Unacknowledged Special Access Programs: How the Very Deep State controls the US Govt, MIC, Intel Community and everything in between

“The Deep State Runs The Show”

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You simply CANNOT comprehend what is really going on in DC and what all these issues with inability to reconcile balance sheets or the depths, breadth and control of the DS without truly understanding the money. YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW THE MONEY.

I just posted this on another thread… people need to understand these funneling mechanisms.


But it’s far more than just the $21T that Skidmore was able to track.

It’s more than the $20T national debt.

In final 18 mos. of Bush administration, US lost $12T on its net worth, 20% of accumulated wealth over two centuries was gone in 18 mos. No one in .gov, Wall Street held responsible.

After financial collapse in 2008 – $26T in bailouts not including TARP or FDIC financing of US institutions ($100k for every person), all done by Fed Reserve w/out any act in Congress authorizing it.

Trillions extended by the Federal Reserve in the form of corporate welfare – they took US dollar, they control the currency and have control over money supply and for first time in history they played favorites and lent out money at 0.01% interest to these special banks.
Bloomberg reported that there are Trillions in off-balance sheets transactions that FR has entered into since Sept (’08?)

Inspector General for Board of Federal Reserve Governors representative testified in hearing that they have direct oversight over board programs and operations and also look at board-delegated functions at reserve banks as well as the board’s oversight and supervision at the reserve banks. But they do not have jurisdiction to directly audit reserve bank activities. In other words, if the NY Fed Member or other member reserve banks made $23T in free transactions—gave it away, she had no jurisdiction to understand, look at or know about it.

It might surprise some that the intermediary between HUD and the entities it pays out is Lockheed Martin…

And the largest siphon of all: Unacknowledged Special Access Programs. These are not the acknowledged, approved, and official “covert programs” like Prism and others disclosed by Snowden, for example.

Nearly all USAPs developed out of the need to covertly fund covert research for covert development of interstellar travel means and very likely, weaponry. And before your very well-trained brain cries “conspiracy!”, this is history. Over 13,000 reports on UFOs on record from government, military and NASA astronauts and more from commercial airline pilots.

The MIIC (Military Industrial & Intelligence Complex) has bureaucratically established dominion and control over the entire American democratic process and are waging war—invading and occupying the ME oilfields attempting to establish what they refer to as “full-spectrum dominance”.

Bifurcation of the legitimate national security and military intelligence operations and the deep black programs that are unacknowledged – resulted in explosion of USAPs.

You need to dig a little deeper into who the DS is and how they operate. You ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS follow the money. That is one rule that holds true in just about any situation.

Let’s talk about the missing TRILLIONS from DOD and HUD. $21T has been officially researched and documented from the Feds balance sheets.


But experts like Catherine Austin Fitts suggests it’s likely $50T+. She’s a good resource to follow to understand how the funds are likely flowing. Do you know who is the intermediary between HUD and its contractors and everyone it pays out?

Lockheed Martin.

That’s just one example.

Another resource you might benefit from following is an ex-CIA Kevin Shipp—no CIA agent is ever really “ex” but it’s still a good foundation for the structure. He and his family have been targeted and he felt the safest thing he could do is go public with information and gain notoriety.


The primary reasons MOST of the DS covert contract work is done by MIC and MIIC is because:

  • it’s easier to funnel money to slush funds for “contract” work (see above)
  • when private corporations are involved, the “work” becomes proprietary, intellectual property of the contractor
  • non-disclosures until the cow comes home
  • when SHTF punishment from crimes is far, far, far less than for military
  • MONEY.

Here’s a post on the Unacknowledged Access Programs, which are

The primary mechanism that facilitates USAPs is a covert funding system:

Out of the 1947 National Security Act the CIA was born, which allows either agency to withdraw money from any other agency without disclosure; essentially ensuring that money can be stolen from any known program for any unknown reason and no elected official would ever know about it.

Remember that USAPs operate totally off the books as a self-perpetuating funding and development mechanism fondly referred to as the “kleptocracy of the petrofascists”. They are also completely managed, controlled and operated without any high-level government/Congressional/publicly elected office oversight; they are managed by private contractors who enjoy secret protections afforded only to the private sector. In some cases no elected official, not even the president, has any knowledge that a USAP exists.

Of course, after you grasp all this… the next step is going down the rabbit hole for what the money is being used for.

THIS is the root of the DS control of DC and around the world. THIS is why we’ve seen unprecedented transfer of wealth (like recent market movements) in the past few decades. THIS is why unfathomable things are happening and why the military has been thinned (despite never-ending cries for more infusions) and why we’re seeing “accidents” on the seas and exotic energy pulverizing 100+ story buildings and bringing down aircraft… just as a start. There is little else going on in our lives that is not connected to the secret economy. We can’t solve anything without starting there.



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