Trump Is Only Picking Low Hanging Fruit

Sunnyvale, CA
December 26, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Lots of folks are ecstatic that Trump is successfully taking on the Deep State:

I strongly disagree with their enthusiasm. Yes, it’s wonderful he defeated Hillary. Yes, he is doing a great job of talking trash to the fake news MSM and giving the appearance of taking on the bad guys with his wrecking ball style.

But to say that he is truly taking on and exposing the NWO/Deep State is to engage in wishful thinking and miss what is really happening.

Trump, for all the animosity he creates towards himself by elements of the Establishment in both parties, in the intelligence community and in the general public, is definitely NOT disrupting the over-all direction of Pax Americana!

To say “his foreign policy is a bit mangled” is to allow yourself to be conned into thinking that his bombastic style of going after the low-hanging fruit standing in his way means he is not totally on board the real Deep State agenda of US global hegemony!

Trump’s super-nationalism is just another version of globalism disguised to fool the desperate who yearn for something better for our nation after it morphed into a post Cold War national security state.

Trump has done nothing to end the welfare-warfare state described by Ron Paul. That’s the kind of man many Americans were praying they would get when they held their noses and chose The Donald because voting for Clinton was inconceivable.

Instead we have ended up with a foreign policy agenda straight out of the neocon playbook with the likes of John Bolton, Henry Kissinger and other outright globalists whispering in Trump’s ear. He might just as well have kept Vickie Nuland at State after agreeing to sell offensive weapons to Ukraine. Straight Neocon all the way. Same with
sending more troops to Afghanistan; continuing to support ISIS whenever possible; providing the criminal Saudi regime with endless supplies of arms while they butcher the hapless Yemenis; and kowtowing to Bibi every way he can to please Adelson and the Israelis.

None of this puts America first. None of this differs in any meaningful way from a globalist agenda. None of this is likely to prove successful anymore than it was under Bush or Obama. Trump is promoting the same policies with even more gusto in some instances as his predecessors. Lie about Syria if necessary: no problem! Lie about Russian aggression in Crimea: that works for him. More troops to Afghanistan! Gotta do it. Build more nukes and fund the “under-funded” military: let’s give the military industrial complex exactly what it needs to intervene everywhere like its been doing for decades.

I completely understand the sense of relief that his supporters feel in seeing him bad mouth the media; attack the FBI for its feckless complicity in the scheme to exonerate Hillary and destroy his presidency while disparaging Mueller and others who embrace the “Russia is to blame” meme

BUT Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok and LIsa Page are not the Deep State. Nor is Mueller, Comey, the Ohrs or most of the folks that have so far fallen under scrutiny for their misdeeds and sexual excesses……….like Al Franken!

Those are low hanging fruit, easy pickings that keeps 9/11 as the basis for our foreign interventions; ignores the truth of the JFK assassination that allowed the emergence of the national security state to occur back in 1963 and keeps true bad guys like Dick Cheney, the Clintons, Obama, Daddy Bush and Junior as well as other villains to remain at large
promoting their Deep State plans with impunity.

The goal of truly draining the swamp remains filled with great dangers and enormous obstacles. Allowing oneself to be captured by the bombastic and self-serving style of Mr. Wrecking Ball Trump is to miss how similar he is to everything he proclaims to be against. Being satisfied with only low hanging fruit will deny those who seek true justice from
tasting the delicious nectar of victory that will come from reaching further into the abyss to expel those keeping the American people in their tyrannical grasp.

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