Coordinated Deep State Plan For WWIII

Thousand Oaks, CA
March 15, 2018

by Rich Scheck

For those who think Trump is focused on bringing down the Deep State, a wake-up call is imminent!  Despite his campaign pledge to avoid foreign entanglements and regime change interventions so typical of his Globalist predecessors, the president is leading the charge in a coordinated effort almost guaranteed to make the already virtual WWIII much worse.

The latest escalation has been triggered in the UK with the poisoning of a former Russian spy. But that is a small part of a long build up to Cold War 2 that might easily morph into something far worse and far hotter.

The unceasing demonization of all things Russian including President Putin has been going on for years. It showed up in the Romney campaign in 2012 when he labeled Russia the enemy. We saw it in spades in 2016 when Hillary called Putin “the new Hitler!”

Our overly aggressive policies in Syria, Ukraine and elsewhere have not only failed but have triggered enormous resistance from those with different national interests who obviously resent being dictated to by those believing in American Exceptionalism.

Prime Minister May in the UK and Bibi Netanyahu in Israel are coordinating their actions knowing Trump has their back in the latest rounds of Gun-Boat Diplomacy and Imperial over-reach.

Relying on his populist rhetoric to capture the White House, the new president showed his true colors early on. His cabinet and administrative appointments were dominated by Wall Street and Globalists, most with a commitment to support the New World Order which implies putting Israel First.

The sucking up to Saudi Arabia, even after the 28 pages linked it to the 9/11 attacks and while it was ruthlessly bombing poor Yemen, was a major clue to the real agenda. Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem is another.

So despite his pledges and seeming effort to drain at least part of the Swamp, we see in Mr. Trump a different version of the Very Deep State. Hiding behind tax cuts, wall-building, higher tariffs and other nationalistic overtures that appeal to his base, his “new nationalism” is really just old wine in a new bottle.

Anyone doubting that might want to ask themselves why we have another military base to add to the hundreds of others around the planet. This one is in Israel where thousands of US troops are currently training right now in anticipation of war with Iran.

A brief review of the Adelson, Netanyahu/Kushner alliance that helped bring Trump victory serves as a clear reminder of why things are occurring internationally the way they are in Syria and elsewhere. These events were planned long ago and are unfolding, however imperfectly, consistent with that agenda: Assad must go; the Iranian nuke deal must be terminated; Russia must give up its hard-fought efforts for peace; Putin is a
barrier to the NWO; and the world shall bow to Trump, Bibi and May……………or else!

Can the momentum towards war be stopped? Will Western leaders continue to challenge the legitimacy of President Putin by undermining his re-election efforts? Will they succeed in getting Russia out of the UN Security Council? Will they prevail on the EU to reject the Nordstream pipeline that benefits Russia? Will Israel and their new friend, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, prevail against Iran? Or will saner heads somehow emerge to stop this rush towards war?

These are the issues of great moment that need our full attention rather than the nonsense of March Madness, Stormy Daniels and Hillary falling again in India.

With Nikki Haley spouting her lies and hate at the UN; Pompeo now at State replacing the more moderate Tillerson and John Bolton waiting in the wings to replace Kelly, Trump’s true agenda is becoming clearer every day: war for Greater Israel and a NWO for Pax Americana led by Zionists!

Gobalist hawks now surround our erstwhile “isolationist” president making the predictions of those like Paul Craig Roberts and others take on greater urgency. Sadly, Rand Paul’s call for a new foreign policy is likely too little, too late since the pro-Israel, Washington Consensus rules the Congress. And the sensible suggestion of Mr. Gorbachev for the US and Russia to stop the race towards nuclear war also seems likely to be ignored.

The UK’s presumption of Russia’s guilt invites chaos and conflict! The coordinated effort by the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia against Russia, Iran and Syria grows more serious every moment with war in the offing almost guaranteed by the reckless conduct of the West.

Rather than North Korea, Syria seems to be the place of greatest danger as the efforts to unseat Assad continue despite the defeat of ISIS and the failure of the West to dislodge him.


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