America Is On A Collision Course With MASS CHAOS

Mac Slavo

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, has come out saying that the United States is on a collision course with mass chaos and civil unrest. History has proven that there’s only so much oppression human beings can stand before they cease complying with those who seek to control them.

The Health Ranger is refusing to go quietly after YouTube censored him by deleting his channel and the 1700 videos he created about health and wellness and government tyranny.  Using a new platform, Adams says that the country is on a collision course with mass chaos and there’s little we can do about it except hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

“It will very likely erupt into widespread social unrest,” Adams begins.

Adams says that the vast amount of political infighting is going to eventually spill over and affect us all.  He’s right of course, but that begs the very question: what do we even need the government for anymore? They don’t really do anything except limit our rights and devalue our labor and money by selling our freedom to the highest corporate bidder or global elitist.

“We’re gonna have an eruption of social chaos no matter who gets to the finish line first. Let me explain. If the Democrats get to the finish line first, and they manage to fabricate some kind of crime and attribute it to Donald Trump or fabricate evidence that quote “proves that there was collusion with Russia,”…and they call for impeachment and there is an actual impeachment effort underway, middle America will erupt. The people who elected Donald Trump will not stand for a political coup to take place in Washington DC.

On the flip side…if Obama and Hillary Clinton are named in the corruption, guess what? The left goes berzerk. The left goes insane…the left is just waiting for an excuse to engage in mass chaos.”

Adams is not calling for mass chaos, he explains that he’s simply predicting that all of this will happen because of the polarization in politics at this point in history.

Adams bravely refuses to be silenced and censored by political adversaries at YouTube and Google.  Not long after YouTube banned him and deleted over 1700 video, he got several up on the side par of his website. He has videos such as this one posted on Vimeo on his website, Natural News. 

“I don’t see how America gets out of this without social chaos,” Adams said.


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