How the JFK assassination is related to the SV-40 cancer virus

Op-Ed Submission to Dallas News

Subject: News Tip for the City of Hate’s stigma—plus solve the JFK murder, and expose a cancer pandemic

Hello Dallas Morning News,

I have long known how JFK was ordered killed, as it was ordered by the Oak Ridge Nuclear Establishment. So, Dallas might like to clear its name. It’s not difficult to establish the issues to expose the truth these days, and who better to expose the full truth about the assassination of President John F. Kennedy (JFK) than a Dallas Newspaper.

Here it goes. Trump is ordering all the old documents released and that is generating lots of interest in both JFK and Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO). Many people at Oak Ridge National Laboratory have known why JFK was killed since day one. I am one of those folks.

The story about LHO is coming out now, and he was not the killer, but he was trying to stop it. RFK recruited LHO as part of his DOJ Intelligence efforts because the CIA, FBI and others were not telling the Kennedys the truth. A JFK author named Joan Mellen gets to most of that truth as LHO came back into the US and had his citizenship reinstated by the RFK-controlled State Department. Plus, LHO got a State Dept. loan to get back into the US that he paid back in a timely manner. LHO quickly fit into the New Orleans scene via various FBI connections and particularly from being close to the FBI’s former agent Guy Banister on Pro and Anti Castro people identifications in New Orleans. It did not stop there, as LHO connected with David Ferrie and got on the CIA-backed kill Castro project using a dangerous mutated cancer virus called Monkey Virus or SV-40.

Today, there are excellent books that speak to this project in New Orleans, where the CIA office was in the Masonic Office Building at Lafayette Square and right around the corner from Banister’s Camp Street office. The best book is Ed Haslam’s “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” and also Judyth Vary Baker’s “Me and Lee”. There are several Internet sources for those books. What they tell is the story about a Dr. Alton Oschner who was a blazing anti-Communist who wanted Castro dead.  He knew about much about cancer and wanted the CIA to kill Castro with a mutated form of SV-40. The making of that bio-weapon virus is what both of these books provide in much details.

As part of that project, LHO came to Oak Ridge, Tennessee for help on that project as the Oak Ridge nuclear facility was the hub for the radiation health physics disciplines for the entire Manhattan Project and had all the details. LHO came to Oak Ridge on July 26, 1963 to gather the relevant details, and also left a smoking gun in the USAEC’s Atomic Museum’s Guest Registry. LHO signs in with USSR, Dallas, Rd., and Dallas, TX. The Oak Ridge gang had been thinking of killing JFK for a year ahead of the November 22, 1963 date. The USSR links LHO to the CIA’s False Defector Program to spy on Russia and LHO was trained by the ONI (Office Naval Intelligence) for that project. It did not go well, so LHO came back to the US with RFK’s State Dept’s help. For most looking at JFK and LHO that page is a smoking gun. Look closely and you see the FBI’s evidence sticker on lower right of page.

See the LHO signature line 13:

LHO, David Ferrie, Judy Baker, and Mary Sherman were cooking up a mutated form of SV-40 using a secret lab at one of David Ferrie’s houses. They had a lot of mice to do the mutated selections for the SV-40 tumors. They would expose the mice, let the tumors develop, cut the biggest ones out and radiate those via the Mary Sherman connections to a nuclear accelerator in New Orleans. They even tested the virus on humans and a prisoner that looked much like Castro to be sure it worked. When the time came to push that virus into Cuba, LHO was the courier to the meet-up in Mexico City, which did not show up. That put the plans in a lurch and LHO came back to New Orleans as failed agent. By that time, the New Orleans gang had figured out that LHO was their mole. All the New Orleans-based co-conspirators then turned on him and pushed him to Dallas, TX, where the Oak Ridge plan to kill JFK had been brewing for almost a year.

The key player there was an Oak Ridge Mason (Raymond W. Tucker, Sr) who knew CIA informant and the Mafia’s Jack Ruby (born Jack Rubenstein).  Tucker got Jack Ruby to contact his old Chicago gang to get them to send two shooters to Dallas to kill JFK. The Chicago mob hated JFK and RFK for going after the Mafia. They sent Charles Nicoletti and James Files, one was in Dal-Tex Building and the other behind the grassy knoll fence, respectively. One shot from behind and the other from the right side of JFK and both bullets hit JFK in the head almost at the same time. They were quick to inform LBJ in order to make sure that LHO would be framed. LBJ’s Mac Wallace was inside the Texas School Book Depository (TSBD) where they planned to kill LHO there and blame him for murder of JFK. However, LHO was out on the front steps of the TSBD and they could not get that job done. LHO even left the TSBD, and headed down to the Texas Theater to meet a contact. There was then a quick set-up for the Dallas Police to grab him there. Because LHO was eventually taken into police custody he could not be killed there easily.  Hence, LHO rubout landed on Jack Ruby, who simply walked in and shot LHO in the liver which killed him quickly. Ruby then went to jail and had to keep quiet that he set all that up for Oak Ridge and used the Mafia to do the deed.

Why exactly JFK was killed was because LHO told the Kennedys that Oak Ridge was helping the CIA with the kill Castro project. The Kennedys knew that carrying out this intentional method to assassinate a foreign head of state was tantamount to a declaration of war. Therefore, both JFK and RFK wanted to immediately keelhaul the CIA and Oak Ridge. Oak Ridge decided to just use their connections to kill JFK in Dallas, which they had been planning for a year, but they had a real need to finish off JFK over the SV-40 CIA project (LHO). Dallas got a bum deal as the real hate for JFK came from Oak Ridge. In Oak Ridge much of that enterprise was managed mostly all Masons, and these southern Masons hated JFK because of his sympathy for MLK and civil rights protests. JFK was actually declared a communist by FBI Mason Hoover, who also hated JFK. MLK was also declared a communist and so the conspiracy was galvanized in this way.

Most of the issues regarding SV-40 and the cover up by Nixon are out in the open now. Carelessness in the development of polio vaccine set off a huge problem with the SV-40 cancer virus within the US population, and it slowly spreads and replicates. What it does is make cancer cells virtually immortal as it shuts down cellular apoptosis. They classified this information from 1959 to 1999 as it’s a major trigger in setting off a cancer pandemic via SV-40 And it’s still happening as there are many research lies being disseminated to continue the cover up of this affecting countless people. When JFK got tipped off by LHO about the SV-40 CIA project to kill Castro, it was right in the middle of this terrible problem. If JFK had heard that the SV-40 was a cancer bioweapon created by the CIA and that the subsequent Nixon cover-up was quite real, there would quite likely be mobile guillotines meting out punishments. One of the reasons the U.S. Government will not release the CIA’s SV-40 project info is that it will prove to the American public that SV-40 is associated with cancer which has been killing their family and friends since it was first let loose in the 1950s and 60s.

Here are some Refs that support what happened:

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Jim Phelps, from Near Oak Ridge and have known the JFK secret since 11-22-63

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