TRUMP: Fighting fire with fire

God Gave Us A Warrior, Not A Saint, To Fight Treason

by Andrew Wallace

My intent is to shock you with a few facts, that are impossible to dispute, with some predictions. Unlike the Establishment Traitors who control everything, I took an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution in a legal manner, and I intend to do so until I am dead.

First, you must accept the ABSOLUTE FACTS that ESTABLISHMENT ELITES and their well paid Minions and Fellow Travelers control all branches of Government, Media, Business, Banking, Education, Courts and Entertainment, et al. The ESTABLISHMENT controls Democrats and Republicans, both of these criminal parties profit from Treason and are at WAR with our CONSTITUTION and PEOPLE. Leadership of the Democrat party is also Communist, who by definition and stated objectives can never support our Constitution. It is my firm conviction that if Donald J. Trump had not been elected President. or if he should be taken out, that the people would soon kill the Establishment Elites and their Minions. The election of President Trump has saved the lives of the Establishment’s Deep State Traitors for now, and possibly for as long as he is President.

The FBI is the single, most dangerous, ineffective, corrupt, and counterproductive Agency in the Federal Government and should be terminated. The reputed Homosexual J. Edgar Hoover used the FBI’s blackmail potential and ability to protect officials from prosecution to remain Director for 48 years. Recent actions by the FBI under former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey seem to have followed Hoover’s lead. There are some dedicated people in the FBI but they are not in management. The Bureau may have killed more people than they protected.

You can start with the 9-11 attack when about 3,000 people were murdered because the FBI ignored leads from their Agents.

At Ruby Ridge in 1992 an FBI sniper killed Randy Weaver’s Wife, his son was shot dead in the back and his dog was killed.

Waco came in 1993.when 76 men, women and children were shot and/or burned to death by the FBI because they would not turn over their weapons.

Ruby Ridge and Waco were Timothy McVeigh’s stated reason for the Oklahoma City Bombing that killed 168 people and injured 680 more.

Major FBI failures also include the Boston Marathon bombing where 3 people died and 250 were injured in 2013, the San Bernardino attack in 2015 which killed 13 and injured 22, and the Orlando attack which killed 49 people in 2016, et al.

The FBI has protected many more high level criminals in government than they have ever indicted, such as those involved in Fast & Furious where Border Patrolman Brian Terry was killed, the IRS Scandal which denied rights to Republicans, countless high level officials and all members of congress, for supporting and funding unlawful agencies, and the Unconstitutional Administrative government process.

FBI Executive Robert E Hanssen was an active spy for the Russians for 22 years, responsible for the torture and death of who knows how many agents by the Russians. This man’s Treason alone probably offsets any favorable actions of the Bureau.

If you really want to know inside details of just how incompetent and corrupt the FBI organization is you must read “Classified Woman” published in 2012 by Sibel Edmonds who was hired as a translator after 9-11. Ms. Edmonds reported security breaches, cover-ups, and malpractice at many levels. Her book is well documented and has made many Patriots furious at the FBI

No police officer at any level of government has the authority to shoot up a car containing innocent people and a protester, who they shot dead using a long gun when he left the car. The FBi shot up the car and filed a false report. The State Police from Communist Oregon, working with the FBI killed Mr. Finicum. All of this because citizens demonstrated on State land controlled unconstitutionally by the Federal Government. Citizens in the Western States want retribution for the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and the return of their land. The Federal government controls 24% of all land, but 84% of Nevada and 65% of Utah CONTRARY to US Constitution.

When any organization is so rotten from the top down like the FBI, it is impossible to reform it, you have no choice but to end its existence before it causes a Civil War.Our Constitution stipulates using the” Militia of the Several States” to enforce laws of the Union, but this would reduce the ability of Establishment Elites to steal from the American people and stay out of jail.

It would also be helpful to return to citizens the Constitutional right taken away from the people, to initiate Grand Juries to prosecute Government Criminals, et al.

Most of our problems are because of the Establishment’s Treasonous Refusal to comply with the United States Constitution and Declaration of Independence. A few additional examples of Treason follow.

The United States mostly prospered until 1913 using tariffs and excise taxes for income, with gold and silver as money with an intrinsic store of value. But, this did not give the Criminal Establishment sufficient Economic control of the people so they could screw them completely and profit from wars, at will. So they instituted the income tax with tax free foundations to protect the wealthy, and the PRIVATE Federal Reserve Bank owned by PRIVATE banks, to issue a debt currency that is fiat. It is even called a Federal Reserve Note, that has no store of value, but gave them almost complete control. Ben Bernanke, former Chairman of the Federal Reserve confirmed in a Nov. 8, 2002 speech that the Federal Reserve Bank CAUSED the GREAT DEPRESSION which enriched the Establishment, and impoverished the people.

Our Constitution was written so that average working people had equal opportunity to earn and accumulate wealth over the years using a lawful currency that was a store of value. What you now have is an unlawful debt currency with no intrinsic value, contrary to the Constitution. How could it be much worse? Let me tell you just a few ways. Next, you will get forced use of Digital money as worthless as Federal Reserve Notes, but ending any control you might have. You must return to the barter system if you don’t want to pay the bank a fee for using digital money, you know, like credit cards. BAIL INS will soon allow bankers to use depositors money to keep them out of bankruptcy. Banks can now refuse to return your money. Governments can take your money for no legal reason. Pension funds are failing, et al.

The Establishment is attempting to divide our people by promoting false reasons for the Civil War, which was over money and power. The war was never ever about slavery, except for public relations in the North when Lincoln was losing. Lincoln did not give a damn about slaves. Media and Educational Institutions at all levels are teaching lies, if they teach anything about the Founding Principles and the Civil War. Democrat Officials and their Leaders were the KKK, and have been the primary oppressors of Black Americans since the Civil War. The average White man has never had the power or inclination to deny rights for African Americans, they even elected Obama as an American Hating President. But, that could change due to Obama and the attacks on American Heritage, by the Communist/Democrat thugs to cover up their own KKK sins. The average Confederate Soldier owned no slaves and did not fight to keep slaves, nor did the Northern Soldiers fight to free slaves. Mayors of most cities of any size are Democrat/Communist, and are doing everything possible to remove Civil War Monuments to cover up the Truth about the real Democrat OPPRESSORS of Americans and especially African Americans.

The trouble in Charlottesville, Virginia is an indication of the average citizen’s GROWING anger with the lies about their Southern Heritage by the Establishment Media and Minions. President Trump very correctly named the well paid hate groups from the left and the few haters from the right who were determined to use violence to deny the honest citizens, with a permit, the right to peacefully protest removal of a statue of Robert E. Lee. Black Hate groups from the Communist left are paid to cause trouble and have been doing so for years..

Do not forget that both state and local Democrat/Communist Officials in Virginia directed police actions in ways that would not contain the riot that killed one, and injured countless others in Charlottesville.

President Lincoln wanted to return all slaves to Africa. His circular reasoning was: Slavery was an affront to human liberty, but ending slavery would supposedly be even worse. Read this and much more in “The Real Lincoln” by T. J. Dilorenzo. But, there is also a horrible Treason in Lincoln’s actions to start, and conduct a Civil War to benefit the Manufacturing Establishment of the North, and to impoverish the Southern People..Lincoln was a two faced SOB responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and almost total destruction of the South. For more details that are not PC, read “The Uncivil War” by L.M.Scruggs. Now you know why people from the north are called Damn Yankees .in polite society and much worse by others.

Many people worship M.L King because they only know the untrue PC version of his actions. King did have some worthwhile things to say. His “ I had a dream speech” was written by another. His wife Discovered that much of his dissertation was plagiarized. He was financed by the Communists, attended Communist training, and had Communists on his staff. He did promote violence, constantly. He used funds from his organization for booze and whores.

We must support President Trump as he is OUR ONLY HOPE to take back Constitutional Government from our enemies in the Establishment without a civil war. You can’t believe anything that is said about President Trump by members of the Establishment Media, Educational Establishments, et al..

The average Citizen should keep as little money as possible in Banks and investment accounts, Arm yourself, have a store of emergency food, and buy some gold or silver. Police will not protect you if they take orders from a Democrat/Communist mayor like we have in Tampa and most cities of any size.

We must stop the Establishment’s theft of our financial resources by terminating the IRS, Income Tax, and Private Federal Reserve Bank, along with all Unconstitutional departments.We can then end income taxes and return to funding government with tariffs and excise taxes.

Many Judges at all levels say the law is what they want it to be. Nothing could be further from the truth. Democrat leaders are nothing but Communists and most of their actions are contrary to our Constitution. Democrat/Communists do not follow, or believe in our Constitution, it is impossible for a Communist to support the values of God, Family, Justice, Equality, Freedom, et al.

All immigration, legal or not, should be ended for at least 25 years. Birth right citizenship should be ended unless one parent has permanent residence. Chain migration must end. There should be no public benefits for illegals or their children, including education and medical care.

I don’t deny rights to Homosexuals of any variety, but allowing these sick, and oftentimes predatory people into the Armed Forces is destroying our Military. From experience I can tell you that most straight males in the Military will attempt to kill a predatory Homosexual who attacks them. As long as Homosexuals are allowed in the Military I will do what I can to talk people out of serving. Any Military Officer who advocates Homosexuals in the Military does not have the best interests of the troops.

The Military has framed Service People without due process in Military Trials, and sent them to prison for properly questioning Obama’s qualifications. How can anyone serve when your superiors don’t have your back and there is no justice..

There is nothing that is PC in this article. If your knowledge of the subjects is only based upon what you learned from Media or Educational institutions, you must read more to agree with the truth. You must accept as absolute fact, that no true believer in Democrat/Communism, nor Islam can ever support and defend our Constitution.

© 2017 Andrew Wallace


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