If you really want to keep your guns, you’d better read this.

“From my cold dead hands!”

Submitted by an Anonymous Patriot
State of the Nation

If you watched the video above, you saw a real patriot in action.

They don’t make ’em quite like that anymore, very sorry to say.

It’s both the man and the principle that’s of paramount importance here.

Yes, Charlton Heston was a real national hero as he was a great American patriot.

But it was the principle he represented that proved him to be a supreme patriot in action.

However, like everyone does, he had to go through a rite of passage to get to where he was in that video.

First, Charlton Heston took back his power.
Next, he stood firmly in his own truth.
Then, he courageously spoke truth to power.

So, what’s the TRUTH that Charlton Heston spoke of?

He basically said what all patriots know.  It’s really just common sense.

How can you lawfully strip a man of his right to defend himself?

Especially in an urban war zone like Chicago or Detroit?

How do you take rifles away from a rancher whose animals are being killed by wild animals?  Or from a hiker being stalked by a bear?   Or from hunters in search of food?

How do you explain to a woman, who has a useless restraining order against her husband, that she cannot carry a weapon for protection?

What Charlton Heston expressed is a basic right of every human being.

Not just Americans.  Or Canadians.  Or Mexicans.  But of every person in the world.

Charlton Heston knows that this right to bear arms is so profound and fundamental that it really stands out like no other.

In other words, the right to possess a gun and right to bear arms is really, REALLY basic to life on Earth.

What rights exactly?

In point of fact and established law, the right to possess a firearm is a:

• Universal Right

• Natural Right

• Human Right

• Civil Right

• Constitutional Right

• Legal Right

• Consumer Right

• Family Right

Not only that, but every major body of law acknowledges or implies the right to possess the means of self defense.

• Natural Law

• Universal Law

• Scriptural law

• Common Law

• Statutory Law

• Civil law

• Criminal Law

What’s the point?

We all live in a very precarious and unpredictable post-modern society.

It’s never been so dangerous out there, especially with the government running so many false flag shootings and school massacres.  Let’s not forget the occasional state-sponsored bombing, either.

Throughout these United States of America, Democrat politicians in particular and their left-wing revolutionistas, have created an extremely unsafe environment.

This deteriorating predicament is getting worse by the day, especially in the sanctuary cities and states.

So what are we supposed to do?

When the real criminals are the only ones who own the guns, what do we do then?  The lawbreakers are never gonna give up their guns.  In the meantime, how do we defend ourselves against them?

Then there are the police…who never show up at the scene of the crime until the criminals are long gone.  When the police do show up, some even end up killing or tasing innocent victim(s).  How crazy is that?!?

The liberals, progressives, left-wingers and Democrats who dominate city politics not only cultivate this atmosphere of unparalleled insecurity and danger, they have aggressively encouraged it.

Even worse, the uber-liberals actively participate in the violence, and even plan events that they know will bring chaos and/or bloodshed.

Their ongoing Purple Revolution is only getting more bold and reckless by the month.

Given this worsening state of affairs, why would any citizen ever give up their guns?

Really, how stupid do the liberals think we are?!?!

First, they try to steal an election; then they try to deny the winner his rightful position as POTUS.  Now they’re attempting to overthrow him by any means possible and every means necessary.

All the while, they have their agents embedded throughout Deep State mounting a stealthy insurrection from every angle.

That’s right, the very same leftists who cry about gun control give every thinking patriot very good reason to hang onto their guns … for dear life.

Because you know what, that gun may just help you save your life … and your family’s, too.  Or perhaps your neighbor’s.  Or co-worker’s.  Or some stranger’s life who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time…when you were packing and there to assist.

The bottom line here is that this whole fake gun control debate has been fabricated by the Left to render the Right defenseless.

Got it?!

They want the patriots completely defenseless.

Obama was installed by Soros to take away our guns.  He failed—miserably.  But not without trying real hard along with his many dimwitted accomplices.

They wanted the patriots and nationalists, conservatives and Christians, Tea Partiers and Libertarians, Republicans and Independents, hunters and marksmen, veterans and militiamen, police and military, all deprived of their personal weapons.

Then what?


Then what? ! ? ! ?

Do they really think that we are that dang ignorant?  For real!

They want to what?

Strip US of our guns so that we have to follow their every command.  Every dictate.  Every immoral law and foul regulation.

This is no trivial matter, mind you.  They really thought they could get away with such a harebrained scheme.

I mean these people are downright crazy. Cuckoo!  Real nutcases, as in they’ve lost their marbles…for good. (They’re called “libtards” for VERY good reason.)

How can we make such a judgmental observation?

Look at Chicago!  Look at Detroit!  Look at Baltimore!

Look at St. Louis!  Look at Memphis!  Look at Oakland!

Look at Washington, D.C.!  Look at Atlanta!  Look at Miami!

Look at Philadelphia!  Look at Newark!  Look at New York City!

Look at Houston!  Look at New Orleans!  Look at Richmond!

Then consider the violent crime stats for Wilmington, DE; Kansas City, MO;  Charleston, WV; San Bernardino, CA; Pine Bluff, AR; Flint, MI; Cleveland, OH; and Camden, NJ.

The numbers don’t lie; these urban jungles are extremely dangerous to your health.  Particularly where it concerns murders by gunshot.

Obama’s open border for 8 years only intensified this crisis.  Now we have well-armed Mexican drug cartels and MS-13 gangs all over America.

Remember, it was Obama who inflamed racial tensions like no other POTUS in history.  He accomplished his goal of igniting a race war which is not far from a hot phase.

Obama also fomented a class war because of his intentional and complete lack of economic initiatives.  Depressed economies in many locales saw increases in crime due to rising unemployment (No money + lots of idle time = criminal activity).

Is there an American alive who did not watch Hillary Clinton start a full-blown gender war, which only gets worse by the week in 2018.

Both the Obamas and Clintons also spearheaded the LGBT movement, which has really set the country ablaze with conflicting passions and philosophies of life.  That conflict alone is enough to start a raging civil war.

Wasn’t it also under Obama that the whole nation witnessed a trashing of our Founding Fathers?  That never happened before.

First it was Thomas Jefferson.  Then it was George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. There were other great men who were also profoundly disrespected by the Left.  Leaders of the Confederacy like Robert E. Lee were treated very badly.

That little MSM-instigated psyop was but a sleazy way of taking down truly great American heroes so that the Left could disparage the authors of the Bill of Rights, as well as the U.S. Constitution.  After all, if the framers of the country’s Founding Documents could be harshly criticized, so could the Amendments they wisely added.

So after all of this mischief-making, the Left wants us to give up our guns?!

They completely shredded the social fabric and now they want US to just comply with their various hidden agendas no matter how odious they might be.  Yeah…right!

By the way, who really knows how many ISIS and Al-Qaeda cells have slipped through that Mexican border?  Just where are those terrorists being harbored in the lower 48?

Not in my backyard!   

Unless they want to become a shooting target.

Which is exactly why good ole Charlton was right on target when he said:

“I’ll give you my gun when you pry it
from my cold, dead hands!”

— An Unwavering Gun Rights Advocate

State of the Nation
February 23, 2018


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