Private Intelligence Agency.

4. The Plaintiff in this fraudulent divorce proceeding has claimed ignorance of my duties as Global Operations Director for Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency. To help the Court understand the Truth I submit these 5 items of my efforts to enhance the safety of global travelers in time frame 4 December, 2006 until present day, 28 June, 2016. The Abel Danger Global Private Intelligence Agency will this day, 28 June, 2016, be posting a Threat Warning regarding an aviation threat to Hillary Clinton.

a) When Sukhoi Superjet was intentionally destroyed on 9 May, 2012 I explained it to Russia.

THURSDAY, MAY 17, 2012

McConnell/Sukhoi – Letter To Mikhail Pogosyan, General Director, Sukhoi Aircraft Company

Captain Field McConnell
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
United States of America

Mikhail Pogosyan, General Director
Sukhoi Aircraft Company
23B Polikarpov Street
Moscow , 125284, Russia


Colonel Nikolay V. Blednykh
Russian Embassy
2650 Wisconsin Ave., NW
Washington , DC 20007

13 May, 2012

Director Pogosyan,

My deepest sympathy for the loss of crew and passengers of the Superjet 100 in Indonesia.

I am a retired Delta Airlines pilot and retired USAF F4 and F16 pilot. I have 23,000 hours of incident free flying. I would like to speak with someone with authority to speak for Sukhoi and I would like to speak to the Sukhoi engineering/test pilot/safety personnel with a representative of the Russian Embassy in attendance.

My military career includes being deployed from NAS Keflavik in April, 1982 to intercept Soviet Bear and Badger bombers. My civilian career includes having a retired Bear pilot in my cockpit on a flight from TSE to SVO.

In addition to a 39 year flying career, I have also been an attentive student of aircraft crashes that involve both FADEC and Thales technologies. I feel strongly the the incident involving the Sukhoi Superjet bears the same ‘footprint’ as these incidents: Turkish 1951/AMS, Speedbird 38/LHR, Adam Air 574/Indonesia, Kenya 507/Cameroon, Air France 447/Atlantic, CF18/Lethbridge, Canada and F18/Oceana, Virginia.

If Sukhoi and the Russia Embassy see merit in my becoming a ‘demonstration pilot’ for Sukhoi internationally and especially in North America and Eurasia I would be most happy to prove to the world that your products are safe, efficient and reliable. I have included a link to a demonstration of the world’s lowest jet-jet air refueling at bottom of page.

My flying background speaks for itself. More importantly is the true history that on March 2, 2007 I was forced to retire early from Delta ( then Northwest ) after I relayed safety sensitive information to FBI, FAA, Northwest Airlines and NoRAD. The safety information includes specific illegal modifications to Boeing/Airbus glass cockpit and FADEC/Thales equipped aircraft. I next flew in Kazakhstan for 18 months with copilots who were Kazakh or Russian. I have 3750 hours in command of A319/20/21 aircraft in addition to type ratings in CV580, DC9, DC10 and A330 aircraft.
The Chief Pilot of the Astana Pilot Base is Captain Sergei Alexandrovich and he administered my last line check during my 18 months flying in Kazakhstan. If you contact him he can attest to 3 significant issues:

1) My being the first Air Astana pilot to score 100% on the English proficiency
2) My saving an A320 from being destroyed on 13 December, 2008
3) My productivity and teamwork in that on my last day of flying for Air Astana I completed 5 segments when the current ‘agreement’ was 2 segments maximum per duty day.

In the United States some military pilots are becoming aware of some issues that I have raised in three federal lawsuits. Had those lawsuits been responded to appropriately, the Speedbird 38, Turkish 1951, Air France 447, CF18 and F18 incidents may well have been prevented.

I look forward to your response and am free to travel ( at no cost ) MSP-JFK-SVO or to Washington DC or any other major city in North America if your aircraft company, and Russia, see merit and value in having a person with my background demonstrating the quality and performance of the Sukhoi Superjet.

Best Regards,

Field McConnell
Retired Captain/Delta
Retired Lt. Col/USAF
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761
+001 715 307 8222

b) When MH370 was remotely commandeered on 8 March 2012 Abel Danger published a YouTube video explaining how the aircraft was remotely controlled. The title of the video is BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTO PILOT. When Malaysians interested in finding their jet saw our video I was contacted by representatives of Malaysian government and MAS – the airline – and asked to travel to Kuala Lumpur to explain the remote capture face to face. I traveled there and explained it to them:

—–Original Message—–


To: redact

Sent: Mon, Apr 21, 2014 7:35 pm
Subject: Re: Urgent – Latest On MH 370

Thanks so much for the update. I sure appreciate it. Whenever he ( Field McConnell ) can come on will be great. I’ll have my producer contact Field. Thanks for all you do. Joyce.

On Apr 21, 2014, at 10:05 PM, wrote:


It appears that Matthias Chang is incredibly busy but will contact you as soon as possible. He suggests that maybe you should interview Field McConnell first? Matthias and Field met together for a number of days until late night Saturday so Matthias has had little time to recover from the intense late night meetings each day.  Matthias tells me that he believes they will discover what happened to the plane because he is getting an incredible response from the public in helping to uncover the truth. He believes a whistle blower will come forward with the evidence! We just need to keep getting the word out and letting people know that they can contact Matthias at his website.
Thanks for your help,

Prior to traveling to Kuala Lumpur on 15 April, 2014 I advised Malaysia and MAS, in writing, on 29 March, 2014 that if they failed to expose BUAP and ATI they should expect a “second explosive event” no later than 1900 17 July, 2014. It occurred on 17 July, 2014 when MH17 was intentionally destroyed over Ukraine.

c) [Head of a major international airline has turned whistleblower on the MH370 government cover-up by criticizing the Australian government-led mission to locate the Malaysia Airlines flight and passengers and by throwing doubt on the entire official story. He believes the Boeing 777 was always under control but that officials have not been transparent about the whereabouts of it or its 239 passengers. 

Emirates Airlines head Tim Clark has thrown doubt on the official line that the aircraft carrying 239 people when it disappeared in March, flew south on autopilot for five hours until it ran out of fuel and plummeted into the water.]

Attention CEO Tim Clark,

If you truly wish to unravel how MH370 arrived at FJDG at 0651 KL time I am willing to meet you in New York, Washington DC, Dubai or London to explain it to you face to face. On 9 March, the day after MH370 landed at FJDG Abel Danger Global Intel published a YouTube explaining MH370 [ boeing uninterruptible autopilot ] On March 29 I published a prediction to MAS that it may suffer another explosive event in the interim between the day of the warning and 1900, 17 July.  I was asked to go to Malaysia and explain it to government and MAS personnel and I traveled from Minneapolis to Kuala Lumpur 15 April to 21 April.  On 17 July I hosted a dinner at VINO IN THE VALLEY to celebrate VICTORY.   MH17 went down in Ukraine 17 July just hours before our VICTORY PARTY.  In June you, CEO Clark, solicited the public for information relating to MH370.  Abel Danger answered you, directly, with a YouTube entitled [ Attention: Tim Clark of Emirates – Five Critical Questions – QRS11 – Honeywell Embedded BHUAP ] On 2 October I posted a THREAT WINDOW for date range 02Oct14 to 1411 hours, 14-11-14. It is specific to A330-340-380 aircraft.  Airbus Widebodies whose registration numbers do not begin with N or C are at risk. I will be sending a 66 page document to you Mr. Clark. Your global email addresses will receive it today by HIGH NOON, central time US. I am willing to meet you and your team anytime after 10/22 and before 1411, 14-11-14.  If we do not meet and an Airbus Widebody goes down I will be making a “simulator video” to show the world what happened to MH370, MH17 and Sukhoi Superjet demo flight in Indonesia, May 2012.

I filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in September, 2008 and it was subject of an AGGRAVATED FRAUD UPON THE COURT and dismissed in January, 2011.  I will be refiling the case SOMEDAY SOON, feel free to join the suit.

Field McConnell
41 years of ATP safety
+001 715 307 8222

d) When the Russian A321 was intentionally destroyed on 31 October, 2015 I was asked to be on a live radio show broadcast from UK to explain the destruction of the Metrojet Airliner over Sinai. I went on and explained it.

Hi Field! I hope you’re well! Field, can you come on with me for 40 minutes today, Monday, at 4.10PM Eastern time? About the Russian plane crash?? It has false flag written all over it I believe. Can we Skype at that time?

Richie Allen

e) In what I believe was an assassination attempt on Donald Trump 3 February, 2016, FADEC appears to have played a part in the event that occurred on Trumps B757 causing it to divert into Nashville TN.

—– Forwarded Message —–

From: Field Mcconnell

To: “”; “” generalredact

Cc: “”; Michael Huerta; “”; Suzanne Lynn Kalfus ; Field McConnell

Sent: Thursday, February 4, 2016 12:14 PM

Subject: Remote control engine trouble

Donald J Trump Jr.:

On 31 July, 2015 at Blackbushe Airport in UK the bin Laden family members traveling to testify ( regards 9/11 and Osama bin Laden ) were killed in a Phenom 300 with an apparent combination of FADEC and BUAP remote manipulations. I am a 40+ year airline pilot who reported these illegal modifications to FAA and FBI on 10Dec06.

I filed Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) in Washington DC District Court in September, 2008. It was dismissed in a FRAUD UPON THE COURT on 19 January, 2011 because it leads to 9/11 Truth.

Field McConnell
715 307 8222

CC: FAA Administrator Huerta who is well aware;  ALPA Attorney Suzanne Kalfus who is well aware

5. The loss of property referred to in #2 above that would result is $772,500 plus all additional expenses associated with this, my defense to this action as listed in other Affidavits of Truth including that dated 1-21-2016 regarding Pierce County Case 15FA178 which I believe should be dismissed for lack of jurisdiction and in conflict with Cease and Desist Order included in SEC tracer #2640220 which was delivered to Alison McConnell and her counsel of record, on 10 November, 2015 and hand delivered to Pierce County Clerk of Court Jamie Feuerhelm – at 1547 hours on Tuesday, 1 December 2015.

6. I am now filing with Pierce County Court on 28 June, 2016 a dismissal letter from me, field mcconnell, which will list 19 July, 2016 as the day for any rebuttal by Pierce County Court or, according to Commercial Law, all statements in this Affidavit of 28 June, 2016 will become legal facts in Law. Any written rebuttals need to be submitted via certified mail addressed to “field mcconnell”, P O Box 9, Plum City WI 54761 and must be signed by a responsible person who will then be considered in violation of SEC Tracer #2640220 which I delivered to Pierce County Court and the Rodli Law firm on 10 November, 2015.


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Hear ye, Hear ye, Hear ye. I am the Natural Man, and I am calling out your soul to hold you accountable for the many crimes you may have committed against me.

If you are registered with the British Accreditation Registry, you may be committing treason, if you are working as a Public Servant in the united States of America, by way of the original 13th Amendment.

In 1871, the corporation known as the UNITED STATES was created, and a new constitution was drafted which was almost identical to the Republic or Organic Constitution. The original 13th Amendment was deliberately omitted, and was replaced with what we now commonly know of as being the 13th Amendment, which should actually be the 14th Amendment.

The original 13th Amendment was fraudulently omitted, without full disclosure, without being voted on, and therefor is legitimately still in place.

We the People are tired of having our God given Imprescriptible Rights violated by a secret society based in London (a foreign country), through any of its Temples, and we are now in the process of taking our country back.
Abraham Lincoln may have vacated the Republic in 1860 by becoming President and violating the original 13th Amendment, since he was a member of the London Lawyers Guild, which is related to the British Crown Templars, who are over the Middle Temple that controls the American BAR (British Accreditation Registry) Association. That in no way means all Americans vacated the Republic of the united States of America (no, that is not a typo).

There is now a duality of citizenship in this country, pursuant to Erie Railroad v Tompkins, 304 US 64. I have a right to be aligned with the Statutory De facto Democracy, if I have a desire to, which I do not. I also have a right to be aligned with the Lawful De jure Republic, if I so choose, and that is where my loyalties are. I am a Natural Born Man, Sovereign in the Republic, bound to support our Common Law (Organic) Constitution with the Bill of Rights, which is the Supreme Law of the Land, as our Founding Fathers intended for us to be, Citizens of one of the several states, not a citizen of a mass of corporations known as the United States, United States of America, US, U.S., U.S. Inc., or a variety of other corporate names.

I, refuse to contract with anyone who is registered with the BAR (British Accreditation Registry). I refuse to be a willing participant in any of their activities of treason, tyranny, and/or tontine, and/or ponzi schemes .If I am made to do so Under Duress, I will Reserve All My God Given Imprescriptible Rights, Under Duress or Under Protest, Without Prejudice, At Arms Length, Non-Assumpsit. UCC 1-207, UCC 1-308, UCC 1-103.6. I will Reserve my Right to file and serve Criminal Complaints, file Liens, Claims, and Bills of Exchange, including Salvage Liens (a Maritime Law), as Remedy for any Rights Violations I am made to endure, including, but not limited to unjustly claiming Jurisdiction over me.
Signed on the right side, as I am the creditor: field mcconnell

Before me, ______________________________, a Notary Public duly authorized by the State of Wisconsin personally appeared field mcconnell who has Sworn and Subscribed in my presence, the foregoing document, on this ___________ day of _____, in the year of my Lord, 2016.

Notary Public

8. I, field mcconnell, recognize that the “United States” is a federation of actual nation-states. The states of the land not the federal “government” are the actual sovereign nations. You receive your nationality at birth as a Nevadan, Californian, Virginian, etc. Your nationality and your sovereignty cannot be taken away from you or changed unless you willfully throw it away. The Founders knew this and protected your nationality. The Naturalization Act of 1802, Seventh Congress, Session 1, Chapter 28, Sections 1-4, April 14, 1802 sets forth the exact requirements necessary for anyone born in an American state to become a United States Citizen. Period. While the “United States” has always allowed Dual Citizenship— that is, has allowed its “Citizens” to claim both State and Federal Citizenship at the same time, the States of the Union make no such allowance. From the standpoint of the organic states, you are either out or you are in. I, field mcconnell, have made up my mind whether that I am a man standing on my native land. Most of us will agree that we are Virginians standing on the land of Virginia or Wisconsinites standing on the land of Wisconsin, and all of us can ask for proof that we ever completed the steps necessary to become United States Citizens? From the standpoint of the States of the Union, no such steps have been taken and no such “United States Citizenship” can be presumed absent such knowing and public declaration and action. Also from the standpoint of the States of the Union no such thing as a “citizen of the United States” exists — This purely corporate political status was created by the 14th Amendment of the Corporate Charter of the United States of America, Inc. deceptively calling itself the “Constitution of the United States of America” and has nothing to do with us and our nationality. I, field mcconnell, know this and give Judicial Notice along with an Affidavit affirming thatmy nativity occurred on the land and I. field mcconnell, demand to see any proof otherwise demonstrating that I completed the steps required by the Naturalization Act of 1802. No such evidence exists and USDOJ or Corporate Courts cannot produce it. Their claim after-the-fact that I agreed to become a corporate slave for them doesn’t hold any water. And my Mother’s unknowing signature on an Application for a Birth Certificate doesn’t either. I grasp of I am and how to prove and assert it, I am prepared to lodge further objections with the court and this is where the Glossa Judicial Notice and Order comes in. Ever heard anyone use the expression, “Put a gloss on it”—-? It’s a slang expression meaning to “sugar coat or otherwise apply a mask or other deliberate obfuscation of identity or fact”. That’s what the use of Glossa promotes— a form of knowing misrepresentation of fact calculated to promote personage being practiced by attorneys to hide the identity of both plaintiffs and defendants. It is unlawful and illegal for any organization promoting itself as a “court” to use Glossa or any other form of knowing misrepresentation. So either the “court” has to admit it is a crime syndicate and a fraud, or it has to stop using Glossa and clearly identify the plaintiffs and defendants. There are two reference books called similar names — One is the Chicago Manuel of Style, a popular style guide used widely by newspapers and other publications to provide uniform guidelines and standards for reporters and other writers; it is a large reference book similar to a dictionary or thesaurus. The other is The Chicago Manuel of Styles, with an “s” which is a much smaller and more limited publication the size of a larger format paperback book, that deals with the subject of “styles” or “stiles”(British) exclusively. The most recent edition I can find is 1948, though there may be more recent editions. Both of these publications adequately explain what the Glossa is, as does Black’s Law Dictionary. The earlier versions of the American Bar Association guides to legal style and usage also plainly state that the use of all capital letters denotes either a corporation or a dead man’s estate. I, field mcconnell, am not deceased and I am a free man not a corporation. The use of Glossa goes back to Roman times, when the use of all capital letters was used to denote the name of a slave—-so there is no excuse for anyone pretending that the use of Glossa is meaningless and no reason for anyone to scoff at your objections to its use with respect to your good name. I am not a slave; I am a free man born of God. The authority for my Order is Article X of the actual Constitution, which the rats also adopted in their failed attempt to enclose and privatize our Organic Law— the “undelegated powers” of the states and the people in the international jurisdiction of the sea. There is no delegation of power granted to Congress to create any corporate “persons” and name them after us — which is an act of attempted identity theft and a trespass upon our private property— nor was Congress ever enabled to use Glossa to denote corporations, estates or other corporate entities in any venue affecting us. Our Public Law requires all corporations to be clearly identified by suffixes attached to the name of the corporation, such as “John Deere, Incorporated.” or “Hiram Walker, LLC”. This is required as a protection against exactly the kind of personage and barratry and other legal chicanery that has been practiced upon the innocent American People. In this Affidavit I am issuing Judicial Notice that there is no evidence that Congress was ever empowered to name corporate persons after living American State Nationals, nor is there any provision for Congress to require or even request registration of any child born on American soil — which is a repugnant and internationally forbidden activity resulting in involuntary servitude, press-ganging, and enslavement outlawed throughout the world since 1926. Any claim that a private contract can overcome the Public Law of this country or the International Law as a whole is in their favorite word, “frivolous”; while anyone might enter into such a contract, the contract itself is unlawful and null and void from inception. This is the basis of my election of revocation from the IRS system which the IRS accepted from me on 26 May, 2015. Every “court” public and private operating on American soil is required to take Judicial Notice and stop accepting claims using GLOSSA. Both the plaintiffs and defendants must be clearly, explicitly identified. I have the right under Article X of the actual Constitution and under the provisions of The Wisconsin Statehood Compact to require this correction and I have done so. If USDOJ or Pierce County Court, both corporations, want to argue that they are dry docked on American soil and acting under treaty, they had better start obeying the treaties they owe me, field mcconnell, including the Treaty of Ghent 1814 and start operating exclusively within their proper jurisdiction. When they trespass onto my jurisdiction and address my people under false presumptions they have to answer to me and my directives. It might appear that the wording of my Order is awkward and that the subjects and verbs mismatch. This is because the Order is stated in Legalese. It prohibits–separately– both the conventions using Glossa and the Glossa (NAME) itself—- both the deed and the word. This may seem a fine distinction, but it is necessary to prevent any additional fudging and chicanery. The judges and lawyers reading it will grasp the meaning and implications readily enough. The Order has been forwarded via Registered Mail to the Hague and also via email to the Office of the Special Prosecutor. These outrages will not be allowed to continue in any event, but you can all assist by calling these courts and their personnel on the carpet. When they trespass on you and your name and address mail or anything else to you using Glossa— feel free to stomp them flat with objections they cannot answer. I, field mcconnell, understand it is impossible to be “in contempt of court” with respect to a court that has no jurisdiction related to you. When they operate in disrespect of the actual Constitution and our Public Law, they are owed no treaty. This is the reason I clearly state that PIERCE COUNTY COURT and the RODLI LAW FIRM have no jurisdiction over me, field mcconnell, and I DEMAND Civil Case 15 FA 178 be dismissed immediately.

9. The Rodli Law Firm has continued to threaten me with loss of property if I do not consent to their unlawful inequitable contract created with lack of jurisdiction. They are now acting as an ally of the Internal Revenue Service from which I revoked my election on 22 May 2015 and which has not been rebutted by IRS Commissioner John Koskinen doing business at the IRS HQ located at City View Plaza II Bldg., 48 Carr 165 km.1.2, Guaynabo, PR 00968-8000 . The fact that Rodli Law Firm is conspiring with IRS now invokes RICO trebling of damages resulting in a claim now, by field mcconnell, against Rodli Law Firm for $2,317,500 plus expenses, to be paid, or rebutted, by 1600 central, Tuesday, 19 July, 2016 at which time they will become facts according to commercial law which applies to mortgages.

10. I, field mcconnell, had previous travel plans to be in United Kingdom and Massachusetts in time frame 04 March 2016 to 27 March 2016 as evidenced by Delta Airlines PNR # GIN7TN and GIHYBV. These plans were amended on 4 March 2016 when I became aware of a need to put new dead bolts on my home as property was being removed. Parties removing property are known to me and have been communicated with. The property has not been returned and any property now in the house which is not mine will not be removed by 19 July, 2016, if Rodli Law doesn’t have an honest and lawful, LAWFUL, rebuttal submitted via Certified mail to me with a signature of an agent at Rodli who shall be named on the SEC Tracer #2640220 that they would then be in violation of as they have previously been advised.

11. In a lack of disclosure Rodli Law Firm and attorney Danny Murray have not identified the shareholders of the corporation called “Pierce County Wisconsin”. This disclosure is demanded NLT 1600 19 July, 2016. Please note that I have not listed Pierce County or Pierce County Court as participants in this lack of discovery regarding the names of the shareholders in the corporation called “Pierce County Wisconsin” and there is a very good reason why they are not listed.

12. As a Human Living Being free upon the land I have removed myself from any corporate entanglement with Pierce County, the franchise of Wisconsin, and the corporation headquartered in Puerto Rico known as the Internal Revenue Service, which is a foreign owned corporation operating at time in collusion with BAR registrants who are, in fact, foreign agents.

13. To Keith Rodli, Leo Beskar, Maxfield Neuhaus, Danny Murray, Kenneth Pletcher, Stuart Krueger, Gwen Kuchevar, Catherine Munkittrick and Kelly J. Hetrick I ask the question, under oath, WHO ARE THE SHAREHOLDERS OF THE CORPORATION of PIERCE COUNTY WISCONSIN. I ask this because you are involved in a RICO action against myself, “field mcconnell”.

14. The unrebutted January 21, 2016 Affidavit of Truth, previously sent to all listed parties, has been established as truth in commerce and in court as a matter of fact.

15. Does Rodli Law Firm have an interest in the Internal Revenue Service from which I revoked my election on 22 May, 2015? If not, why did your attorney Dan Murray write, on 1 March, 2016, on Rodli Letterhead this paragraph, ver batim: That the marital home be sold, as well as the personal property items on the attached list. That after the bank loan is paid, that the remaining funds be paid equally to each party.
However, Mr. McConnell shall be responsible for the current IRS tax obligation and shall not receive any payments from the sale of the home or personal property until the IRS obligation is fully satisfied
 If not rebutted by Rodli Law AND Attorney Danny Murray by 1600 pm Tuesday, July 19, 2016 lawful evidence to the contrary, this affidavit is at law evidence of the statements made herein. Failure to present evidence to the contrary of the Affiant’s testimony will be evidence that all parties stipulate to the facts herein as true, correct, complete to qualify and quantify the genuine Facts(s) to this matter which establishes the grounds for the dismissal of the fraud laden Case 15 FA 178

16. I believe that the Plaintiff is Case 15 FA 178 is an unwitting victim of Fraud by Rodli Law and Danny Murray. As a free man and gentleman I stand behind my offer of a mediated settlement according to the terms delivered to her on 3 December, 2015 when I gave her checks totaling $26,400 and asked her to tell me where the $6533 wrongfully taken from my checking account #368 307 at Waumandee State Bank went. She, the unwitting victim of legal malpractice and fraud, has not accepted my offer and has only until 1530, 19 July, 2016 to do so IN WRITING and with a Notary Seal, or she will have exhausted my good nature and sense of fairness. She, the unwitting victim, knew fully well that the property purchased in time frame 19 May, 2010 to 30 June, 2015 was purchased with Trust Assets delivered to myself, field mcconnell, and my four natural children in his Trust administered by USAA.

17. At that time I will communicate in writing two significant facts the unwitting plaintiff has been dishonest regarding her communications with both the BAR registrant Danny Murray and my four natural children.

18. Under Wisconsin statutes a divorced person cannot remarry for 6 months.

19. Unwitting plaintiff filed for divorce on 10 November, 2015, I granted it on 3 December, 2015 and on 15 June, 2016 I became married to Denise Irene (Clarke) McConnell who is now due, and will be conveyed, all benefits that the unwitting plaintiff enjoyed during the tenure of our marriage.

20. In summary, I have been involved globally in the exposure of Treasons, and murders, and if the unwitting plaintiff wished to be ignorant of my work that clearly was an option. However, the USDoJ and Pierce County Court are not lawfully advised of my work and my status. My work has involved exposing B H Obama as Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 who was an Indonesian Muslim. My work has discovered that my sibling Kristine Marcy gave Obama a fraudulent U S Passport in 1994. My work has included a videotaped speech on 15 May, 2016 where I clearly define crimes of murder and treason by both Hillary Clinton and George H. W. Bush.

Submitted, on this 27th day of June, 2016

Field McConnell
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We, the undersigned, witness this 28th day of June, 2016, that the one known to us to be Field McConnell, did personally appear before us in Pepin County, State of Wisconsin, and upon affirmation execute and affix the above signature.

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Letter to Russian Ambassador also addresses the downing of MH-17

Letter to Russian Ambassador also addresses the downing of MH-17

Former @USNavy Pilot Exposes Truth About #MH370 Disappearance

9-16-2013 Letter to Putin from Field McConnell, U.S. Marine



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