9/11 and the Very Deep State

Thousand Oaks, CA
February 7, 2018

by Rich Scheck

It is fashionable these days for everyone to use the term Deep State as a convenient way of seeming to be opposed to government corruption.

But what is the Deep State and which politicians are serious about exposing it?

Without expanding on the term invented by Peter Dale Scott to describe the hidden political forces responsible for events like the Kennedy assassination, Watergate and 9/11, suffice it to say that Scott’s analysis is directly applicable to the current crisis regarding Trump and Russiagate.

However, with all the revelations and exposure of the vast machinery of secrecy that emerged out of the Cold War, much of what we are seeing is mostly smoke rather than the more deadly fire underlying these scandals.

By that I mean these investigations are so far limited hang-outs designed to pick off the low-hanging fruit of individuals and groups that are part of the Deep State but do not constitute its core.

So, yes, I believe there has been a conspiracy to prevent Trump from becoming president that is being followed up by an effort to destroy him after he won:

But the entire conversation is too limited and does not go far enough because both sides have so much to hide. They are hoping they can get away with finger-pointing at the opposition to convince their true believers and party members how bad the other side is without going to the root of the problem.

Notice that the name Seth Rich has not once come up in recent months even though his apparent murder is a key element of the entire Russiagate controversy. Nor has the name Felix Sater been alluded to accept on rare occasions even though his role in securing funny money from the Russian Jewish Mafia also goes to the heart of what Mueller should be investigating.

GOP Congressional investigators, truth-seeking media outlets and white hats in the DOJ need to go much deeper if they are to drain the swamp and expunge the pervasive elements constituting the Very Deep State that is being completely ignored. That especially pertains to what happened on 9/11!

The 9/11 attack was used as the pretext for Bush and his Neocon allies to invade Afghanistan and Iraq. We are closing in on two decades of endless fighting in those two countries and many others in the region in the exact manner indicated by Wesley Clark where he quotes a Pentagon colleague as saying “Rumsfeld authorized the US going after seven countries in the next five years!” (paraphrased).

VIDEO: General Wesley Clark: “The US will attack 7 countries in 5 years”

Yet the U.S. government’s  9/11 Commission Report (and faked investigation) is considered by virtually every Alt Media researchers as the cover-up of a false flag operation. That consensus opinion may be wrong but I seriously doubt it. If nothing else, the release last year of those 28 pages from the 2002 Senate investigation implicated Saudi Arabia in the attacks. Instead of punishing the Saudi, the president rewarded them with a huge weapons deal.

Trump talked about re-opening the investigation during the campaign but has since morphed into an interventionist in the same way his predecessors did with Obama in Libya being a prime example. Instead we get more wars, more military spending, resumption of NSA/FISA spying and now a military parade thrown in to emphasize the triumph of the military-industrial complex.

It is the MIC and the intelligence agencies that go to the heart of the Deep State. They along with their sponsors in business, on Wall Street and in our financial institutions are the Very Deep State that is the true source of events like 9/11, the murder of JFK, and now Russiagate.

The best evidence that these forces have remained immune from exposure is our foreign policy: imperial over-reach in violation of international law! The Washington Consensus of American Exceptionalism to foster Pax American is no different under Trump than it was under Bush with his Neocon believers in a unipolar power or under Obama/Clinton with their Neoliberal humanitarian interventions. All are essentially similar versions of the Globalist New World Order Agenda that rely on different labels to fool their followers through divide and conquer methods.

As I have written many times over the years, the current situation is quite perilous. The corruption of the Very Deep State is staggering. It includes the Clinton Foundation; Uranium One; child sex trafficking; Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the Awan brothers; and, the Secret Space Program where it is likely that trillions of taxpayer dollars are embedded in advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence; zero point energy; cold fusion and mind control projects among others.

So it is some progress to see Dennis Kucinich talking about the Deep State and its attack on the presidency. I only wish he had been bolder in 2003 when he ran for president when some supporting his campaign wanted him to discuss 9/11. He balked then and waited until 2008 before attempting to get Bush impeached.

Now he is running for Governor of Ohio: will he demand a new investigation of 9/11? Will he go “deep” in confronting the Very Deep State in a courageous attempt to drain all of the swamp? We will see soon enough! http://www.activistpost.com/2018/02/ohio-gov-candidate-dennis-kucinich-calls-out-the-deep-state-msm-cant-handle-it.html


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