L A W L E S S N E S S at the DOJ and FBI (and C.I.A.)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller Must Resign Or Be Fired

Is AG Session standing watch over a rogue FBI on behalf of Deep State?

State of the Nation

If nothing else, the entirely fake investigation into the Deep State-fabricated “Trump-Russian collusion” hoax has shown the spotlight on the utterly corrupt Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice.

Even a child can see how hopelessly corrupt and compromised, crooked and criminal the FBI has become.  Ditto that for the DOJ.

That many of the FBI’s felonious transgressions have occurred on the watch of Attorney General Jeff Sessions makes this unparalleled system-wide scandal all the more inconceivable and outrageous.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

There is no more important appointment for an incoming POTUS than the Attorney General.  Particularly in the case of President Donald Trump is the occupant of that office all the more critical.  For Trump, it was not only for reasons of political self-protection, but also concerned the continuity of his administration over his first year in office (as well as for 2018).

Hence, the real $64,000 question is: How the heck did Jeff Sessions ever get the job? 

Sessions has not only fallen far short of everyone’s expectations, he often appears to be working for the enemy…of the American people, that is.

Is AG Sessions unwittingly (or wittingly) working for the Bush family?

Every major move the AG has made since his first day in office has been a disaster.  Albeit, each bad move may end up having unintended benefits for the Team Trump, but that’s only because Deep State is guilty of so many major screw ups?

Clearly, the way it’s been working out is that the more rope that Special Counsel Mueller is given, the more agents of Deep State are being hung.

You really can’t make this stuff up.  It’s like the 21st century version of the Keystone Cops doing everything wrong, at the wrong time, and in the wrong place.

How in the world did the FBI come to this: sheer lawlessness and corruption that serves to protect the criminals?  That this official misconduct and malfeasance continues unabated under a Trump appointee is quite bewildering and disheartening.

Because of the extremely low regard that the American people now have for both the FBI and DOJ, there’s only one alternative for the President.  Who is better than Trump when it comes to saying: “YOU’RE FIRED!”

Therefore, Sessions should be the very first one to go.  Not only has his performance been nothing short of reprehensible, his lack of leadership has greatly contributed to the reigning institutional anarchy. It looks like AG Sessions really is a Deep State lackey.

KEY POINT: The POTUS needs to start with Sessions; unless, of course, the two are really running a counter-sting operation against the many treasonous Deep State operatives who have populated the FBI and DOJ for decades.  It looks like AG Sessions really is a Deep State lackey.

If ever there was a perfect time to shake up the DOJ all, this is it.  And the only place to start is at the very top with Sessions.  Even if he really is the patriot and loyalist that Trump thought him to be, Sessions has proven himself to be a total incompetent and coward at worst.

It’s time for Jeff Sessions to go! Trump needs a pit bull AG.

If there is any position in the U.S. Federal Government that requires a stone-cold pit bull it’s the AG.  Especially given the many snake pits that so many DOJ departments have become is a bold change of leadership more necessary than ever.  See: “Time for the Attorney General to go!” — Jason Chaffetz

Sessions never had the right stuff to do the job.  It was like sending a kitten into a lion’s den.  In view of the stark reality that the 17 agencies which comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community are also acting outside of the law, how does a guy like Sessions ever walk into such a hornet’s nest?  That’s right: he doesn’t, because he incapable of doing so.

Which begs the question: Is Jeff Sessions being blackmailed?

Mueller, Comey & Wray

An in-depth investigation of any of the three most recent FBI directors — Robert Mueller, James Comey and Christopher Wray, respectively — reveals 3 individuals who are highly compromised and transparent agents of Deep State.

None of these bad actors care a whit about how they are perceived by the American people.  They simply don’t care that the American people now know that they were put there to protect the bad guys.

FBI directors have always functioned in this manner, as every insider knows.  As a matter of historical fact, the nation’s premier federal law enforcement agency was established to protect the most powerful criminals.  The FBI also went after the greatest American heroes of the last century—JFK, MLK, and RFK among several others.

However, the Bureau always did that mostly in secret; now their nefarious agenda is way out in the open for all to see.  Mueller has proven himself to be a uniquely dirty lawman having covered up the 9/11 false flag terrorist attacks for 12 years.  He was actually chosen to do this as his first tenure at the FBI began just 7 days before September 11, 2001.

The reality is that Mueller was shoehorned into the Special Counsel position in order to bring down the Trump Administration.  This is his sole reason for him being there.  And Deep State plant Rod Rosenstein was the guy who hastily appointed him.

MUELLER: A Creature of the Swamp Whose Mission is to Destroy Trump

As for James Comey, what needs to be said?  He exposed himself to be an outright fraud and traitor to the American Republic like no other FBI director in U.S. history.  Comey not only lied under oath repeatedly to Congress, he blatantly lied to the American people in ways never seen by a top law enforcement officer.

Now we have another stooge in the FBI directorship in the person of Christopher Wray.  Honestly, it should be self-evident that TPTB choose real “yes men” to sit in J. Edgar Hoover’s old chair.  How else to completely control what is effectively the most powerful position in America?

Wray’s recent testimony before Congress reveals himself to be a Deep State operative who will follow whatever orders are given to him.  His obvious inertia and lack of courage reflect a posture without backbone or integrity.

FBI Director Christopher Wray Proves Himself To Be Another Agent Of Deep State

Special Note:
While Mueller has been provided so much power and DOJ resources to conduct a witch hunt against various Trump associates, both past and present, the real criminals have avoided arrest and detention.  The numerous known crimes committed by the Obama Administration, the Clinton Crime Syndicate, George Soros & Company, the Podestas and others are so many and so serious that they must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Why hasn’t Sessions done this?  More significantly, why has he made so many juvenile excuses for not chasing down the Deep State criminals?  AG Sessions is now on the record for defending his various [RIDICULOUS] decisions not to pursue those notorious career criminals.

Immediate Remedies

There are three effective remedies to this highly consequential predicament and urgent matter:

1. Jeff Sessions ought to be fired asap. It’s time for Jeff Sessions to go! Trump needs a pit bull AG.

2. Robert Mueller’s special counsel designation should be terminated, only after he has been given all the rope necessary to hang his many co-conspirators.  Trump has no choice but to have Mueller fired

3. James Comey needs to be aggressively prosecuted for crimes committed against the American Republic. See: U.S. Code: James B. Comey knowingly violated federal laws as F.B.I. director and as a private citizen

Then, the President needs to appoint the toughest, roughest AG he can find…one who really wants the job.  ONLY in this way can Trump MAGA.

KEY POINT: This is precisely why President John F. Kennedy appointed his brother Bobby Attorney General.  The criminal political class knew that they were up against a formidable duo with that pivotal appointment.  Robert F. Kennedy made it clear who was on his list of enemies of the American people and he was going after them with a vengeance.  Which is why they were both assassinated.  Which is also why President Trump cannot do this alone.  He desperately needs the help of the agency white hats, as well as the full support of the patriot movement to wage the inevitable cyberwar using radioactive tweets and bombshell posts.

Action Plan

There is a very quick and easy way out of this dilemma.

The FBI, DOJ and CIA have each had generations of employees come through the ranks all of whom eventually retired, if they did not quit first.  Of course, those very few who left the reservation of political correctness were fired, or much worse, while on the job.

Were a critical mass of former employees of these corrupt organizations to take to the Internet at the very same time, they would provide cover for each other.  They would not have to worry, as many do, about losing their pensions and other benefits.

To wit: You can’t be employed by the FBI or DOJ or CIA and not know about the endemic corruption.  Obama’s DOJ was stacked with Deep State characters who leaned toward lawlessness and wrongdoing every day of the week.  Comey’s FBI was the very picture of corruption and criminality.  Of course, the C.I.A. was so ponerized from the very beginning that many were hired for their criminal tendencies.

The crucial point here is that a massive, yet purposefully disorganized, Internet campaign of deliberate disclosure by the alphabet soup agency insiders — past and present — could shut down the entire governmental crime network with a D.C. newsflash.  Likewise, the covert Deep State operation would dissolve in a day and a night.

When one considers the immense [GOOD] damage that a single whistleblower can inflict on a corrupt institution does this approach make a LOT of sense.  The nation has also witnessed through the years the profound effects that deep insiders can have with a single strategic leak or tactical exposé.

Lastly, the reader is encouraged to look at how extensively the world has changed from a single tweet: #MeToo. Just as a lone “butterfly beating its wings in Brazil” (e.g. #MeToo) effectively caused a second “Hurricane Harvey” in 2017 which then led to a full-blown HARVEYGEDDON, just think what many of the CIA ex-spooks and former FBI agents and DOJ attorneys can do by tweeting WHAT THEY KNOW about institutional crimes with the following hashtag:



The countless corruptocrats who currently infest the US government must be outed and tried for their [ONGOING] treacherous crimes.  No meaningful change can take place in the USA until this imperative step is taken.

There is simply no other way to liberate the American people from the nationwide prison now run by Deep State.  Nor is there any other way to restore the constitutional republic that was once known as the United States of America.

As to how the social networks, alternative news platforms, political websites and personal blogs can be used to successfully implement this Internet campaign, please click on the following link for much more information about strategy and tactics. #Corruptocrat: How a single hashtag can change the world.

State of the Nation
December 19, 2017


A corruptocrat is a corrupt politician or government official whose political party affiliation can be Democrat, Republican, Independent or any other.  Their first loyalty is to their own self-aggrandizement through power, money, status and influence.  They have no allegiance to God or country; only to their own narrow interest.  Their preferred political party is merely a convenience whereby they operate as one of many partners-in-crime similar to the “Forty Thieves after Ali Baba fortune”.


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