FISA Memo Shows Multiple Felonies by FBI, CIA & DOJ (Video)

The Still Report

Synopsis: Desperate Dems are trying to string this government shutdown out as long as possible to keep the real story out of the headlines for as long as possible – the FISA memo written by the House Intelligence Committee investigative staff. So what is the method to get this FISA memo declassified and released to the American people? President Trump could declassify the 4-page document immediately, but no doubt the Democrats are lying in wait to pounce on that alternative. Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, could declassify it, then send it to the President who has 5 days to make a decision on it. In fact, today, Rep. Mark Meadows of North Carolina did exactly that, but for some reason, Paul Ryan punted it back to House Intel Committee Chairman Devin Nunes. Nunes will have to bring the House Intelligence Committee back together to vote on the matter. If a majority of the committee votes to declassify, then it would go to the President who has 5 days to make a decision. So actually, that may be brilliant on Ryan’s part. Can you imagine Democrats faced with a having to vote against the public release of a document that is sure to reach the public sooner or later, then have to explain to the electorate why they voted to keep what are apparently massive crimes hidden as they all run for re-election in November. It would not be surprising to see a few Dems break from the pack finally over this vote, especially ones running in districts that Trump won.


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