An Open Letter To Roger Stone Regarding Mueller’s Threat To President Trump

Mountain View, CA
December 24, 2017

by Rich Scheck

Holiday Greetings, Roger.

I enjoyed your recent piece describing what President Trump must do to overcome the massive attack on him by the Deep State and MSM:

If the essence of what is contained in the following article has any truth, then it appears he has already started the process even if the American people are ignorant of that fact:

The article specifically addresses the danger of using the”politically weaponized……………. intelligence” you wrote about in your piece as well as the complicit role of the MSM in perpetuating the attacks on Trump.

As you well know, I do not see Trump as an angel above criticism.

I believe his Jerusalem decision was a serious error of judgment and a poor foreign policy decision driven primarily by his close links to Sheldon Adelson and Bibi Netanyahu as channeled by Jared Kushner.

None the less, using fabricated evidence and the machinery of the Justice Department to bring down a president does not sit well with me. I strongly oppose these treacherous methods that violate the rule of law and demonstrate the extent of duplicity by the Democrats you described in detail.

I welcome your feedback as to whether you agree with what is written, especially about President Trump declaring a state of emergency to defeat the treasonous cabal you outlined.

Best wishes for a prosperous and healthy 2018, Rich Scheck

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