Why is Obama shadowing Trump with another overseas tour of same nations?

The “All About ME” tour.

by Rick Wells

The figurehead leader of the shadow government in the US, former pretend “president” Hussein Obama, is once again inserting himself into world politics. He’s probably acting as a representative of the globalists in their efforts to expand their control and likely attempting to undermine the efforts of President Trump in foreign affairs and trade.

Obama will leave Tuesday for a 5-day, three nation trip where he will make some speeches and reassure his fragile ego that the world still loves him. He visits China first, on the heels of President Trump’s highly successful 12-day Asia tour earlier this month, as well as India and France.

Obama may receive a warmer welcome for President Xi this time around than the last, when he was forced to exit from the underside of the rear of the plane. Even if the snub is repeated, it will still be a warmer welcome than Obama deserves.

Obama will also travel to India to meet with Indian Prime Minister Modi, with Ivanka Trump just barely back on US soil from her own meeting with the PM. President Trump also sat down with Modi during his 12-day trip. Obama can’t sit on the sidelines and face the specter of irrelevance and, after all, there is world government work to be done and selfies to be taken.

His final stop will be in France, where he will meet with his fellow globalist, President Macron. Audiences in all three nations will be treated to a droning Obama lecture at various events. Obama may even inadvertently be doing US foreign policy a favor, reminding other nations how much fresher the air is when it is free of his lectures and self-absorbed bovine excrement.

In a style reminiscent of that of the Clinton Foundation slush fund that racketeers Bill and Hillary Clinton used to become quite wealthy, Obama will be speaking at an Obama Foundation event in New Delhi on December 1st.

The question that nobody in the illegitimate propaganda media is asking is just who is Obama representing in his travels and who is he conducting business on behalf of. Could it be George Soros and other cabal global chaos agitators, perhaps?


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