Something is not right with all the “Q” hysteria. Is the Alt Media being played? If so, by who?

No one can argue with the simple facts provided in the comment posted below

by Rafael Lastra

“I don´t buy it one bit. The US is hell-bent on starting a war anywhere to cover up the crumbling dollar and literally running out of time to do it, a simple short-term strategy would be to buy time. From what? From a populace that is getting tired of being fleeced, among other issues. I say this because your rationale for slowly red-pilling society is a perfect way to buy time before war is declared. Some will have panic attacks she says, so what? Reality is reality, justice is justice. When you consider so many other alternative media sites advocate the slow, doling out of justice, i.e. buying time again, it leaves the impression that the big names in alternative media are nothing more than controlled opposition. I could be wrong but it all stinks if you ask me. Until we see perp walks, there is no progress so forget about phantom planes, plausible explanations for delays, etc.. it looks to be one big show, nothing more. Consider then Trump sending weapons to Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, not leaving Syria, etc.. and the stench becomes pungent. Believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see, and we have not seen one damn thing moving in the right direction, just the opposite.”

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