American Intelligence Media Organizes Cyber Research Teams

Patritos for Truth


Let’s get organized into search teams.

Thanks to all of you who have started digging through the SES and SERCO documents. As more documents are added and more of you want to join our efforts, we have organized our efforts so we know who is doing what.

The Geologists

The geologists are experienced internet researchers who know how to locate documents, especially those that have been obscured by the enemy as they hide their evil plans and ongoing crimes deep in the digital battlefield. Like geologists in the mining industry, they analyze layers and layers of content to find the seams that yield high results of indictable evidence.

Geologists aren’t looking for day-to-day videos and articles, they are looking for solid evidence that can be added to our crimeline that can be used to indict criminals.

Download, study and share the “Crimeline” widely

The Miners

Once the motherlodes have been identified by the geologists and are posted in files for patriots to review, miners begin to go through them, looking for indictable evidence. This is a big job, patriots, and we need help going through these files. For those of you who have asked “How can I help?” this would be a great place to start.

BLOCKBUSTER Folder with SES documents

Alternative site with SES documents (same contents)

SERCO Document File


The smithies hammer the material into a presentable shape. This could be in the form of articles, memes, videos, tweets, etc. Once evidence is found by the miners, it doesn’t mean it will have a nice form and luster that will appeal to readers and viewers. Like precious stones, information must be cleaned and cut in order to be presentable to the truth consumer.

Smithies are content creators that regularly contribute to the American Intelligence Media and other platforms. Our daily pages, like many aggregators, rely on the incredible job smithies offer the community.

The Jewelers

jewel iconThese are the “store fronts” that present the articles, videos, and other materials in organized web and blog pages, posts, and tweets that make it easy for readers to consume the day’s intelligence from a variety of smithies. Jewelers pay particular attention in making their platforms easy to share among a wide variety of social media platforms. They may host their own original work as smithies, but also highlight other jewels in their store.

Here is an example of how it all comes together…..

Miner Gunn reports:

I was diggin in archives for Q crumbs and found this which many Americans are aware of but what was it about the Green Hilton Agreement signed by JFK (others) that would make it the VERY FIRST THING JOHNSON DID AFTER BEING SWORN IN WAS CANCEL IT? WAS IT IMPORTANT ENOUGH TO HAVE HIM ASSASSINATED?
Thank You ALL
Going digging in the serco files now.

Hopefully Miner Gunn’s ‘find’ will help others who are working on content about the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, JFK, and its relevancy today with the people’s overthrow of the central banking system cabal. Make sure to subscribe to the site so that these finds are archived in your email box.


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