Surreal Interview of Florida School Shooting Survivor (Video)

It’s like everyone knows everyone else is lying about the shooting…students, teachers, administrators, deputies, other first responders, TV interviewers, etc.

The so-called survivor couldn’t have walked down the stairs and across the campus with that serious AR-15 wound.

What follows is an excellent set of questions about the obvious false flag operation at Parkland that was posted below this video: ‘I Thought I Was Not Getting Out Of This Alive’

Posted by insimplebeing
1 week ago
• How did Cruz get into a locked school?
• How did Cruz get a gun into school?
• Why did four Broward County Deputies stand down while shooting was going on?
• Were they on orders to stand down?
• If so, who gave the orders?
• Who was the SWAT shooter the teacher saw firing down the hall?
• If that was Cruz, when and where did he remove the bulletproof vest, helmet, uniform, boots, and ditch the rifle (that the teacher said she had never seen one of before) in order to blend into the crowd?
• How did Cruz have a conversation with a student in the hall, when that same student he spoke to mentioned hearing shots from another part of the building while she was speaking with Cruz?
• Who blocked medical first responders from entering the school for 45 minutes?
• Who organized the drill that occurred day in school?
• Why were both fire and “code red” drills reported as reported by teacher.
• Why did a student say they thought the shooting was a drill, because they were told to stand in place until the shooting stopped—so that’s why they didn’t run until they heard screams.
• Who gave those instructions?
• What was the heavy object(s) black clad men were videoed carrying out of the school and putting in the back of a pickup truck?
• Why was the single shooter narrative insisted on when students reported multiple shooters?
• How was Cruz able to casually go to eat at fast food outlet directly after his killing spree?
• Why did Cruz looked drugged and dazed when he was picked up?
• Where are the videos of Cruz going into the school, pulling the fire alarm and lifting his rifle?
• Why did the son of a police officer bring a bullet proof vest to school on the day of the shooting?
• And WHY was the security video rewound and partially erased?

I have questions. Shouldn’t you?


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