More Insanity: Jared and MbS Conspire To Transform the Middle East!

Rohnert Park, CA
November 15, 2017

by Rich Scheck

The situation in the Middle East continues to deteriorate as the sore-loser Saudis, led by their brash Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salmon (MbS) conspire with Jared Kushner to transform the region in an attempt to impose their will on the Kingdom’s neighbors.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister is being held captive after being forced to resign. Yemen continues to hold on despite the savage two-year war waged by MbS against it. Qatar has so far successfully resisted attempts to strangle it
for getting too close to Iran. And the Shia Crescent has emerged from years of war against Syria much stronger.

The Saudi/Israeli/US alliance to destroy Iran’s influence and force regime change is a huge failure. Now Trump has sent his own Crown Prince, Jared Kushner, to make deals and conspire with MbS to force the Palestinians to
accept Israel’s terms for “peace!”

Good luck with that, guys………..and with your efforts to build the 3rd Temple in Jerusalem!

A war with Iran would devastate the world economy with oil prices soaring through the roof to perhaps $300 a barrel while sending ripples east to China and West across the Atlantic to the USA.

All this meddling in the internal affairs of other nations only intensifies the already serious situation in the area and increases the likelihood that a regional conflagration will spread to other parts of the globe.

Trump’s eagerness to intervene abroad contradicts his campaign promises and insures that America will continue to be weakened as it over-extends its imperial reach that has bankrupted our nation. His failure to drain the swamp
by constraining the Deep State and the military-industrial complex that thrives on war is a sad testament to his rhetorical excesses and the permanent nature of our national security state.


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