Why is Lady Gaga in this group photo with 5 former POTUSes? Why is she doing this video with Crazy Joe Biden—NOW?

SOTN Editor’s Note:
Something is very wrong when five ex-presidents of the United States are photographed with Lady Gaga of Pizzagate fame right in the middle of
HAVEYGEDDON.  The 2nd Hurricane Harvey 0f 2017 is still blowing
through the nation and this is the desperate response from Deep State!

Just who is Lady Gaga?  And why is she standing behind Bush 41 & 43?

Lady Gaga wearing a dress made of slabs of meat as the chart star’s outrageous dress sense has proved to be divisive (Press Association via AP Images)

The following video must be watched to understand the extraordinary chutzpah and profound hypocrisy of the political class.


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