Did Awans Cut A Deal? January Court Date Mysteriously Disappears From Docket


Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller pointed out a mysterious twist in the case of Pakistani national and long-time DNC IT contractor, Imran Awan – who was arrested in July at Dulles Airport while trying to flee the country after having wired nearly $300,000 to Pakistan.

Awan’s court date on four counts related to bank fraud, which had already been reschedule twice, has disappeared from the docket altogether: 


Which begs the question – did Imran Awan cut a deal with Federal prosecutors? 

Of note – Imran’s wife, Hina Alvi – who had fled to Pakistan in March with the Awan children, struck a deal with federal prosecutors in September to return to the U.S. and face charges. One wonders why Alvi would willingly leave the relative security of her family in Pakistan to face arraignment in the United States?

To briefly recap, our report from last week, the Awan family – which was employed by quite a number of House Democrats, had full access to highly sensitive Congressional computer systems, both on-site and remotely from Pakistan, with which they are suspected of committing a variety of crimes – including brokering classified information to hostile foreign governments.

Of note, the Awans had access to the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence – whose members have top secret clearance and are looking into Russian election interference.

The Pakistani nationals also operated a shady used car dealership in Falls Church, VA operating uner the title “CIA” which Luke Rosiak of The Daily Caller reported has all the signs of a money laundering operation.

On its Facebook page, CIA’s “staff” were fake personalities such as “James Falls O’Brien,” whose photo was taken from a hairstyle model catalog, and “Jade Julia,” whose image came from a web page called “Beautiful Girls Wallpaper.”

If a customer showed up looking to buy a car from Cars International A, often referred to as CIA, Abid Awan — who was managing partner of the dealership while also earning $160,000 handling IT for House Democrats — would frequently simply go across the street to longstanding dealership called AAA Motors and get one.

While Imran and Abid Awan ran their car dealership in Falls Church, Va. in the early part of the decade, Drug Enforcement Agency officials a few miles away in Chantilly were learning that the Iranian-linked terrorist group frequently deployed used car dealerships in the US to launder money and fund terrorism, according to an explosive new Politico expose. –Daily Caller

Based on the modest way Awan was living, it is my opinion that he was sending most of his money to a group or criminal organization that could very well be connected with the Pakistani government,” said Wayne Black – a private investigator who worked in Janet Reno’s Miami public corruption unit, adding “My instincts tell me Awan was probably operating a foreign intelligence gathering operation on US soil.

In February, the Daily Caller dropped two bombshells: that the Awans were under criminal investigation after being caught accessing congressional computers without permission, and they had borrowed, laundered, and never repaid $100,000 from a shady Iraqi expat physician – Dr. Ali al-Attar, a Hezbollah-linked fugitive who led a group of other expats which regularly advised the Bush administration on their plans to invade Iraq in 2002-2003 (source).

The money which the Awans borrowed was moved from Ali Al-Attar through accounts intended for Fairfax County real estate. Both Imran Awan and Khattak — who also put up $200,000 in cash as an investor in CIA — had realtors licenses.

Dr. Ali al-Attar

Al-Attar’s license to practice medicine was revoked by the Maryland State Board of Physicians and he had to pay a $50,000 fine for unprofessional conduct, healthcare fraud, and failure to cooperate with an investigation.

It’s not clear where the dealership’s money was going, because it was sued by at least five different people on all ends of a typical car business who said they were stiffed. CIA didn’t pay the security deposit, rent or taxes for its building, it didn’t pay wholesalers who provided cars, and it sold broken cars to people and then refused to honor the warranties, the lawsuits say.

Moreover, when the Awans’ shady car dealership ran into money troubles, Florida Congressman Theo Deutch began paying a monthly salary to a man who had threatened to sue the Awans.

Rep Theo Deutch (D-FL), Awan Benefactor

The brothers had numerous additional sources of income, all of which seemed to disappear. While they were supposedly working for the House, the brothers were running a car dealership full-time that didn’t pay its vendors, and after one — Rao Abbas — threatened to sue them, he began receiving a paycheck from Rep. Theodore Deutch (D-FL), who like Wasserman Schultz represents Florida. –Daily Caller

The Awans were also turned into the Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) by two renters occupying a home they owned, after they found “wireless routers, hard drives that look like they tried to destroy, laptops, [and] a lot of brand new expensive toner” in the garage.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity over concerns for his wife’s naval career, the former Marine told the Daily Caller:

It was in the garage. They recycled cabinets and lined them along the walls. They left in a huge hurry,” the Marine said. “It looks like government-issued equipment. We turned that stuff over.”

If the Awans cut a deal, one might speculate that a liberal prosecutor and a DNC-friendly court might be conducting a dog-and-pony show. For months, rumors swirled that brother of Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), assistant U.S. Attorney Steve Wasserman was handling the prosecution – however court filings reveal that assistant U.S. Attorney Michael J. Marando is handling the case. Marando is married to JoAnna Wasserman – an employee of the U.S. Holocaust Museum in D.C.

While JoAnna Wasserman shares a maiden name with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, her parents are named Mark and Donna, while Debbie Wasserman Shultz’s parents are Larry and Ann Wasserman. Plus, if there’s any relation, JoAnna Wasserman got all of the family’s good genetics.

US Attorney Michael J. Marando and wife JoAnna Wasserman (top). Steve Schultz and wife Debbie Wasserman Schultz (bottom)

While the notion that Imran Awan cut a deal based on his name vanishing from the court calendar, Federal prosecutors certainly have enough evidence against the Awan clan to put them away for a long time. Perhaps they’ve decided they like the outside of a prison cell better than the alternative.


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