It’s an all-out Civil War within the U.S. Intelligence Community

Comments by AurorusBorealus at “Why Mueller Is REALLY Indicting Flynn

According to Q anon, whom I find to be credible, Flynn and Admiral Rogers as heads of the DIA and the NSA respectively served as liaisons to Trump to inform him about the CIA/FBI crime syndicate that has been running U.S. foreign policy since the Dulles brothers took over the CIA and the State Department. That is why those two, especially, have been targeted by Mueller’s Fascism Inc. private prosecuting firm of Clintonistas. It is civil war in the U.S. intelligence apparatus; that much is certain. The questions are as follows. Is Trump actually aware of the attempts on the part of the criminal cabal to destroy any change in U.S. foreign policy direction? Is he as smart as his die-hard supporters believe? Are the patriots in the DIA and NSA as competent and numerous as some would have the world believe? Will the spy vs. spy drama spill over into the streets as the fascists activate the Clintonistas and the radical wing of the Democratic Party? And if so, will the U.S. become a full-blown military dictatorship as Trump and the patriots within the intelligence apparatus assault the crime syndicate and their deluded left-wing tools? (Posted Nov 27, 2017 3:33 PM)

I agree… in part. I agree that the spell that intelligence agencies have cast over the U.S. population is so incredible as to not be believed, were it not so. They lie, are discovered to be lying, lie again, are discovered again, and yet a large portion of the U.S. population (at least all of the Clintonistas) still believe them. That the Clintonistas still support the establishment indicates that nothing will dissuade them save force of arms.

If Trump and his little band of patriots orchestrates a night of long knives (or sealed indictments, as the case may be), the monster that is the ¨deep state¨ will not go quietly. I suspect that the spy vs. spy drama will spill over into the streets, and to quell the large-scale opposition, martial law will be necessary. This will play directly into the hands of the Clintonistas and the fascist deep-state apparatchiks, who will portray these events as their worst fears realized. ¨See,¨ they will say, ¨Trump is a Nazi dictator.¨Civil war will result with casualties on both sides.

The problem with the battle lines as they are currently drawn is that both sides have formed lines around a false front. At the center of the entire battle are the events of 9-11. For the ¨deep-state,¨ the events of 9/11 are a justification to do what they please in the Middle East, which is use Wahabbi terrorists to promote regime change in Shiite oil-producing countries and Russia to prop up the petrodollar. For the patriots (i.e. Flynn et al) the enemy is Isis and Wahabbiism. According the patriot narrative, the military is sworn to defend the U.S. The U.S. was attacked by Wahabbi fanatics, and this is the true enemy.

Unfortunately, none of this is true. The U.S. was not attacked by Al Qaeda, at least not on 9-11-01. The ‘enemy’ that Trump´s military junta wants to fight is a phantom that the ¨deep-state¨created, and Trump and his junta know this. If they were truly patriotic and concerned about their fellow citizens, they would release the “Kraken” and tell the truth about 9-11. They do not dare release the truth about 9-11, because like the ¨deep-state,¨ they also wish to use the myth of 9-11 for MOHR WAR. These are generals, and war is their hobby. The only real difference between the Deep State and Trump´s military junta is how they manipulate the public perception of what occurred on 9/11.

Until the truth about 9/11 is made public, there will be no peace and the U.S., whether controlled by Trump´s military junta or the ¨deep-state¨, will remain a tyranny and a threat: both to its own people and to the world.
(Posted Nov 27, 2017 10:47 PM)


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