California Lawmakers Dangerously Violate The Rule Of Law

Extremism Has a Hold on California

Authored by Maria Fotopoulos

Last week’s visit to California by Attorney General Jeff Sessions showed just how extreme California’s leadership has become. For the elected officials of California who may have forgotten, the U.S. AG heads the United States Department of Justice and is the chief lawyer for the United States government. It’s kind of a big deal  – rather an important position. Perhaps the holder of said position has earned a modicum of respect.

But that doesn’t really matter to California’s extremist legislators and government officials. Starting with Gov. Jerry Brown and on to Calif. Senate President Pro Tempore Kevin de LeonAttorney General Xavier BecerraRepresentative Maxine WatersRepresentative Adam Schiff and Representative Nancy Pelosi, among others, as evidenced by their words, they believe that all who don’t hold their extreme views, which include subverting rule of law, are fair game for any verbal character assassination and abuse.

Note Gov. Brown’s tantrum thrown against Sessions when he was here in California. The Trump administration is “full of liars” and is “going to war against the state of California,” Brown said.

Brown then accused Sessions of engaging in a “political stunt” and making “wild accusations” before he attacked Sessions for being from the South  –  Alabama, no less! Oh, the horror!

Brown fell short of calling for a lynching of the old white guy.

In the delirium and delusion of extremism, Brown understandably is confused as to who is going to war against whom. What caused him to unleash his attack? Sessions speaking the truth.

As AG, Sessions and the Department of Justice have taken legal action against the state of California in a lawsuit which alleges that California has violated the U.S. Constitution by passing three state statutes which “obstruct or otherwise conflict with, or discriminate against, federal immigration enforcement laws.”

It’s certainly overdue, but finally there’s a line in the sand drawn against California’s defiance. As has been widely reported and discussed, California has for years worked to blur the distinction in the state between American citizens and those living and working here illegally.

This continual blurring in California has led to granting illegal aliens driver’s licenses, creating taxpayer-funded programs for illegal aliens to fight deportation and permitting illegal aliens to practice law, along with many other benefits, as more and more California cities began identifying themselves as sanctuary cities for illegal aliens. And, finally the entire state declared itself a sanctuary state.


The mass importation of people, and often poverty, has helped create a state that no longer can claim the “Golden” title. As I wrote last week, today’s California is no longer the Golden State and land of plenty, except for the privileged few.

Calling the state out on its infractions is well overdue. Many Californians will thank AG Sessions for taking California to task for its sanctuary laws as radical maneuvers that threaten public safety and open the country to even more illegal immigration.


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