American Exceptionalism Takes A Beating

Palo Alto, CA
May 17, 2018

Mashhad, Iran: Push Back Against Trump Bullying and American Hegemony

by Rich Scheck

The combination of US withdrawal from the JCPOA (Iran nuke deal) with the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem and the slaughter of Palestinians by the IDF had many in the West upset at the prospects for progress in the Middle East.

But the good news is that these moves have produced strong initial resistance from the EU as well as some degree of unity among Arab leaders in Turkey, Saudi Arabia and elsewhere.

The push back against the bullying ways of Haley, Bolton and The Donald is perhaps strongest in Iran where the annual New Horizons Conference has seen an outpouring of positive responses from a variety of international leaders who gathered to discuss current events in Mashhad.

Reports from both Phil Giraldi and Kevin Barrett leave much room for optimism as can be readily gleaned by a perusal of their statements below. Also present at the event was Sander Hicks, a New York Democrat running for Congress.

For those of us who are tired of the US quest for Pax Americana disguised as regime change to promote human rights and justified by bogus claims of American Exceptionalism, these developments are refreshing.

But as Giraldi cautions, it is not clear if the banks, corporations and leaders affected by these decisions will be able to withstand the pressure sure to come in the full court press for compliance by team Trump.

We will have to watch closely as events unfold to see whether a positive scenario will prevail, hopefully including the end of an Israel First foreign policy and the implementation of a multi-polar approach that might create peace for the region and the world.


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