PROXY WAR: Trump administration won’t abandon regime change in Syria

Rohnert Park, CA
April 24, 2018

Did President Trump Manipulate Rand Paul Into Supporting Pompeo for Secretary of State?

by Rich Scheck

An analysis of the following two articles provides strong evidence that President Trump manipulated Senator Paul into changing his vote for Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State:

As argued by Finian Cunningham, Trump remains firmly committed to regime change in Syria as part of his anti-Iran policies. Subcontracting the dirty work is a cynical ploy to fool well-meaning folks like Paul who expressed strong reservations about the nomination of the CIA Chief.

Getting the Saudis, Egypt and other Arab nations to provide troops to replace American forces does not constitute a change in policy so much as a change in tactics.  Disengagement is not the real agenda even if it might appear so to those looking for a few crumbs to tell their supporters.

Vietnamization failed in Southeast Asia over 40 years ago. A quick peek at Afghanistan tells us all we need to know about how that has turned out almost two decades after our invasion of that beleaguered nation where training local forces has proven inadequate to stop the Taliban.

Rand Paul was either too trusting or naive to accept the president’s promises. Every indication other than what is said for public consumption demonstrates that escalation is the true agenda including rejection of the efforts by Russia, Turkey and Iran to secure the peace.

It will become very clear in the course of time whether the junior Senator from Kentucky was snookered or whether I am being too pessimistic in my evaluation of the situation. But the emergence of a war cabinet with the likes of Bolton and Pompeo along with the president’s strong commitment to Israel and Saudi Arabia indicates the triumph of the Netanyahu/Kushner/MbS/Adelson Alliance for regime change in Syria to bolster the Greater Israel agenda.

The policy is clear: reliance on the use of force to achieve their goals. Lying, propaganda, false flags and duplicity are employed to continue the same failed approach relied on by Bush and Obama as endorsed by Hillary Clinton and the Neocons. Even Trump’s best pal, Roger Stone, sees that course of action as a mistake:

Rather than being merely a mistake, I would argue these actions are war crimes in violation of international law as condemned by the Nuremberg trials that outlawed wars of aggression.

Yet the question remains: what can stop this unending process of perpetual war for perpetual peace?

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