How do the Vegas massacre and the Saudi “Purge” connect?


SOTN Intel Contributor

 At first glance, Vegas and the Saudi “Purge” don’t connect; however, they are very connected when you see the back story​.  In fact, they are everything.  So first, lets set the stage and the actors.

Watch this first video and I will show you how this is much more likely connected to the latest Saudi Arabia arrests, murders, and assassinations plots.  It requires you to use your eyes, not what they say you are seeing.

Who is being led out of Tropicana?  Is it Crown Prince Mohammad of Saudi Arabia in picture below?  Sure looks like him.  Why is there Israeli armed forces in yellow?
Remember the Vegas Sheriff timeline debacles? It still doesn’t add up…
Now, watch this video starting at minute 6:00
Sheriff Lomdardo is exhibiting very personal stress?  Why?
He is reading from a narrative?  Why?
He continues to leave the narrative?  Why?  Is he an unwilling participant?
At minute 8:55, he leaves the narrative written to “backup” and explains “to provide calmness in community.”
At minute 20:50 in the video, he professes his innocence through offense at allegations of incompetence… this demonstrates he is NOT a willing participant.
A recap of information contradicting the LVMPD and FBI began to drip out:
– Why can’t they get the information regarding when Paddock registered to stay at Mandalay Bay? minute 23:50… drip

– Remember when the Mandalay Bay questioned the timeline?  Who could make that public in a controlled narrative… drip

​- All eyewitness phones and computers turned over to FBI wiped clean… drip​
– Paddock wearing gloves… why?  Illegal gun dealers didn’t leave prints… drip
– Missing hard drive from Paddock’s computer aired in FOX News… drip


Did you know that 30 FBI were staying at the Mandalay Bay?

​The FBI has officially lost control of the “narrative”, time to pull the story.  ​

When this came out, poof story disappears from headlines

​… drip​
YOUTUBE VIDEO @ 24:15 Lombardo signals you to LISTEN CAREFULLY… he is a good guy in telling you everything!  So pay attention.  There are clues and contradictions everywhere…
Vegas Timeline Nov 1, 2017 @ 21:59 – (From Conference) “We were provided 21:59 as a human entry into a security log.  Based on our investigation we have determined that Mr. Campos encounters barricaded door adjacent to suspects door at approximately 21:59.    Ascended to a higher level and came back down to 32 Floor through another route and received fire. He went to the doorway that he was originally dispatched to address the open doorway and subsequently received fire. When you substantiate the original 21:59 to the 22:05 timeline that we are still stand-bye as original volley of fire, Mr Camps received his wounds in close proximity to 22:05. He relayed information via radio and cellphone corroborating this timeline.  So the timeline has been verified.”

NOTE1: Adjacent door means the barricaded door is on the 32nd floor, so he had access to the 32nd floor.  Furthermore, a barricaded door is NOT a barricaded hallway.  If Campos went to the 33rd floor to “gain access” to the 32nd floor (a floor he was already on), Lombardo would have said 33rd Floor.  Either way, he did not need to leave the 32nd floor to gain access to it.  What are most people missing here?  The Four Seasons is on the 35th to 39th Floor accessible only from the lobby.  You cannot take the elevator from the 32nd floor to the Four Seasons.  You have to go down to the ground floor, exit the elevator, go to another set of elevators, and make your way up.  This takes a little bit of time.

NOTE2: Campos was NOT a licensed security guard in Nevada, so he must have been with a “Special Security Detail”.  Could it be the Saudi Security detail that had sold out the entire Four Season on the 35th to 39th floor (the Four Seasons at Mandalay Bay is owned by Saudi).  So who did he call?  Was he called up to the Four Seasons for instructions?  With instructions, he took the most direct route (i.e. the stairs as the Mandalay Bay “The Hotel” and “Four Seasons” are the same).  Why was he really sent back down?  Was he sent down to die or to tell they guys they have been compromised (more on this later)?

Vegas Timeline Nov 1, 2017 @ 22:05 First Gun Fire – (From Conference) “22:05 number referenced earlier… majority of fire upon our community, we still stand by that time… referenced from combination of sources listed earlier.
Vegas Timeline Nov 1, 2017 @ 22:17 First Gun Fire – (From Conference) “22:17, twelve minutes… that is when our officers first arrived on the 32nd Floor.  Twelve minutes, you are very well aware the suspect fired at approx 10 minutes.  Upon our arrival at the 32nd Floor the firing had ceased. We did not believe we continued to have an active shooter.  At that point evacuations of rooms adjacent to the suspects room and you know the rest.  So, there is no conspiracy between the FBI, LVMPD, and the MGM.  No one is attempting to hide anything reference this investigation.  The size and dynamics of investigation require us to go through voluminous amounts of information in order to draw an accurate picture.  My attempt is to give you info as I know it, unverified to calm the public, (27:27) NOT TO ESTABLISH A LEGAL CASE… EVERYBODY UNDERSTAND THAT?  NO QUESTIONS SIR.” TRANSLATION: NARRATIVE.

NOTE3: How did the officers arrive on the 32nd Floor?  Campos had to access via stairway, did they need to use the same path?  How did they get around the barricade?

NOTE4: Look at ALL CAPS information.  Law enforcement’s job is to establish a legal case, he telegraphs this with the clue “Everybody understand that?”  He just told you the 50,000 ft summary, coupled with the use of narrative… this tells you what they are doing and what they are no doing.  It is a cover-up.

​NOTE5: How do you get a man like this, a good man, to engage in a coverup?  National Security… so the story has to be very big, with very real consequences…

​He then outlines that the LVMPD role has become contracted​.  LVMPD is gone from investigation, FBI is now in… FBI expertise is covering up to make-up information on his life, analyze the brain, talk about his life.  Turn over to FBI, accept the transfer of power.  Then Erin Rouse who sticks to the narrative.  Globally looking at who or what?  No affiliation or ideology.  Thousands of pieces of evidence.

​Are you ready for the rest of the Story?​

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